Let’s assume that weight loss is your goal.

How many habits would you wager you need to change to accomplish lasting weight loss?

But before you list them let’s define habit.

According to the habit master BJ Fogg, a “habit” is a behavior that you do automatically, without deliberation.  The stronger the habit, the more automatically you do the behavior.  The extreme form of a habit is a reflex.

The key term is “without deliberation.”

When the waiter brings bread to your table do you deliberate whether you should eat it or do you simply turn it away?

When you drive by a coffee stand do you deliberate whether you should get a calorie bomb of a coffee or drive by without a thought?

Do you schedule, plan, and attend your workouts without deliberation or are you in a constant battle with yourself to go?

These are all habits that will lead to long term sustained weight loss and health.

Meaning you have  A LOT of habits.

The tiny things you do on a daily basis have become habitualized and to unhibitualize them takes effort, not a lot of effort if you do it correctly, but effort nevertheless.

Start small.  This is what BJ Fogg has termed “tiny habits.”

If you change 50 tiny habits over the next 12 months your way of living will be all but unrecognizable with how you are living today.

Here are a few examples of tiny habits/behaviors:

– Place your water bottle by your keys by the water source every night

– Do 1-5 push up first thing every morning or right before bed

– Do three squats every time you sit down

– Drive a different route so as not to go by your normal coffee shop or fast food joint

Start tiny and you will be well on your way to living a habitually healthy lifestyle.

Brett “You Gotta Habit Daily” Denton