Before we jump into how to win without the hustle let’s define what I mean by hustle.

Hustle is putting in more work than anybody else.

Hustle is working at a frantic or frenzied pace.

Hustle is busy movement and activity.

Just writing these definitions gives me anxiety.  

Let’s look at how to win without the hustle.

1.  Choose what it is you REALLY want.

2.  Study ALL of the ways to get it.

3.  Choose HOW you want to live your life. 

4.  Marry the best way to get what you really want with how you want to live your life.

5.  Reduce as many things in your life as possible that you either dislike or are not congruent with how you want to live your life.  

As soon as you’re living your life on your terms, going after the things you want to go after, in the ways you want to go after them you’re winning.

Now, typically if you spend enough time, effort, experimentation, and research on learning the best ways to accomplish something you will learn the most effective and efficient methods.

If I need a ditch I can “hustle” by digging as fast as I can with a shovel until my body hurts and I am exhausted only to get back at it the next day…and the next…and the next.

Or I can hire a ditch digger who can dig the ditch for me with their tractor built specifically for ditch digging.

It’s your choice.  Either option works, but HOW do you want to live your life and what things do you enjoy doing?

There is nothing incorrect or wrong about either way to dig a ditch as long as you enjoy doing it and it is fulfilling your purpose.

Don’t listen to society about how you should dig your ditch. 

The end goal is simply a means to living NOT living.

If the things you’re pursuing are not helping you live a better life right now, a life you enjoy living, than what purpose are they serving?

To sum it all up if you want to hustle because it is who you are and how you want to live great…hustle away.

The secret sauce is to focus on what you want out of life and do that.

If you do this you are winning no matter what the outcome ends up being.  

More to come on this tomorrow… 

Brett “This is MY Ditch – Ya’Dig?” Denton