Scabs cover wounds to allow healing.

When we pick at scabs we slow healing and promote infection and scarring.

Wounds are a result of an accident or failure to do something correctly.

Scabs and healing allow us to have accidents and do things incorrectly so that we can learn and grow.

If not for this process we would have gone extinct years ago.

In modern times wounds run deeper than our skin.

We fail at our jobs.

We fail in our relationships.

We fail to live up to expectations.

Failure and accidents are a necessary part of life.

Without them, it would be difficult if not impossible to learn and grow.

However, picking at the scabs by picking on ourselves does not move us forward.

Continually picking yourself apart for not being perfect will prevent healing and growth.

No good comes from picking yourself apart after failing or from not accepting support.

Pick yourself back up.

Pat yourself on the back.

Let others support you.

The people and things you surround yourself with are your mental and emotional “scabs.”

This support structure allows for healing and growth.

Let your scabs do their part while you go to work healing and growing.

So when it comes to picking…

You should pick your friends, who are your “scabs”, but you shouldn’t pick your friends (or your own) scabs.

Brett “Let the Healing Commence” Denton