Inactivity, indecisiveness, and lack of direction lead to feelings of despair, depression, and stagnation.  Being holed up in one’s house can have this effect IF you allow it to.  The good news is you don’t have to.

Here are a few steps to start your day to propel and accelerate yourself into a day of action and progress whether at home or otherwise.

1.  Wake UP and Get It On!  
Take on the day on head first by first picking your head off of your pillow. (After a full night of sleep of course, which is step zero and THE prerequisite)

2.  Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue while doing calf raises to get the blood flowing. (how do you think I got my immaculate calves…haha!  I have been doing this off and on since college)

3.  Drink 8 to 16 oz of warm water.
This helps to cleanse your digestive tract and prep it for food.  You can try my Magic Morning Margarita for an extra boost. 

4.  5-Minute Stretch, Yoga Session, or 5 Rites of Tibetan Yoga

5.  Read or listen to something motivational, inspirational, and/or spiritual. 

6.  Laugh.  Do something that makes you laugh.

7.  Review your action items for the day and again, GET IT ON!  Or as some say get on with it. (But that sounds too passive-aggressive for me)

There are of course many other things you can do like journaling, praying, cold showers, nature walks, etc, BUT the important part is to start your day with something for your mind, something for your body, and something for your spirit and soul.  If you do this your days will be filled with more joy, happiness, and success.