Fitness is a hard business to be in.

Think about it.

We have to convince people to pay us to do something that in the moment doesn’t feel good in an effort to achieve an end result that may or may not happen depending on personal expectations.

On top of that, we have to rely on the person paying us to actually do what we are telling them to do.  Things like eating healthy, exercising properly, getting enough sleep, and a slew of other things people aren’t enthusiastic about doing.

Don’t forget to add to the list the low barrier of entry to open a gym or become a personal trainer.  Simply put the market is flooded with fitness “experts” and places to workout.

So this morning a long time Kvellian says to me, “I cheated on you.” (not the first time I have heard this in my business or personal life, unfortunately)

Me: “Oh, yeah and how was it.”

Kvellian: “It was terrible.  Five minutes in I starting asking myself why I was there.” (insert inappropriate joke of choice)

This was followed by all the reasons it was not good and Kvell was better.

The grass is rarely greener on the other side.  The fitness business is tough, but so is ANY business, they are all tough in their own ways.

Whether something is good, bad or indifferent very much depends on what you are looking for.

Kvell provides high-level coaching, a welcoming community, and a results-driven resistance training program.

Big box gyms like Axiom provide amenities galore, mid-level programming, and little to no coaching or community.

CycleBar provides high energy HIT cardio cycling in a dance party-like atmosphere.

The list is as long as there are options.

The bottom line:

Figure out what you are looking for whether in business, fitness, or life and find the optimal way to fulfill it.  Not the fanciest way, not the way with the most bells and whistles that you will never use, not the way that your friend thinks you should.  The way that OPTIMALLY fulfills.

Once found put your blinders on and focus on watering, fertilizing, and growing your own field.

Brett “Mending My Heart” Denton