You’re sitting in front of the oncologist…

“Sir/Mam, you have cancer.”

Doc continues…

“We are lucky to have caught it early enough that we have a 98% chance of remission.”

You reply, “What do I need to do, I will do anything.”

Doc goes on to describe your options.

When you’re faced so directly with your mortality and given a chance to cheat death you take it no matter the cost.

Now, replace the phrase “have cancer” with “are overweight.”

You may get a hit to your pride, but nothing more.

Typically, you would shrug, agree, and move on with the conversation.  

Being overweight kills more people than any one disease.  

Being overweight is in fact what causes most diseases (and is beneficial for precisely zero diseases) including the ones that kill you like heart disease, stroke, and some cancers.

You would be served well if you took the knowledge that you’re overweight with the same or greater weight (punny baby!) as a cancer diagnosis.  

So again, how would you react to and what would you do after being diagnosed with cancer?

Say it with me now…

Whatever necessary.  

Brett “I Play a Fake Doctor on My Emails” Denton