One of my vices, sort of speak, is buying things that I feel have the potential to help me improve from information like books and courses to physical objections like infrared saunas(if you know anybody who has a good deal on one let me know!) and weighted vests to brain efficiency products like brain Lumosity.

My coach put it well when he said personal development isn’t always reading or listening to stuff. I couldn’t agree more. The world of personal development is vast and we are far from knowing its bounds.

Personal development includes learning new things and it also includes improving the human-machine. If you can perform at a higher level because your brain functions better via neurofeedback training than you have improved. If you have more energy and are able to get more done in less time because you are fit to do so you have personally improved. Even proper recreation can serve as personal development.

With that said, I am not as bad or good, depending on how you look at it, as some, but mainly because I run out of money. I don’t have near-limitless funds like Dave Aspery who purportedly spent over $1MM biohacking himself to good health.

When I stop and think about all of the personal development I have accumulated and have access to I realize that I have everything I need. I have more information and access to ways to improve than I could ever fully utilize. How much could I accomplish if I traded just 25% of the time I spent researching the newest and coolest for doing the tried and true? How about 50% of the time? I would likely see exponential gains.

How about you? Do you have everything you need and more if you used the things you already have and have access to to the fullest? Do you have everything you need if you simply shifted your mindset from wanting to having? I think too many of us in today’s day and age get stuck in a mindset of newer is better, more is better, or I don’t have enough. I know I do.

Now, I have no thought of stopping it completely as it is fun for me. What I am willing to do and will serve me well is trade 50% of my resources spent looking for the newest and greatest and invest it into reviewing or doing what I already have access to or have utilized with success in the past.

This not only will save me time and resources, but it will also help me focus as I can settle into a “having everything I need” mindset instead of constantly looking for something I feel I don’t have. A side benefit of this mindset is finding new and innovative ways of using things that you already have that weren’t initially obvious. The MacGyver mindset.

How about you? Do you have everything you need? What would result from you putting into action and utilizing everything you have to the fullest potential? Miracles, I tell you, miracles will happen.