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Success Takes Work, Time, and Patience | Boise Gym

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[00:00:04] This is the Kvell boise gym Life podcast where we strive to bring happy and proud to the world with the tools of fitness nutrition mindset and lifestyle. My name is Brett Denton and today we’re going to talk about work. Good old fashioned hard work and why it takes hard work, patience, and time for you to have ultimate success. You see what happens in the fitness industry in general is everybody is looking for the silver bullet. Everybody is looking for the way to lose 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds or more in a very short period of time. There are six week challenge’s everywhere. You know six week challenges promising to lose 20 pounds or more in six weeks which is definitely doable but not very many people keep it off. And the ones that do end up many times having issues with their eating habits their exercise habits and their habits just in general. And so we want to talk today about what long term success takes and how to get there through good old fashioned work and doesn’t always have to be hard work at a boise gym.


[00:01:10] But it does have to be work. And one thing that people these days seem to not realize as much as they should is you know there’s nothing wrong with putting in hard work at a boise  gym to get a successful outcome over the long haul. And when you look at your life right I mean it’s like there’s no more there’s nothing more important than the quality of your life. And so when you go to work on your life and you go to work on your health you want to take a long term approach instead of the short term approach. This microwave thinking that we seem to be stuck in these days with these six week challenges 21 day detox is all of these things that promise quick fixes that in reality are fixed and anything that is slapping a Band-Aid onto a terrible problem which typically makes that problem worse. So let’s jump right in. Let’s talk about it a little bit. Let’s start out here with you know some of the business world’s most rapidly growing successes which also is very similar to any goals that we’re trying to accomplish. But let’s look at you know who you’d call an overnight boise gym success type deal. So Microsoft’s as you probably know Bill Gates started Microsoft started in 1975 started in 1975 and it wasn’t until six years later. So 1981 did he land the contract with IBM and that allowed him to make a decent amount of money but then he didn’t go public and become the person that you know him as today as the richest man in the world until 1986. So you do the math.


[00:02:45] That’s a full 11 years for him to become an overnight success. And that doesn’t even count in all of the. Or take into account all of the things that he did leading up to that in terms of getting ready to be able to run a business of that size all the training all the prep work everything that he’s done staying up late nights all that stuff isn’t even included in that. So it’s you know far more than 11 years for him to get to that point. Let’s look at Apple Steve Jobs.


[00:03:14] So Steve Jobs you know became a billionaire through the company Apple. He founded it in 1976 but it wasn’t until 1984 which is eight years later that Apple started becoming you know a known name in the industry and they still struggled clear through the 80s and 90s because they were always competing with Microsoft and it wasn’t until you know Macs started to bring out like the iPhones iPods and those things when they really started to become successful. That is a significant amount of time again they started in 1976 and they weren’t really successful until the late 90s early 2000s Yahoo is another one and they’re not doing too well either like our boise gym.


[00:03:55] So another lesson here is even if you hit success in your boise gym goals it doesn’t mean you can take your eye off the prize and kind of let your foot off the gas pedal because as of late who is not doing that great.


[00:04:07] And I know I’m talking about business here because it makes sense to most people and you might not think as a thing do with health fitness or any of your other goals but it really does. It


[00:04:16] really does because what we’re looking at here is lifestyle change and so like the lifestyle of somebody building a business is very similar to you know your lifestyle change in order to get into a position where you’re healthy you’re fit you’re happy all the time. But Amazon was founded in 1994. And the initial public offering was in 1996 which was pretty good. And that is one of the fastest companies to you know hit that hit that millionaire status but it still took you know two to three years so again overnight not so much now in the business industry that’s pretty overnight and that’s not going to likely happen for most people with most goals by health and fitness.


[00:04:59] You know you can start changing your body definitely in that amount time. Google 1996 is when they started working on it. Larry and Sergey. And then in 1999 very few people that I haven’t heard of it yet. And then five years later Google had finally made it made public a public offering in 2004. Twenty three billion dollars market capitalization which was pretty good. Right. But you’re still looking at the 96 to 2004 are you looking at quite a few years there. Mark Zuckerberg who everybody thinks is an overnight success because you know didn’t really hear of him and suddenly that everywhere. And you know very large successful company. But you really started in 2003 in funny fact. Or a little bit of trivia here boise gym podcast listeners.


[00:05:46] It was originally called Face Smet face mash face mash instead of Facebook. But in 2003 is when that started in 2005 it was showing losses in the millions.


[00:05:57] And then five years later it was finally successful and again took a significant amount of time to get there. And Amazon really fast on Jeff Bezos very smart gentlemen. 1994 is when he started he became a multi-billionaire three years later when he took it public. But again none of these things you know were or overnight successes. Now granted I’m you know comparing all of your goals with some of the largest companies in the world and hopefully you know you should be able to accomplish some of your goals faster than this but you were looking at lifestyle change again you’ve got to look at long term long term what’s going to happen and how to make sure that that is where your mind is and what you’re doing when you’re looking to your goals instead of looking at what am I to do you know to hit this goal in six weeks.


[00:06:41] You know what am I going to do to hit this goal in a year and five years in 10 years whatever it is. And then we start to count backwards and say Okay great. So this is where I want to be at Year 10 what do I need to do in year 10 to make sure that’s happening and then Year 9 and then Year 8 and then Year 7 you work the all the way back. And then you can split it up into Okay here’s my month goal here’s my goal you know here’s my six month boise gym goal here’s my 12 month goals so you get that all dialed in as you go.


[00:07:07] So you want to make sure that you’re on understanding that it’s the long term approach that really matters here. And if you don’t take the long term approach you’re not likely to end up successful in the long run. One of the other things that especially a lot of the millennials don’t understand.


[00:07:25] But this is really across the board when it comes to health and fitness not just millennials in this area as you know you’ve got to put in the hard work you got to put in the time you got to do things for a significant amount of time before they actually become reality. And this is something that many people try to circumvent or try to take the shortcut and the shortcut almost never works. Right. So you got to put in the work day after day year after year. You’ve got to do the boring things you got to do mundane things and the boring the mundane is usually what’s going to get you the results in the long run if you do them for long enough. And if you do it correctly and you do them well and you really get a dialed in and this is so true in health and wellness you got to eat correctly every day. It’s not always exciting. It’s boring. It’s Monday. Everybody else is eating crappy food that excites their taste buds. They’re drinking all kinds of drinks that are sugary or have artificial sweeteners in them are packed with calories. So are you going to drink water you’re going to drink coffee you going to drink tea or drink the things that are not exciting. You’re going to eat the things that are not exciting. Right you’re going to eat the whole foods at boise gym. You’re not going to go eat. You know the fried foods all the time you can always be get dessert you’re not going to be always getting those sweet treats.


[00:08:39] You’re not going to be getting the all the things that everybody else is eating all the time that’s causing them to be overweight. Right.


[00:08:45] So and you’ve got to do it day after day after day week after week after week and you’ve got to do it for a significant amount of time and are out you’ve got to do it for us your life. You want to have a high quality of life when it comes to your health and your fitness. And so you got to put in that work right you got to put in the work of the mental work of making sure you’re referring re restraining yourself from you know all of the temptations that are out there you’ve got to put in the mental work of understanding that you know food is there for you to eat. Yeah you want to enjoy it. No I’m not a believer in food is for fuel although it is. But we as a species the human race does so many things around food that’s one of our celebrations that you need to learn how to enjoy it but enjoy it responsibly. Right. Kind of like the alcohol commercials you need to enjoy responsibly. And if you enjoy it responsibly then there’s no sense in you not enjoying it. And and also being able to achieve your goals but you really have to make sure that you know how to handle yourself in all situations and all with all different types of foods. And the majority of the time like 98 to 99 percent of the time you’re just going to be eating you know bore quote unquote boring foods that are healthy they’re good for you.


[00:09:52] But it also simplifies your life because you don’t always have to make any decisions on what to eat when to eat how to eat and where to go. All that type stuff. So that’s number one when it comes to work. Number two you’ve got to put in the physical work you’ve got to move. Right now we’re a very sedentary culture. Most of the people at least in the United States in developed countries just sit around all day at a computer or at a desk or on the phone or whatever it is. But they were sitting on they were not moving anymore. The human body was designed to move. It was designed to move frequently. It was designed to move in you know a kind of rhythmic way you know like walking you know we’re designed to travel long distances just simply by walking and moving and we don’t do that anymore. And so what happens is the body decays it becomes unhealthy. Start getting diabetes and heart disease start looking to strokes cancers those types of things. If you’re not moving the body through got to put in the work there right now so there’s all different types of boise gym movements going to make sure that you’re putting in the work with resistance training metabolic resistance training is a great option for that if you’re short on time. And you know two to three days of work a week is really all you need for resistance training.


[00:11:05] If you want to live a good quality of life if you have some other kind of goal then you know you can look at different options that are but you really don’t need a ton of resistance training you don’t need to live in the gym like some people do to make sure that you’re healthy and enjoying your quality of life. And in fact I’d recommend that you don’t because then you can’t go out and enjoy life the way that it should be enjoyed.


[00:11:23] But I want to make sure that we’re get some form of resistance training in resistance training is shown you know study after study after study to prove so many different things.


[00:11:31] You know your blood sugar levels your ability to absorb glucose your hormonal profiles get improved at a boise gym.


[00:11:45] You know your libido improves your energy improves. You know your telomeres supposedly are improving. A new study came out when it comes to your high intensity interval type training stuff. So it’s got to make sure that you’re getting resistance training in at least probably two to three days a week there and then you’re going to look at your low level activity like you’re walking on your daily activities chores gardening those types of things you want to make sure that you’re on your feet as much as you possibly can be on your feet and day at a boise gym. You’re going to sit down and watch TV you know try and get up every 30 to 60 minutes and hopefully not watch TV much longer than that. So you want to make sure that we’re we’re moving in both of those ways.


[00:12:28] On a weekly basis. All right.


[00:12:31] So got to put in the work there so you can put in your work at the dinner table. You’re going to put in your work when you’re working out and then you know you’ve got to take care of your brain you got to take care of your stress you got to take your sleep you got to put in the work there right. Going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time every night is you know not always easy for everybody. It’s not that it’s not the easy thing to do. You got to put in the work there to make sure that happens. In other words you got to get your work done during the day you got to spend time with the people you want to spend time with and then you got to get to bed and you’ve got to get up right. Seven to nine hours is typically what people are going to be looking for there unless you know you’re one of those people who can survive on four hours sleep and it’s actually healthy for you.


[00:13:10] But very few people have that genetic predisposition to make sure that we’re getting sleep but not at the boise gym. And again that’s boring. It’s boring to get to bed on time it’s boring to wake up on time. That’s you know that’s what they call a square. Right. Well you need a square if you want to have a good quality of life. You want to live a long time and you want to have the energy to do the things that you want to do.


[00:13:31] All right. And then you’ve got to have time. Right. So time is no matter what these things are going to take time. Your body’s not going to change overnight. Right. She got to are doing these things and then you’ve got to let the world catch up with you got to let your body catch up with you. You’ve got to give it time. All right. And we just got to do it consistently and repeatedly day after day and give it enough time to make it happen.


[00:13:55] I don’t think that’s going to happen overnight. All of a sudden you know for one day as has happened all the time like people come in and they’ve been eating healthy for a week they’ve been exercising healthy for a week and getting good sleep for a week and all of a sudden they think that they should be superman or a bodybuilder or a power lifter model or it just doesn’t work that way. It takes time takes a lot of time to make this happen. And so we got to give it time and have patience on that. Have patience with yourself understand that you’re going to fail right you’re going to fail and you’re going get back up and you’re failing and get back up with the help of a boise gym. I have a lot of people do they fail and they quit and then they restart some other you know six week challenge or a 21 day detox so you get outpatient. You got to understand that it’s going to take some time. You got to stand that you got to put in the time you got to understand that you got to put in the work and then get you out on the backside.


[00:14:40] You have patients and you say hey this is going to take me some time. This is transforming my life I’m changing my habits and this is not an easy thing to do. That was an easy thing to do. Everybody would be rich. Everybody to be healthy everybody would have sex all the time. Everyone would be doing all of these things that everybody wants to do. But it just doesn’t work that way unless you have patients you put in the work let time do it’s magic. All right. This is the kvell podcast and today we talked about putting in the work having patience and then letting time do its work. And to summarize it basically you need to make sure that you’re doing the things for long enough in a sustainable way for time to make sure that your life has transformed your habits transformed and you have to have patience with yourself and the world and understand that it takes time and patience for these things to happen. Cavell podcast this is Brett Denton out.