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Meridian Gyms | No one better

Today we’re talking about the benefits of a personal trainer versus a group fitness training session like we offer Kvell fitness. We’re going to look at the differences between the two so you can decide which one you think would fit you best. And there are quite a few differences. But we’re going to cover the main ones so that you can understand and know which one you feel liks can work the best for you in the goals that you’re trying to accomplish. So we’re not talking about personal training just to make sure that we’re clear we’re talking about one on one personal training. One on one personal training is where the personal trainer will write a customized program for you to ensure that you’re reaching your goals. So that’s what we’re talking about whenever I say personal training. Meridian Gyms Now when I say group fitness or group exercise training sessions what I’m talking about is what we do at Kvell fitness and nutrition and what we do at Kvell fitness and nutrition is what we like to call group personal training. And so what happens is we have a program for the day and that training program or that training session is designed to accommodate all different fitness levels. So we all have a level 1 movement a Level 2 movement and a level 3 movement for each movement in the training session. Now everybody is doing the same type of workout. So in other words if we’re going to be doing a 20 seconds of work and a 40 seconds of rest type of workout then everybody is doing that 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds of rest workout. But everybody’s doing their level of the movement. And so we have you know three different movements for the squat one of them being a Level 1 movement and all the way up to the most difficult with level 3 movement on top of that everybody is using the weight that works best for them. So these workouts are as customized as you can get in this group training type of format. And so when I say group training that’s what I’m talking about. And so now that we’re clear let’s go ahead and dig in. Meridian Gyms So let’s look at first how the difference of coach to train E ratio is you know send one on one personal training obviously it’s one coach two one person training in group training. Meridian Gyms It can be anywhere from one coach to five people all the way up to you know 30 people. And so one of the major differences when it comes to the amount of coaches to trainees and why this is beneficial or not beneficial is that you can get a coach to correct more of your reps with a smaller amount of people. This is very similar to what you see in our school system right. So parents are always looking for the teacher to student ratio. So if there was one teacher to one student obviously that student’s going to get a lot of attention. If there’s one teacher to 20 students each of those students is going to get a little bit less attention from that teacher. Right. And so if you’re looking for somebody to really be on you every single rep make sure that every single rep is perfect. That personal training is going to be the best option for you because that one on one environment is going to ensure that all of your apps are getting done correctly and you’re really making sure that that coach is paying attention to what’s going on. You don’t need every rep counted and corrected and quite frankly most of our clients don’t like this then Group Training is going to be a better option for you. You know the biggest thing is that you’re staying safe and you’re eventually doing the movements correctly and a coach can do this depending on how good they are with a small to large group of people. Meridian Gyms And so if you’re looking for less of the ever single rap is corrected and counted then the group training model it’s going to be a better option for you. All right so that’s the difference between you know the coach train E ratio and that’s kind of what you want to look for and decide what it is that you want best. All right the next is the energy in the room. So when you’re doing personal training it’s almost always either in a big box gym you

know where you are one trainer and one person training with all of the other people who are coming to the gym. Right. And so the energy is what it is it’s kind of like a cafeteria type of atmosphere right. There’s people talking the people doing whatever random stuff they’re doing. But you’re working one on one with their trainer. So it’s like a cafeteria energy energy. So it’s busy but it’s not like it’s not like motivating right. Or you could be at a studio you know and usually at the studio it’s just you and the trainer. So you are one on with the trainer and there might be some music in the background but that’s it. So there’s really no energy in the room except for the energy that you and the trainer bring to the space. And usually that’s a pretty low energy. Meridian Gyms And so sometimes that can be hard to work out in you know and there’s no other energy in the room that can be tough. Now when you train with in a group environment like we do a Kvell fitness and nutrition or like you know orange theory or any of these other you know berries boot camp these types of places the energy is specifically designed to ensure that you have motivation energy to do the workout. The music is blaring. You have coaches who are energetic and lively. You have a bunch of other people there who are ready to work out as well. And so there’s an energy of positivity. There’s an energy of let’s get this done. There’s a great energy in the air and so if you’re a person that thrives on energy then in this situation you know when you’re comparing personal 101 personal training with Group Training Group Training is going to win out on that one significantly. Group Training has a much better energy than most personal training studios or personal training sessions. All right so that’s that’s what you look at when you’re looking at you know kind of the energy of the space. Another thing that you can compare the two on is price. So when you’re buying one person’s time you know you’re paying for this person’s hour of time with you are 30 minutes however long the training session is. It’s just you and that person and so you’re going to pay a lot more money per session when it’s just you and one person. So personal training tends to be significantly higher than Group Training Group Training. You know you’re still paying for the person’s time but you’re also sharing that with you know anywhere from five to 30 other people and so you’ll end up paying less money usually pretty significantly. And the coach or the gym will end up making more money. And so it ends up being a win win for you and for the coach. And this is a good situation to be in for both parties right. Meridian Gyms Because you’re going to get fit for a lot cheaper amount of money. And this is going to allow you to stay consistent for a much longer period of time because you’re not going to have to worry about the money situation. And this is good for the trainer or the coach or the gym because they’re going to be able to train you for a longer period of time which increases their revenue over time and ensures that you get better results so that you go out and talk about them to other people and show your results. And so this is a good option for people who are looking to save a little bit of money and don’t mind sharing the expenses you know with a few other close and not close friends. All right. So cost that’s a significant one there. And then you want to look at you know are you a group person. In other words do you like to have other people around you like to have that activity or do you like to work out or be by yourself. You know some people just don’t like working out with other people. They like to do their own deal. You know they’d like somebody to tell them what to do but that’s about it. They don’t want to talk. They don’t want to do any of that stuff. And so you know personal training is a pretty good option for those types of people. Meridian Gyms The type of people that are a little bit more I guess you could say they’re introverted but maybe they just don’t like working out with other people and that’s something that’s understandable. Right. Not everybody likes to work out in that group for net format. Now the way that we do it at kvell fitness nutrition it seems more like a team type of atmosphere than it does like a group fitness class right. And so if you ever played sports it’s more like that. Right. So it’s not like the people that want to talk to each other are talking to each other everyday also just doing their own deal. And then during the workout everybody is working.

So nobody’s really paying much attention to everybody anybody else except for they’re trying to you know help somebody out or if they’re trying to figure out where to go that type of thing. Otherwise you know it’s you can do on your own. But you have the energy there of the group. All right. So that’s a big difference when it comes to personal training versus group training. Now the other thing you are talking about is the type of coach that usually is in personal training versus group training sessions. Now we do it a little different at Covello so we can talk about that in a second but as a general rule personal trainers tend to be a little bit more educated than your group fitness instructors group fitness instructors tend to be a little bit more like a cheerleader. And so the cheerleaders are very good at cheerleading and leading big groups. Whereas the personal trainers are a little bit better at form technique and making sure you’re doing things correctly. Now at Kvell in our Boise gyms and also in our Meridian gyms we combine these two. So we need somebody who is an excellent coach and can correct and make sure that our clients are doing things correctly and who can also lead a large group of people and be very motivating and upbeat. And it’s extremely important for us to have this type of person because this is what we deliver. So again we deliver that large group personal training type of a format and so that our clients get the best of both worlds. Meridian Gyms They’re going to make sure they’re not getting hurt. Make sure they’re doing things correctly and efficiently. And they’re also going to have that cheerleader that motivation that extra umph when they need it. All right. So this is extremely important. Now again that’s not normal in most group fitness classes it’s more of a cheerleader and then in most personal training sessions it’s much more of a technical guy who really can get you down on proper technique and in lifting mechanics. So those are a few of the differences when you’re comparing training to group fitness now really depends on what you’re looking for. And you know you probably should try out a few sessions first. I tried a few sessions with the many different personal trainers. You know look up there will be five different personal trainers in your area and go and travel out. You know most people offer a free session or a free consultation. You know you want to go try it on it’s like a co-op you know try it on for size for field see if you like it see if it’s something that you can wear for a long period of time and then same thing with your group fitness. You want to try out a few group fitness training sessions before you decide on which one you want to do. And now you can decide between group training and personal training and you can also really find the personal trainer that’s going to be the best option for you if you choose to go that route or you’re going to have a good idea of you know what’s out there as far as group training goes and after you’ve done your research and trained a few of these then you can really decide on really what you want to do. Right. And maybe it’s a combination of both. You know we have people who like to do personal training one day a week and then they come and train with us. Meridian Gyms You know three to four other days a week and people do that. Vice versa. You know we have people who go to a personal training four days a week and then they come and work out with us two to three days a week. So you want to find out the right balance for you but you really want to make sure that you find a good fit right. If you don’t find a good fit just like Jack and or a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes you end up not wearing it right. You paid for it and a lot of the times a you know gym memberships or keep paying for it or you’re locked into it. And unfortunately you just don’t wear enough because it just isn’t quite right. You know it may get you results but there’s something about that just doesn’t work for you. And this could be the environment can be the other people. It could be the trainer could be the methodology. It could be any number of things but this is why you want to go try out a bunch of them so that you can decide which one is going to fit the best for you. Right. And that’s the same reason you go and try on shoes right. You try on shoes you make sure they fit you run around in them a little bit to make sure that they’re going to get the job done. You look at them in the mirror.

You want to make sure that your pants you know hang on them correctly. All of these types of things are important when you’re trying on shoes. So why would it be any different when you were looking for something to help you with your fitness. Right. It would. And it’s not. And so you want to make sure that you make that happen. All right. Some other things that you want to think about when you’re talking about fitness is the nutrition side of things and some personal trainers offer nutrition. Some group training programs offer nutrition but you really want to make sure that your you’re handling nutrition one way or another. And so when you’re looking at nutrition you want to figure out if the trainer or the facility that you’re going to is really stuck in their ways or one way or another. You know so a lot of the crossfade gyms are really stuck on patio and Peladeau is the only way that they’re willing to coach you on eating correctly and Paleo is the end all be all of nutrition right. And so the only reason that you would want to do that is if you were already dialed into a PE style of eating. Meridian Gyms And so those personal trainers that believe in those there’s gyms that believe in this you know you want to make sure that whatever type of nutrition they’re trying to shove on you you actually agree with you know another one is some gyms are very vegetarian or vegan based and same thing there if you’re a vegetarian and vegan based or you’re willing to try. Great. You know go try it out. This might be a great fit for you but if you’re not in it probably isn’t the best fit for you. But you do need to make sure that you’re getting a nutrition diet then. And this doesn’t matter if weight loss is your goal if your or if your goals muscle gain or three goals just strictly overall fitness and wellness. Right nutrition is just as important. Probably more important than any exercise program or movement that you’re going to do. So if you’re not getting help from your gym if you’re not getting help from a personal trainer then you better get online and go to Amazon and start finding some books so that you can start learning it yourself. Because there’s probably nothing more important than nutrition right. So when you look at the whole puzzle you want to have you know there’s about a third of it is your fitness or movement. So what are you doing for exercise. What are you doing throughout the day. How are you moving your body. How are you doing your mobility. Are you doing your strength work. Are you doing some cardio work. Are you getting low level activity like walking. You know that’s the fitness component of it. That’s about one third of it. Meridian Gyms Another third is you nutrition. Meridian Gyms You know are you eating for health. Are you eating good healthy nutritious foods. Are you eating predominantly vegetables lean proteins a little bit of fat or are you eating things that are going to get you better and make you feel better. Increase your energy decrease your body fat. Those types of things. So that’s one third of it. And then you’ve got the other third which is your sleep and recovery. So you have to sleep. Right. So when you workout you beat yourself up when you sleep or cover your hormones do what they need to do and your body recovers and it comes back stronger. If you don’t sleep and you don’t do proper recovery then guess what your body is going to come to a screeching halt. Right. So you need those three pieces of the pie in order to have optimum fitness and health. If you live in Boise come out to one of our Boise gyms or if you’re ever out in Meridian cannot term Radian gyms. We’d love to see it. We’d love to help you. Traina and until then get out there and Colleville.