It’s easy to beat ourselves up for our failures and missteps.

It’s easy to berate our peers, staff, and team for their shortcomings.

However, rarely does this negative energy lead to positive outcomes.

Note: there is a difference between purposeful correction with positive energy and negative complaining, berating, etc.

We are energetic beings and thus are swayed, carried, and coerced by energy fields.

When we are surrounded by positive energy we tend to make more progress and be happier than when we’re around negative energy.

Negative energy can come from people, places, and things…especially from between our two ears.

This is the basis for writing a gratitude journal and surrounding yourself with positive like-minded people.

I challenge you to sit down every morning and write at the top of a paper…

“How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.”

Thee can be you, your spouse, your kids, your life, your job, your parents, etc.

Thee often needs to be whatever it is you’re currently having negative feelings towards so that you can bring those feelings back from the dark side.

Generating positive energy at the start of your day will transform the way you live.

Brett “Sending Positive Vibes” Denton