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This is Brett Denton with Cvell fitness and nutrition. We are one of many Boise gyms and Murdi and gyms located in Idaho. Today we’re going to talk about the crazy quagmire of fitness and nutrition. And it is crazy and it is quite the quagmire. All you have to do is turn on the news to understand that nobody really knows what they’re talking about or so it seems. Now there’s a study out there to prove or disprove just about every single thing that you could possibly think about. Let’s just look real quickly at eggs as an example the health of eating eggs or not eating eggs eating the egg yolk versus eating a white. Meridian Gyms Eating raw eggs versus eating cooked eggs is all over the place and depending on where you look and who you’re talking to a different opinion. And these are usually polarizing opinions right. So for the long time a debate was on cholesterol right. Don’t eat a lot of eggs because the cholesterol is going to kill you it’s going to get the heart disease now. And now recently you know there’s a re-emergence of actually it’s not the cholesterol that’s causing the issue it’s overconsumption of carbohydrates. All right. But if you look back in the 90s you know it was all about eating carbohydrates and keeping fat as low as you possibly could. And so a lot of people were eating copious amounts of carbohydrates. When you shake it all out it seems like nobody really knows what they’re talking about. And so this is why we look at science. And when you look at science you have to really look at it with a fine tooth comb and take it with a grain of salt because a lot of the times that people doing the scientific experiments are being compensated or funded by the exact organization that wants them to have beneficial results. Meridian Gyms Let’s look at the dairy industry as an example. So dairy industry spends a lot of money on research and it provides a lot of grants and a lot of scientists with the money to carry out their experiments. Well in a conflict of interest if you as a scientist are carrying out an experiment for the dairy industry around the health benefits of dairy what are the likelihoods that you’re going to report negatively from that experiment. Not very likely. Meridian Gyms Right. And so most of the scientists although well-meaning are not likely to report a negative thing if they’re getting funding from an organization that they would be reporting negatively against because what happens as the funding dries up then that organization goes and finds another scientist who’s going to report positively about the type of material that they’re selling. And this is what happens time and time again. You know this happens in the beef industry happens in the agricultural industry it happens with your dairy products. It happens across the board. These guys spend millions and millions and millions of dollars funding research projects to get some type of snippet or little piece of headline data out so that they can continue to sell their product. These are big businesses and so you want to follow the money wherever that money’s going is really what’s going on there. And so are you happy very biased in the types of scientific experiments that you’re going to pay attention to. And you have to understand where they’re funded and who’s funding them. And so that’s number one. So you look to the science but you look with a very wary eye indeed. And so the other part of it is exercise right. What’s the best exercise. And again there’s scientific experiments to prove just about everything. And so really what you want to do when it comes to your health and fitness is you want to really take it down to the brass tacks. Right. So take it down to the very fundamental things. Meridian Gyms And if you take down the fundamental things and just start thinking with common sense terms and common sense knowledge you’ll start to figure out what’s going to work best for you and your body. Right. Do you feel like it’s a good idea to eat copious amounts of fat. Do you think large amounts of carbohydrates are the best option for you. Do you believe that eating meat is something that you should stay away from as much as possible right. These are all things that you ought to start asking yourself. It’s far more than just your health and your fitness. You want to start thinking about your moral and ethical principles as well. All right. So if you’re not somebody who believes in devastating land and wild animals and that type of thing then you’ve got to make a decision based on that. If you don’t care about that then you’ve got to make a decision based on that.

But you know every every few years this group of scientists they put together a statement on the future of the world. And as of late the most recent statement is as we are on a direct path to catastrophic failure. You know we’re overpopulating the planet we are over utilizing its resources and if we don’t do something to fix this issue then what’s going to happen is we’re not going to have a planet anymore we’re not going to have enough food to feed everybody. We’re going to decimate the planet Earth. And so if you believe in this then maybe you might want to start adjusting the way that you eat the justing the way that you procreate and adjusting the way that you see the world. Now if you don’t care about this again if you just want to use up the world and leave the rest for the generations after you and so be it right that’s your decision it’s your choice. Meridian Gyms But what I always recommend for our clients and our boys gyms and our Meridian gyms is that they don’t pay attention to the media and they don’t jump from one thing to the next thing just because there a headline saying that it’s the next best thing right. Because the media’s job. You got to think about this for a second the media’s job is to simply get clicks get eyes get viewers clicks eyes and viewers is what gets them the ability to charge more for their advertising and the way they make money is through advertising. Meridian Gyms Right. And so in order for them to get those clicks in those eyes those viewers they have to do things that are going to shock and awe people. They have to do things that are controversial. And so all they’re looking for all day long is things it’s going to catch readers catch people’s eyes catch people’s attention. Now that’s not usually sexy or I should say what sexy is not usually what’s the right thing to do specially when it comes to health and fitness. Right the right thing to do in health and fitness. OK let’s talk about nutrition for a second. Is eat a balanced approach diet. Lots of vegetables decent amount of fruit. You know and then you know fill it in with the rest. I eat some carbohydrate some fatty some proteins and just make sure that it’s as unprocessed as possible. Make sure that it’s as organic as possible. So the closer that the product is from coming right straight from the ground into your mouth the better it’s going to be right the fresher it is the better and more healthy it’s going to be. And that’s really all you have to think about when it comes to the types of foods that you’re going to eat and your nutritional profiles. Now second you want to think about. OK so if I’m eating the right types of foods why would I maybe still be gaining weight. Well there’s two reasons. One is more than two reasons. Three reasons really. Number one you probably just over consuming food. So in other words you’re eating more food than your body needs to function on a daily basis. It’s a very simple equation. If you eat too much food you’re going to gain weight Meridian Gyms if you eat the same amount of food that you need that you require for energy on a daily basis you’re going to maintain the same weight if you eat less food than you got to lose weight. And so go about every two weeks adjusting the quantity of food until you’re hit your desired outcomes. All right. That’s it pretty easy there. The second reason somebody might be having issues when it comes to food nutrition is you know they might not have a healthy gut. And so in other words they might not have the healthy bacteria in their gut to properly digest and utilize the foods that they’re eating. And this can lead to an issue and this is some of the new science coming out saying this is almost one of the most important things that somebody could work on for their health. Meridian Gyms Right. So there’s actually these things called feces pills coming out that they’re testing where they take feces from a healthy individual and they put it into a capsule and they give it to an unhealthy individual then that automatically starts to get that unhealthy individual healthy again because our bodies are made up of bacteria. Right we have a significant amount of bacteria in our body. Know if our bacteria is off and it’s not functioning correctly or it’s the wrong type of bacteria then we’re going to have issues. Right. I mean if most of our bodies bacteria and we don’t have the right type are not functioning properly. Of course you can have issues. So that’s number two.

Number three maybe you actually have some type of medical condition right so maybe you your hypothalamus is not functioning correctly maybe it’s not releasing the proper amount of hormones. It could be over excreting or could be under excreta. And so you have those issues when it comes to nutrition. Again you can be eating the right foods about these three issues can cause you’d have weight gain weight loss for issues when it comes to your body weight. Now when you talk about fitness you know there’s so many different ways to work out and there’s so many different ways to exercise. And again if you break it down to brass tacks the most important thing is is that you’re moving your body. Meridian Gyms That’s number one. You got to move your body consistently throughout the day the body is not meant to sit around it’s especially not meant to sit in chairs. Right. As a culture we are a nomadic culture. We are nomadic people and we have settled down and you know into towns and cities and we’re no longer nomadic. All right well not being nomadic means that we’re not walking most of the day right. And so our history and our genes are what’s in our DNA says we should be walking moving around doing light low level movements all throughout the day. And so if you’re not doing that if you’re sitting at a desk all day then we’re going to have an issue where we’re going have all kinds of issues because our body just doesn’t know how to handle that doesn’t know how to function and so step number one get down to brass tacks as you just got to start moving all day long. The more you move the health you’re going to get. Forget about any other thing you know forget about going to the gym forget about exercising. Meridian Gyms Forget about running forget about doing any of that stuff. Very first thing you need to start doing is you just need to start moving more throughout the day. Going from a sitting desk to a standing desk or even better going from a standing desk no desk at all where you’re just forced to move all day long. Right. That would be optimal for you. That’s the most healthy thing you can do. And if you can’t do that then great get a treadmill desk. Meridian Gyms All right so you’re walking all day long. It doesn’t need to be intense just as low level movement. It’s actually very restorative and helps you recover if you are working out. So that’s number one. Get moving. Number two is flexibility mobility. This is one thing that people forget about but if you’re not mobile and you’re not flexible you’re going to have issues. Right. We’re not going to be as limber as we need to be. We’re not going to be able to function as we should function and life just gets harder right it’s harder to bend over to tie your shoes. It’s harder to reach for things you have to work harder to do everything because you’re actually fighting against your body’s flexibility and mobility. Meridian Gyms So it’s it’s a big issue there. So that’s number two. Right. So mobility is number. I mean mobility locomotion is number one. So start moving more number to work on your flexibility mobility and this could be as simple as getting up every single morning and doing a quick five to ten minute stretch routine or maybe a quick thought to him in a yoga routine right where you’re working on breathing oxygen into the body you get your body moving you’re getting some mobility and some flexibility in there. And then number three is what kind of resistance training are you doing. How are you working your muscles to ensure that they’re either maintaining strength or improving in strength. Right. So lean mass or muscle is a very metabolic type of tissue. Meridian Gyms And we want to be as metabolic as we can. This is what helps keep us alive and helps keep us active and thriving. You know as an example you know fat is is there as a storage mechanism for when times go get that right. Whereas your muscle is there and it’s going to keep your body mind balance is going to keep your body burning calories it’s going to keep your body thriving going to keep your body moving the way that it should. Not only that but as you get stronger and you gain more lean mass you’re going to have everything in life easier for you. Right. You have to go pick up your kids your grandkids. It’s easier for you to do that. You have to carry something heavier it’s easier for to do that. Right. So you want to be as strong as possible and have a lean mass as much as possible up to a certain point where it becomes more of a strain on the body than a benefit. All right.

So that’s number three and then number four we’re going to look at your cardiovascular health. And so this is the health of your heart and lungs. Now you’re working your heart and lungs all the time right now if you start moving all day long just even walking you’re working your heart and lungs when you’re doing your stretching in the morning you’re working your heart lungs especially you know if you’re doing resistance training and heavy and heavy loads or if you’re doing high rep loads you’re going to be working your cardiovascular system as well. But you can also get out there and do you know some sprint intervals where you can do some jogging or you can do some long distance running. All of these things are going to work and tax the cardiovascular system so they get stronger. And so there’s this thing called progressive overload and overcompensation and so every time we work out we progressively overload the body and after overloading the body our body then overcompensates our super compensate. And so we’re stronger the next workout we come back. And so that’s where we’re going to go. Right. So we want to get stronger and stronger and stronger. And so we are always going to push the body a little bit more. And this is a way to counteract aging and it’s probably actually one of the best ways to counteract aging because we’re forcing your body to become better. Every time we get one of these workouts or one of these training sessions. All right. So those are the kind of things you want to think about when it comes to your health fitness and nutrition. And then the third part of it which is enormously beneficial and maybe the most important at all of all of them is rest and recovery and sleep. Now of course you need to make sure that your deserving the rest of recovery and sleep but you got to get your sleep and sleep is when your body has ability to recover to release the proper hormones to get everything kind of flushed out and then restart the day nice and fresh. Make sure you get in about seven to nine hours of sleep every 24 hour period to make sure that you are performing at your optimal level. OK guys if you ever in Boise Idaho come to one of our Boise gym again Cavell fitness and nutrition or if you’re ever in Meridian Idaho come out to one of our Meridian gyms. You can ask us any questions that you want just by go into our website. WW dot com elf at dot com and we’d be happy to help you out answer anything that you that you may be struggling with. Until then guys get out there and develop.