Yesterday I encouraged you to start recognizing and honoring your wins.

Further, I encouraged you to reply with a recent personal win.

Well, you did in force and here is a handful of them.

– I made it to my 5 a.m. Kvell workout on Tuesday – seriously such a win for me!

– My win yesterday was answering honestly when one of the general contractors who is subbing me asked what he could do to help me out. I don’t usually ask for help or fully answer questions.

– Killed it on a crazy busy day that involved all parts of the work I do: saw patients, gave a presentation, supervised an intern,  and interviewed a job applicant. I was feeling overwhelmed this morning but decided to just go full force for all tasks and I did them well – yay me 🙂

– This morning, I got the green light on a project I thought had dropped off the face of the earth (yay job security) and had a successful meeting with another client I was aiming to impress. So, TWO wins! Hoorah!

– I gave myself time to prepare and eat a healthy breakfast of quinoa, cauliflower, chickpeas and kale, topped with homemade mango salsa.

– Finally asked out that certain person, and we’re going on a date.

This is a small sampling of all the amazing wins I received yesterday.

What a pleasure it was to read and feel the joy coming through my inbox from your wins.


Brett “WINNING” Denton