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This is Brett with Cvell fitness and nutrition. We have gyms in Boise Idaho and we have gyms in Meridian Idaho. If you are ever out at one of our Boise gyms go ahead and talk to one of our people and we’ll get you started if you’re out in Meridian stopped by one of our Meridian gyms and we love to talk to you about your goals and your current fitness level. Today we’re going to discuss nutrition not nutrition is a quagmire of Myths Lies science false science and opinions. And this is true almost across the board when it comes to health fitness wellness supplements and nutrition. But today we’re going to specifically focus on nutrition and what I say that may or may not be true. What I say today may change over time but this is how it stands today. Every day something comes out either approving or denying something that was just approved or denied a few days ago. And this is one way that the media gets readers and readers is really what their goal is. Their goal is not to disseminate proper knowledge or accurate knowledge. Their goal is quite simply to get eyeballs on their newspaper or eyeballs on the TV screen. And so the media is not something that you should pay attention to when it comes to your health and fitness because if you really want good results then go to the journals and start reading actual science start reading the studies. But even those can be a little bit biased. Right. So most of the studies that proved benefits to as an example of dairy were paid for by the dairy industry. Many of the things that prove that grains are healthy and important for a good quality of life are paid for by the grain industry. And so all of these industries have huge budgets for lobbying and they spend a lot of money on research to prove that what they are providing is the best thing for you. Now you can’t blame them for this. Right. It’s their job to make sure that they’re able to sell their product.Meridian Gyms And so it’s important for science to prove that their product is healthy and good for human beings. And so you know if I was in these industries I would be doing the same thing. But you as the consumer want to make sure that you’re paying attention to what’s going in your body not based on what the media is saying or what these big companies are paying for the scientists to say but what is actually best for you in the long run. And so when you do your research you want to dig in and really pay attention to who’s paying for the study and if the studies paid for by some big conglomerate of the dairy industry or agriculture industry or you know some other kind of industry then you’re going to take that with a grain of salt. All right and so it can be hard to find it can be a lot of work.Meridian Gyms So the best way is to find somebody who does the research and who you trust in and who is an actual practitioner in this and that way you have real world results from their clients. And that way you don’t have to do the research. This is by far and away the shortest and the most efficient effective way to do it because after all you’re busy enough with your life and your career and your job and your family that you don’t really need to take on a whole other job researching you know the proper things to eat. Now when you look at the diet I don’t know how many diets are out there these days. But you know over the years there’s been thousands upon thousands of diets. You know there’s the vegan diet the vegetarian diet the omnivore diet. You know these are the standard ones that you hear about all the time but then if you just go into Amazon or search online for diet books you know thousands and thousands of diet books that think about diets as you know almost all of them work because almost all of them are about cutting the amount of food they eat. So let’s just take for example the Atkins diet. OK. The Atkins diet basically cut out carbohydrates had you eat the enormous amounts of proteins and fats and some vegetables. OK great. So you cut out a whole food group when you cut out the carbohydrates you know are the starchy carbohydrates and you’re going to eat less food. You’re going to eat less food for a few reasons. If you’re just eating protein and fats those are very satiating foods and so you’re not going to feel hungry very often. All right it’s going to take you a long time to digest protein. It’s going to take a long time to digest fats. And so you’re not going to be hungry for a longer period of

time. So you’re not going to eat as much. OK. Also you’re not going to eat as much because you’re not eating carbohydrates and carbohydrates are an easy thing to overeat because your body loves them. They taste good and they’re not usually that filling unless they’re filled with fiber and most of the carbohydrate that people eat at least in America is made from white flour. And so Atkins diet is going to you know have you get results. But it also isn’t something that people can follow for a significant amount of time. You know most of the people who go on an Atkins diet lose a whole bunch of weight and then they can’t sustain it. And again all the way back and more.Meridian Gyms OK so that’s the Atkins that is an exam another day which is the newest fad as you know the paleo diet the paleo diet is actually very similar to the Atkins diet as a little bit more carbohydrate in it. But basically the main theory of it or the main thought behind it is don’t eat anything that year. They didn’t eat during the Paleolithic area era you know. So you’re eating a lot of lean meats you’re eating you know some you know some like sweet potatoes and stuff like that. But even that depending on how strict you are in the diet you might not even be able to eat that you’re eating a lot of vegetables. You know and there’s some good things about it. But again you’re cut out pretty much a major food group when you cut out the carbohydrates or the starch carbohydrates. Right. And so the paleo diet you going to lose weight. Right. Same kind of issue there. Right. You’re eating a lot of vegetables whole lot of vegetables is great. Anybody on any diet probably a lot of vegetables you get a lot of fiber you get a lot of nutrients you get a lot of good things in there and that’s going to keep you full for a longer amount of time. You’re eating a decent amount of protein on the paleo diet.Meridian Gyms So again that’s going to keep fall for a longer amount of time. [00:06:03] Also we’re going to take more energy to digest protein takes a lot of energy to break down and digest and also takes a longer time to digest. Actually one of the ways that you can prevent overeating like during the holidays is to really consume a lot of lean protein because that lean protein is going to keep it full for longer and it’s usually going to prevent you from overeating. But that’s a little side point. But you know the pill that’s going to help you lose weight because you went from eating. Most people anyway go from eating a bunch of crap to eating good healthy nutritious foods. Now is the paleo diet the end all be all of diets. No of course not. No. Then you got people who are on some crazy diets like the cabbage diet or these cleanses these detoxes.Meridian Gyms And so you just want to say are all these diets work. Now which one works for me. And so in other words you want to start understanding what’s going to work for you long term not what’s going to work for you right now for the next six weeks for the next three months. Because all of these diets work. Any nutrition plan works if you start to clean things up and eat healthy foods and start to reduce the amount of food that you eat. And really that’s what it comes down to how can I reduce the amount of food that I eat and start eating whole nutritious foods in a way that I can sustain for a long period of time. If it’s a paleo diet great. Do the paleo diet if the Atkins diet. Great. Do the Atkins diet you know the Kito genic diet great. Do the Kito genic diet right. They all work but they have to work for you and your lifestyle and the way that you want to live in the way that you want to eat. And what happens with most of our clients at least in our voice gyms and our Meridian gyms is they’ll try these crazy diets that are so far skewed one or the other that they start to miss the

things that they’re not able to eat anymore. You know in the Kito genic diet it’s a ton of fat and a medium amount of protein in a very very low amount of carbohydrates to get you into ketosis. And people originally started out like this is great I can use as much fat as i want. So they’re eating a ton of cheese you know ton it’s like a yolks. They’re eating a bunch of fats you know and they feel great. The fill fall time you know bacon but then they start to miss you know carbohydrates and they start to miss the things they used to eat. They can’t really eat desserts anymore and they can’t do the things that they are used to.Meridian Gyms They can’t do the things that they once did. Now that doesn’t mean that this isn’t just a habit. You know it’s just a mental issue that they’re having that they’ll eventually get over. But for most people this you know they only live once. They don’t want to have to be in such a restricted diet for their entire life. So most people will go on to Kieta genic diet they’ll lose some weight. They’ll determine is not a good thing for them long term and they’ll start to wean off in some of them will keep the weight off and Bravo to those people but most people won’t. Most people get it all back and they’ll balance the scales and by over eating and then all of sudden they’re back to where they once were or if they’re like most people you know they’re even worse off and they gain weight on that rebound. And so this is why it’s so important that you find something that you’re going to be able to do long term. Now once you find something that you feel like you can do long term you want to ease into it. You know so again with most of these diets people jump all legs so they go from eating terrible eating super restricted but healthy. And they do it for a short amount of time and then the wheels fly off the train car and the train car flies off the tracks and they’re back to where they started or worse. And so when you figure out what you want and do start to make really small changes like really small changes. One of my mentors B.J. Fogg gives the example of if you want to start flossing your teeth start one tooth at a time.Meridian Gyms And this is the same when it comes to changing your nutrition. If you want to change nutrition start one tiny piece at a time. So let’s say you want to start eating more of vegetables. OK great. You don’t start loading your plate with vegetables every single meal. Could you do this. Yeah of course you could do this. But what’s the likelihood that you’re going to do it for a sustained period of time. And if you’re like most people not very likely. All right. And so maybe you start with one meal so one meal every time you eat dinner you make it a point to get a green vegetable in your dinner and you do that until you have it down like 90 percent of the time or even a hundred percent of the time. Right. But you’re eating a vegetable every single time you sit down for dinner and then you say OK great I have that dialed in. Now let’s move to lunch so I’m eating a vegetable lunch and I’m eating a vegetable at dinner and then once you have that ready to go and you’re doing that consistently then you had breakfast. OK so that could be anywhere from a six week process to a six month process. Right. But you don’t change anything until you have it dialed it because if you start adding things to an already shaky foundation. Guess what happens to that house right. It crumbles. It caves in. It doesn’t last.Meridian Gyms So you want to make sure that every step that you put or every brick that you put on that house is solid it’s firmly entrenched.And it’s not going anywhere. And this is what you want to do and you’re talking about your nutrition and your diet and how you want to eat had not and you want to look at you know what is your nutrition look like long term. But you know what kind of lifestyle do you live and how often is it OK for you to kind of go off the tracks or go off plan right if you’re out partying a lot or if you have a lot of lunch you know meetings with business partners that type of stuff. How are you going to overcome those or how are you going to balance those out or how are you going to treat those ready to stop drinking so much at these are you going to start to control what you order what are you going to do and when you think about when are you going to do you have to think about you know how strong your willpower is. And for most people when they’re making a change their willpower is not strong at all. And so what most people have to do is they have to take themselves out of those environments for a certain amount of time in order for this change to actually happen. Now if you can’t do that then that’s OK. When we look at small changes.

So if you used to always going out and getting two glasses of wine at dinner great start going out and just getting one glass of wine instead of two.Meridian Gyms And then once you’re fine with one glass of wine then we start having no wine. I need to start replacing it was you know with water or coffee or tea or whatever it may be but again it’s small changes over time they’re going to make the biggest difference with the nutrition. And so you’ve got to give yourself some leniency you got to give yourself some leeway here and you have to give yourself some time and some patience because this process is going to take a year or more for you to really grasp it for you to really change everything that you want to change to get yourself into a healthy eating pattern habit and behavior. Because you know let’s face it the way that you’re eating now is years and years and years of training. And so those years of training aren’t going to all of a sudden change overnight and stick you could change the overnight. There’s no doubt about that because people do it all the time. But the likelihood that they’re going to stick for the long term is slim to none. And so you know make sure when you’re looking at your diet and nutrition it’s something that’s going to stick long term so that you never have to have this conversation with anybody ever again. Right.Meridian Gyms The goal is to do things once master them and then just add them as your normal way of being. Right. Those are now the person that you are instead of something that you’re always doing what we always tell people that are boys and gyms as you don’t want to be on a program because when you’re program you’re looking for the end and when it comes to our health and fitness they only end that we have should be death. Right.Meridian Gyms Until then we should really look at it as our way of being our way of living. So instead of just going and doing a program for a set amount of time we want to work on changing your habits. Then it becomes you. So that the person that you are is a completely different person. The habits and actions and behaviors that you do are completely different than what you do before right. You wanted to get it to a point where your friends and family don’t recognize who you are or how you eat or how you act anymore because you have fully transformed into this new person. And along those lines you have to start training your friends and family how to treat you. And they have to start treating you the way that you want them to treat you. So in other words this healthy person that you want to be you have to become that person and you help to become that person by enrolling your friends and family in this new vision of you. So instead of them always giving you the food that they don’t eat they’ll start to know that that’s not you anymore. Instead of always bringing you desserts or whatever it is that they bring you they’ll know that that’s not you anymore. And so you have to start educating them and teaching them that that’s not a person that you are and this will help significantly because without those temptations. You can make harder decisions on what you’re going to eat at the restaurant or what you’re going to make for dinner that night. And this is extremely important. You have to get your environment prepped and prepared for the results and the transformation that you want to undertake. Now if you’re ever in Meridian come out and see one of our Meridian gyms or if you’re in the area come out and visit one of our boys jujubes. Until then let’s get out there and Kimbell.