Last Friday, I talked about my Arch Nemesis as a health and fitness transformation coach…

The weekend.

The weekend is where most of the derailment and debauchery takes place for our clients. 

Well, how did you fare this weekend?

Did you make it through the weekend unscathed…

Or did you fall prey to the temptations of alcohol, BBQs, and the like?

It helps to keep in mind that NOBODY is ever always perfect with anything…even if Facebook and Instragam profiles make it seem so.

Yet, the people that you look up to or want to emulate still make it happen or at least appear to make it happen without being perfect.


Well, they do things just a little more frequently or infrequently than the average person. 

They eat, drink, and partake in the debauchery just a few times short of most people.

They do the things that result in forward progress just a few more times than the average person.


Focus on the choice directly in front of you.  I refer to this as WIN-NOW.

Win at the moment right now with the choice you have to make right now…

You always have your next meal or the next party or tomorrow to act a fool and get jiggy with “it.”

But right now, make the choice that moves you forward to put one more point in the forward-progress-column.