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Kvell Fitness and Nutrition Eagle

1540 Iron Eagle Eagle, ID 83646


(208) 314-2110

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Claim your 21 days for $1

At Kvell, we are so confident in our program, that we dare you to try our service before you commit to becoming a bona-fide member. It wouldn't make sense for Kvell to offer a 21 days for just $1 if we weren't 100% convinced that you will be wowed.

Sign up for 21 days of training for just $1 by filling in the form. Our revolutionary program will generate results for you if you just take the first step.

Claim Your 21 Days for $1

  • “Love it! I will admit I was a little skeptical at my orientation. I couldn’t comprehend how I could have a good workout in 30 minutes. Then I just stopped thinking and showed up. After 30 minutes I am wiped out. Actually, it only takes 6.36 minutes to kick my butt. The workouts are targeted and do more for me than an hour on the treadmill any day.” Kate M.
  • “Kvell is like no other fitness center I have ever been to. I have never felt like I’ve had more control over how I feel and how my body looks. Kvell has given me all the fitness and nutrition tools I need to maintain a very sustainable healthy life. It is a very non-threatening, encouraging, and positive environment.” Pam B.
  • “Whoop whoop! I had my annual “Know Your Numbers” screening last weekend for work, and since my last screening I’m down 12 lbs, my waist is 3.5″ smaller and my fasting blood glucose level dropped by 12 points! The vast majority of this progress has happened since I started at Kvell in November – thank you for the motivation – I love the gradual and SUSTAINABLE learning and progress.” Heather H.
  • “Welcome to the best place for serious lifestyle changes! I’m so very happy here.” Julia G.
  • ““Today marks months I’ve been at Kvell, I’m one pound from my goal weight but I still have to conquer pull-ups! And I just bought a new bikini and I am so owning it!! Bring it on! Thank you!” Jenna G.
  • “Thank you, I know that I am just getting started on this path but, with that said I stepped on the scale this morning and its the first time in two years that it moved down. woohoo! – Feeling motivated.” Joey V.
  • “Down 2 pant sizes, yes it works folks, hells yeah!!” Margaret M.
  • “Met three major goals! 1) finally did the beast crawl all the way on my last set this morning. 2) have to reorder my maid of honor dress for my sisters wedding because the one I have now is too big. 3) broke 190 lbs which I haven’t been able to do in three years! and thank you lab family for all the support! OWN IT!!!!” Margaux R.
  • “Justin, I compared my test when I started and the test this morning, results as follow: 216.5 start weight 216.9 now Lean mass 156.3 start Lean mass 165.1 now Fat mass 60.2 start Fat mass 51.8 now PBF 27.8 start PBF 23.9 now 40.5 waist tape start 38 waist tape now I think it’s working!” Dean S.


I do not live close to a Kvell Fitness facility, do you have anything I can do? Not a problem! We offer many online and distance programs to ensure that you have no limitations in your ability to Kvell. If you are want to optimize your health and fitness but you do not live near a Kvell Facility go to our contact page and we will figure out a program that will work for you.

I ONLY need help with my nutrition, can you help? Absolutely! Nutrition coaching is one of our specialties. Without proper nutrition, it is impossible to achieve optimal health, wellbeing, and performance. We are passionate about helping people create lifelong sustainable nutrition habits. We do this through our many nutrition coaching programs. Click on the “Contact Us” tab to get in touch with us to discuss the nutrition program that is the best fit for you.

Kvell is proud to be in Eagle!

We are very happy to have our new Eagle location and are excited about contributing to the Eagle community! We have been a part of the Treasure Valley for over 8 years and we have a track record for getting results. We love growing with The Gem State!

Kvell has an elite group of trainers standing by to help assist you with reaching your health and fitness goals!

If you would like to get results that last as long as you want them to, then the coaches at Kvell can make that happen for you. Experience and a vast knowledge of techniques that work for a variety of clients makes our trainers stand out. We are here to support your own personal health and fitness goals that you have for yourself! We know that you have specific needs and wants when it comes to both your health and your fitness, and we have the tools that you can use to get exactly what you need from your gym experience. Ultimately, we are here to help you to achieve what you believe..and that’s why we get to know you!

Low impact, high interval training is what we are all about!

Our workouts are designed by experts who make it so that all you have to do is show up. Ultimately, we know that you are looking for a gym that can provide for you what you really need…expert advice and accountability. Let us handle the details of how we help you train, you just show up and we can take it from there! We believe that working out should not be painful. In fact, we have specifically tailored each daily workout to be adjustable to your own personal fitness level. Coaches carefully watch and assist each Kvellian in order to ensure that movements are safe and also are bringing the most effective results to each gym member.

Kvell is one of the most highly rated fitness experiences in the Treasure Valley.

We have received the 2019 Best of Treasure Valley from the Idaho Statesman, as well as the 2019 Best of Meridian from the Meridian Press and the Winner 2019 Best of Treasure Valley from Inbound Systems. In addition to our track record of awards, we also are reviewed by thousands of locals and they all speak for themselves. It is our privilege to help everyone that we can in the Valley with achieving their health and fitness goals by using our swiss army knife approach to living a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable.

Two forty-five minute workout sessions a week is all it takes to get results from us.

A lot of local gyms want you to sign up and then hope that you don’t show up…but not us. We want to see you consistently and want to help you to remove any barriers between you and getting to show up for our ever changing work outs. Our workout sessions are curated to keep giving your body what it needs in order to develop to your max potential…based on your specific lifestyle. We want to get you going and then we can help you to do what other gyms usually can’t…keep going!

Group workouts give you a highly interactive workout session!

Have you ever worked out with a bunch of your friends? That is what we are all about here at Kvell. We find that group workouts help us all to push each other just enough for everyone to realize their full capabilities when it comes to their personal fitness.

Our nutrition experts can put you on the right path if you need guidance on what you eat everyday.

A lot of folks come to us with goals that involve both health and nutrition. Our educated approach to each of those concepts addresses how what we eat is just as important as how we move. We have tools that are more than tricks when it comes to ways of changing the way that you eat and view food…and it really works.

Our trainers get to know you, and what you’re about.

The coaches and trainers that make up team Kvell are personal. When you walk in to one of our group workouts, you will be greeted by name. We will help you to develop goals based on your own fitness goals and lifestyle. When you join up with Kvell, you become part of our happy and proud community.

Kvell is about getting fit for life!

We’ve designed our program so you can get in, knock out a great workout, then get back to life. Living in the gym doesn’t make sense for anyone who lives in Idaho because there are so many primo activities that we get to enjoy in this state. The outdoors have never been greater when it comes to biking, hiking, swimming, and all of the snow sports here in Idaho. We want you to get what you need for your body then get back to what’s important…your active lifestyle!

Kvell is about values.

When you become a Kvellian, you will quickly understand what we as a community value in life. We value the entirety of the human experience. We are happy and proud for each other as we all collectively work to achieve our goals. We believe in the value of comradarier and embrace that value while we push each other to better our lives in more places than just the gym. If you are looking for a different gym experience than anything that you have every tried…then you are in the right place! As we grow with the Treasure Valley, we are very excited to be able to offer group workout sessions that start early and go into the evening so that we are as available as we need to be for you. We are happy and proud to offer everyone who wants it a place where they can show up, get the workout done and then…BAM, get back to living the life they love!