Every time I train a new Kvell coach, without fail, the following takes place.

1.  Coach in training is overwhelmed.

2.  Kvellians are disgruntled because the coach is not like (Coach-They-Are-Used-To).

3.  Coach improves

4.  New Kvellians love the new coach.

5.  Rinse and repeat for every new coach.

Life is a learning process with a steep learning curve. 

My first coach training was likely cringeworthy, just like the first time a new Kvell coach tries to lead a training session.

Stepping in front of 20 to 30 people that you barely know, telling them what to do, managing the clock/TV/Music, under my soul-piercing gaze…not easy.  

Most people are trying their best.

When you find yourself with your judgy pants on in life take them off for a second and put on the pants of the person you’re judging.

Not very comfortable are they?

They may need to stretch a bit or you may need to shrink an inch or two.  

When you know the discomfort the person you’re judging is dealing with you’ll often be less critical and even help them improve (what a concept!).

Are you judging people without helping them or providing possible solutions?

Do you criticize what’s wrong but ignore what’s right?

Nobody starts out the best at anything.  

Everybody sucks at some point.

What if instead of criticizing you helped?

Just a thought. 

Brett “Trying on Pants” Denton