The “Productivity” industry is right up there with the diet industry in terms of scams in my opinion.

Every week there’s a new productivity planner for sale or a new “secret” to getting more done.  

Being productive IS important as is your diet, but like most things, it boils down to the basics.

Sitting on the couch eating potato chips for hours on end is the antithesis of productivity and optimal eating and is not what I’m promoting.  

Productivity begets productivity.

In other words the more you are able to get done the more you are going to HAVE to do UNLESS you set limits.

Don’t get stuck in productivity purgatory.   

Finding ways to be more productive is ONLY important AFTER you’ve figured out what exactly it is you want to be productive doing.

Instead of focusing on productivity let’s focus on a different P-word.


Performance helps us think in terms of the results we are after instead of strictly on productivity.

Performance also connotes a holistic approach (at least in the way I coach it). 

Being productive is often at the expense of performance. 

People chasing productivity are often workaholics for no other reason than to work and get more done…like a hamster on a wheel.

Performers know when to shut it off and when to turn it on.  They know the goal and they focus on exactly what needs to be done to get to it. 



Brett “Be a Performer” Denton