Last week I was flying high with all of my “momentum”… but this week surprised me. I started out excited and eager to weigh in on Monday, only to discover that my numbers didn’t really change. I was feeling a little discouraged but it got me fired up and I took this week head on.

Brett reminded me that the numbers are not everything. I need to really be focused on how I feel and finding balance in my life. We took a good look at what could be holding me back from my goals. Sleep depravation could be a key player. He suggested I do a “brain dump” just before I go to bed. I’ve never been a fan of journaling and so I just quickly jot down the primary things that are on my mind and what I am grateful for just before I go to sleep. It’s still too early to tell if this is working for me but it is helping me feel more organized and ready to take on each new day.

Originally the plan was for me to only be doing 3 Lab workouts a week during this three month experiment, but in order to clear my head I typically workout 4-6 days a week. So this week I added in two cardio/interval workouts. Getting a workout in is how I keep my sanity and adding these extra workouts feels more normal to me.

Strangely, this week has been the hardest of them all but I’ve also pushed myself the hardest. I am feeling very motivated in my workouts but it’s clear that no matter how determined I am, some days will be easier than others and even if I’m doing all the right things, there will be days that I just don’t have as much energy as I would like. The fun part is ending each day and knowing I gave everything I had to this journey while I’m feeling and seeing results. I am motivated to keep going with these positive changes and know it’s not all about the shape of my body but how I feel about myself as a whole person!

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Transformation-Experiments-Week4-Chart1 Transformation-Experiments-Week4-Chart2