Brett Denton’s Shot in the Arm

Yesterday Julian Edelman won the Super Bowl MVP award.

In the postgame interview, he was asked if he ever expected to play as he did.

He replied with…

“I had a good week of practice and did my job.”
The Patriots are not a flashy team.  (In fact, many would call them boring.)

But they win…and win…and win.  

They win with mediocre talent and underpaid athletes.

They win with a new team and new players every year.

They are one of the most fascinating examples of performance and success in sport.  

How does this relate to you…

Show up and do your job.  

Nothing more and nothing less.

In health and fitness, this looks like… 

No extreme diets, just healthy whole foods.

No extreme exercise programs, just day after day of getting exercise.

Day after day of consistently doing your “job” will inevitably lead to success.

Caveat, you have to make sure you are doing the right type of work.  

I guarantee Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Julian Edelman are already preparing for next year’s Super Bowl run.

Doing their job.  

Are you doing yours?

Brett “Do Your Job” Denton