Bowling is a game where the pins don’t move, the weather conditions don’t change, and the ball is constant.  The only thing that varies is the bowler.  You can be a good bowler if you figure out how to consistently get the ball down the lane the same way every time.  

Most of us have a fairly consistent way of rolling the ball down the lane.  We get into trouble when we start adjusting the physical action of how we roll the ball instead of simply adjusting our position to the pins with respect to where the ball goes with our natural bowling throw.  It’s far easier to step a few steps to the right or left than it is to change our natural way of rolling a bowling ball.  Yet, most of us think it is the roll we need to change instead of our alignment to the pins.  

The more we use cognition during physical activities the worse we are at them.  Yet, most of the time instead of letting the body do what it most naturally does we try to think through it.  This being the exact opposite of a flow state.  We cannot think the bowl down the lane we must physically throw it.  As we are busy thinking through what our body is doing we are unable to focus on the outer environment, in the case of bowling the lane, pins, etc.  We lose focus on what is important.  

Get a consistent throw going and then adjust your throwing position right or left of the pins based on where that throw is consistently going to get congruency between your throw and where you want the ball to go.  We are often working hard to change ourselves with minimal improvement when we should be aligning our natural way of being and doing with the outside world by “stepping” a few inches to the right or left.  

Align your natural way of being with the way the world works and you will have great success.
Bowl On!