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Hello and welcome to the Coville podcast today we’re going to talk about spiritual mental emotional and physical aspects of the transformation. What many people get wrong when it comes to transforming their body is they leave out the emotional physical and spiritual parts of it. And this is extremely important to the human being. If you just focus on the physical you may get transformation with your body. You may not. More likely than not you’re not going to because you’re not tying in all the other pieces. But if you do let’s just assume that you can get a transformation with just focusing on the physical what’s going to end up happening is you’re going to be unbalanced in all of the other aspects of your life and you’re going to end up unhappy again. You’re going to have to look at another type of transformation in one of the other realms. And so what we do at our Boise gyms and also in our meridian gyms is we really focus on the whole person. Meridian Gyms And so this doesn’t mean just focusing on your nutrition and your physical activity. Meridian Gyms All of these things are obviously very important when it comes to having a physical transformation. You do have to have those things so don’t misunderstand me when it comes to transforming your body. You obviously have to you exercise and you’ve got to eat right. Those have to happen. Now what also has to happen on top of those things is you have to actually change the person that you are. And let me explain that a little bit. So by changing the person that you are you’re changing the way that you think you’re changing the way that your brain works. You’re changing your habits your actions your behaviors so that you are actually a different person than you are when you start the transformation. Eat the person that you are today is not the person that is going to be able to have that transformation. Meridian Gyms They’re just not capable of having such transformation because in order to have a transformation by definition of transformation you have to totally transform and in order that totally transformed you have to think act and be a different person. Right. Your skin is going to be the same. You’re going to look the same but your brain’s actually going to function differently. You’re going to think differently your habits are going to be different and your behaviors are going to be different. And this takes a little bit of time to change your habits over. But in reality it can happen in an instant. In other words you can take the snap of your fingers and become a different person now. It takes a while for yourself to really get those new habits actions and behaviors to a habitual state. Now that is true but you make the decision in a second to be a different person. Meridian Gyms And here’s the thing that a lot of people don’t understand why a lot of people get frustrated when it comes to going to you know any GM mother or be Boise GM or in Meridian gin or Jim anywhere else in Idaho is the fact that it doesn’t happen overnight and the world has to catch up with you. So you actually have to be the person that you want to be 12 months from now 36 months from now five years from now. Meridian Gyms Today mentally you have to be that person and you have to mentally be that person long enough so that the world can catch up with that person. Right. And the world includes your body so your physical being the world includes your friends and family seeing you as that person. Right the world includes wealth and success coming to you. Right so you have to be that person for a long time before it actually materializes in the real world. And this is what a lot of people don’t understand and that’s why they get so frustrated. You know they want to have. Total transformation in you know six weeks or eight weeks or three months or even a year. And it can’t have a total transformation that short amount of time because in order to transform the world has to catch up with everything that’s going on now can you lose a significant amount of weight in that time. Meridian Gyms Yes of course it can. But are your habits actions and behaviors changed. Probably not. Have you actually changed the way that your mental machinery works. Have you rewired your brain and condition your brain to think and act in a different way. Probably not. Meridian Gyms If you’re looking over the long period it took you how old you are. You know you’re 20 30 40

50 60 maybe 80 years old and you’re looking to make a change. Great. Well you have to undo or redo or recondition all those years of wiring all of those years of conditioning. Right and so you know let’s take the average and let’s say you’re 30 years old you’re trying to rewire 30 years of habits and ways of thinking do you really think that you can do that in six weeks. You think you can do that in three months. Do you even think you can do that in one year. 30 years of habits actions and behaviors and you want to rewire them in six weeks. You’ve got to be kidding me. You’ve got to get realistic with yourself and you also have to start to understand that this take some time. And because it takes some time you actually can settle in for the ride and not feel rushed or stressed about it. Right if you’re not getting results right away. Great. That’s actually probably a good thing because you can temper your expectations. And the more you temper your expectations the better results you’re going to have long term because the sooner you start focusing solely on doing the things that again get you results instead of the result the sooner you’re going to get results. I know that’s counterintuitive and it doesn’t sound right but it is and I’ll say it again the sooner you start focusing on the things that are going to get you results instead of the results faster you’re going to get results. This is a critical piece of the puzzle. Right so if I want to make a lot of money. All right. So let’s take it out of context here and take it out to health and fitness if I want to make a lot of money. The only way that I’m going to make a lot of money is by creating a business or providing value that people want to pay me for. Right. And so I need to focus on that not on making a lot of money if I just focus on making a lot of money. Guess what I’m not going to make any money. However if I focus on building value in creating something that people are going to value and want to pay me for all of a sudden the money comes in more than I can handle it faster than I can handle. And this is the same in health and fitness. Right. If you just focus on losing weight or if you just focus on you know looking a certain way then you’re not likely to get the results. However if you focus on eating properly exercising properly getting the proper recovery then you’re going to see those results in a lot faster and shorter amount of time. And this is crucial for you to understand and for everybody who’s looking to transform any area of their life. You got to focus on what it actually takes to make the transformation happen or make the results come true not the results themselves. All right so let’s talk a little about the mental emotional and spiritual aspects of transformation. So you’re talking about the mental that which you discussed a little bit. But there’s a lot of pieces to it. Right. And so you’ve got a reward way that your brain works. And so this is actually a physiological change in your brain where you are rewiring the synopses and you’re making some stronger than the other. So the way the brain works is very similar to a river you know so you’ve got a river and you’ve got some tributaries. Well in order to make those tributaries more of the main river you’ve got to shove more water down and more often and more frequently. And this is what happens with our brain. Right. And so if we’re stuck on one habit and we just do it over and over and over again basically what we’re doing is we’re driving the river right down that habit. And so if we want to change that habit or take a detour from that habit or make a tributary on that habit we’ve got to start doing the new habit or the new way of being more often and we have to replace the old way of being with a new one almost completely in order to form that new river. All right. And then what happens is the main river that we’re on right now starts to drain and starts to dry up and the new tributaries of the new offshoot which is the new habit starts to form and starts to become the main one right. That’s what we want to look at when he’s talking about we were we were rewiring the brain. And so you got to start thinking differently. And so soon you start thinking I thought that was an old one that you don’t want to have anymore immediately say stop. And you start thinking the new one.

So that’s rewiring the brain or rewiring the machinery that’s going to get you where it needs to be. Now we look at your spiritual side you know some people might think this is Woo-Woo some people might think this is religious and it really is none of those things. Everybody is spiritual. You’re human beings you’re spiritual even if you are an atheist you don’t believe in anything or you are the most devout Christian. It doesn’t matter your spiritual celestial being. And so you want to understand and pay attention to that spiritual piece of your puzzle and this could just be faith this can be faith in yourself could be said faith in something greater than you. It could simply be faith in humanity but you have some spiritual peace. And the more that you don’t recognize that the more issues that you’re going to have here because you have to believe in something and that’s really what it comes down to when it comes down to spirituality right. What do you believe in. Do you believe in yourself your habits your actions your behaviors. Meridian Gyms Do you believe in something bigger than yourself. Meridian Gyms How are you filling those needs. How are you fulfilling or recognizing or respecting that belief. Right. And that’s what you want to look at when it comes to this transformation because I can guarantee you if you don’t spend some time believing in something when it comes to your transformation your transformation is going to happen. Right. You have to believe in something even if it’s just believing and having a spiritual reckoning when it comes to the habits that you need to do right and just believe that those habits are going to work. So you have to have a spiritual part of that. Now when you talk about the emotional the emotional is huge especially when it comes to weight loss transformations. There are a lot of people who are messed up in their youth when it comes to food and exercise and dieting and all that. Right. They have struggled with weight their entire life they’ve been made fun of and they just can’t quite seem to get it to work. And so there’s a lot of emotional baggage here and a lot of people gain weight because they have this emotional baggage. I’m sure you’ve heard of people who you know are emotional eaters or stress eaters. Well in reality we all are because that’s how our bodies are wired we have a physiological response to stress that saying we need to consume food and we need to consume enough food and high calories so that we can make it through to the next time we’re going to have food. Meridian Gyms And this is the stress response that we’re giving our body all the time. In this day and age we’ve got all kinds of stress responses that don’t really require food. But back in the day we had stress responses that did require food. Right. Like we were chased by a saber tooth tiger. We need to show some food down our throat and then go find our next meal which who knows if it’s going to be one hour from now or three days from now. And so what happens is people don’t deal with this emotional aspect of the transformation. And so they’re going to continue to emotionally eat or they’re going to try to have this thing called self-discipline which rarely if ever works when it comes to something that’s a physiological response. You can only have self-discipline for so long until you cave and then you’re back to square one. And so you want to look back and understand why it is you over eat why you’re doing the things you’re doing when it comes to food and exercise. Meridian Gyms A lot of people just grew up that way. And so they just keep doing what they’ve been doing their entire life. Even though it’s not healthy. Other people have major stressors in the early years of their life. Maybe with you know a loved one or a girlfriend or boyfriend or something and it’s related to food and it’s messed up their eating patterns ever since. So you want to start looking at these and understanding that none of it is your fault. But it is your fault. From this point going forward because now you know you can uncover and you can get past it. There’s nothing in your life that you can get past when it comes to an emotional issue. All right. All of those emotional issues are in the past now and none of them are actually true anymore. Did they happen. I don’t know. Probably or maybe not. What’s the story that

you’re telling yourself about when you know. And so you want to look at that and understand that what actually happened at this point isn’t what you think happened. Right. Because every time you remember a memory it’s going to be different. And so whatever you’ve made this thing into being is not actually what happened. And so now you have to deal with that and you have to get past it. Right. And so get the thing out of your way get that emotional baggage out of the way and then start a new start fresh start being a new person that doesn’t have that issue anymore you’re not carrying your baggage with you everywhere you go. You’re not putting your poor relationship with your first boyfriend and every other boyfriend that you ever meet. Right. You’re not putting your father’s issues on your husband right. You just got to start looking that and seeing where you’re seeing those cycles happen and then get rid of him completely. However I need to be completed whether you just say I’m done with this thing or you actually have a conversation with somebody. So that’s a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to transformation really any kind of transformation. But especially when it comes to the weight loss because weight loss seems to be heavily rooted in emotional issues and we use food to cope with those emotional issues very frequently. And almost everybody does. And so the better you can get a hold of the emotional can troll the better off you’re going to be. All right so when you look into just to summarize here when you’re looking to make a transformation let’s look at it holistically and not just look at it from one piece of the puzzle let’s focus on the habit’s actions and behaviors that lead to the result. Don’t simply focus on the result. So if you come to one of our Meridien gyms or one of our boys in gyms what you’re going to find is that we focus on everything. We’re in a focus on mental toughness. Meridian Gyms We’re going to focus on nutrition. We’re going to focus on proper exercise and movement not only at the gym but also outside of the gym. We’re going to focus on the emotional side of things making sure that you know you understand that we need to get all of that baggage out of the way and you can choose to do whatever you want with those situations that happened in the past and then you have to believe in something you have to have some spiritual aspect of it. You have to believe in something or there’s no reason for you to go forward and make the transformation in the first place because if you have no belief that you have no faith in something then I can guarantee you that it’s not going to happen. Right. You’re just not going to carry through when it gets hard to make it happen. If you don’t have faith then you just there is no light at the end of the tunnel because you just don’t think anything’s going to work. All right guys that is the end of today’s podcast. If you have any questions go to kvell fit dot com or visit us at one of our Boise gyms or Meridien gyms. Until next time. Get out there and K-Ville.