Ingrained habits can take two days to two years to reroute.  

Habit change takes consistent and persistent effort and attention.

It can be exhausting.

So what’s the good news?

The good news is that no matter how many times you’ve failed and no matter who you are at this moment in time you can change.


It only takes an instant to make a choice to do something else and be somebody else.

It takes but an instant to pull a trigger to end a life and the same amount of time to smile at a stranger and maybe save a life.

This is no different for your internal dialogue and your own life.  

Every second that passes brings new opportunity, new hope, and a blank slate to shift the trajectory of our life.

Change your internal world by seeing the external world the way you choose and want to see it.  

Align your thoughts, actions, and behaviors with this new world view.  

Stop focusing on the things you don’t want and instead focus on and magnetize yourself to the things you do want by seeing the world you want to see.

The world inside your head belongs to you why would you not make it exactly the way you want it?

It only takes but an instant to change your world through thought and action.  

The past is the past.  

The future is the future.  

Now is where we live.

I will let you get to world-building.   

Brett “World Builder” Denton