How Many Times Should You See A Personal Trainer 1How many PT sessions should you do a week? While it may be tempting for you to only see your personal trainer once per month, that is not going to help you to achieve your fitness goals very much. As we look at answering the question of how long does it take to see results with a personal trainer, let’s make sure that we keep our minds in the weekly department of thinking when it comes to answering the question of how many pt sessions a week is enough.


So, can 1 pt session a week be enough to push the needle far enough to start seeing a difference in your body type, energy levels, and flexibility? The best answer is: sort of. While one session is better than no sessions at all at the gym, you will definitely see faster and better results when you go to the gym and get some personal training on a more regular basis. At this point, you are probably asking yourself “how many PT sessions do I need per week?”


Great question to be asking yourself. Let’s dig in right now and fully answer the question of how many PT sessions do you need per week to help you see better results from your fitness regime.


You realistically should have at least 2 sessions at your gym getting your personal training in. Going to do a workout only once per week is going to get you very little results. It will help, but the real answer to how many PT sessions do you need per week is at least two.

Personal Trainer Results:

Seeing your personal trainer 3 times a week results in you having more energy, building more muscle, and potentially experiencing some weight loss, depending on your diet.


Naturally, all of these results take time to roll in.


Working out with your personal trainer twice a week results in feeling better and having more muscle, but you will get results slower than if you were working out three times with your personal trainer. Obviously, meeting up with your personal trainer once a week results in less than exciting results for most people.


Another question on your mind may be exactly what 12 weeks personal training results in for an average person. 3 months personal training results are usually much more satisfactory than one week of training results. Of course, results do vary.

Workout Results:

How Many Times Should You See A Personal Trainer 2Working out 3 times a week for 30 minutes, in most cases, produces fairly satisfactory results. Dedicating time three times every week to building up your physical fitness and energy levels is helpful for the human body. A quick snapshot of working out 3 times a week before and after looks like progress over a long enough timeline.


Doing a 2 hour workout 3 days a week will produce faster results when it comes to your fitness goals. Not everyone needs to workout for 2 hours at a time. Here at Kvell, we offer a group workout program that only requires to work out for 45 minutes per session. This works the best for the most people.


A quick look at the average person’s 3 month workout results before and after shots shows that many people see great results after sticking to a fitness routine for that amount of time. As with any workout program, one of the most important things to remember is that dedication to the workout program of your choice will help you reach your goals faster. Keep sticking to your prescribed fitness program and soak up those results!