I woke up this morning and so did you.

The people today, Memorial Day, was created for did not.  

Your job may suck sometimes and it still, likely, does not hold a candle to the stress and risks of those we honor today.

I woke up with a sense of gratitude for those who gave their lives to provide me and my family with the life we live.

I woke up feeling grateful that my profession does not require the risk of life and limb due to those whose did.  

I woke up this morning with a tremendous sense of awe for the soldiers who had the power, purpose, and passion to fight until the bitter end making the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good of our country, our people, and our way of life.

As you enjoy your time off work today, camping, barbecuing or whatever else you’re doing please remember to tip your hat, drink to, or give a spiritual attaboy to those who have made our dreams possible by sacrificing their own.  

Today we honor all who have fallen in the fight for freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness  

Brett “You Are Remembered” Denton