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Hello and welcome to the K podcast My name is Brett Denton and I’m with Coville fitness and nutrition. We have gyms in the Boise area and we also have some Meridian gyms in Idaho. Today we’re going to talk about the most important movements for the human body. And this is for people that are working out can be extremely important. And these are movements that you need to make sure that you master not only for athletic performance but for overall health and vitality. So let’s jump right in and let’s talk about movement number one and these are in no specific order. Right so at our Boise gyms and also at our Meridian gyms you know we utilize all these movements and I wouldn’t say one is more important than the other. Of course out there on the inter web you’re going to see people saying you know this is the one movement that you should do if you were going to do you know in others. But in reality these are all extremely important movement patterns for the human body. And so number one we’re going to talk about squat pattern. And so the squat pattern is your typical squat rate. Meridian Gyms It’s how you get up and down off of a chair you sit on the toilet. Meridian Gyms It’s how you do just about anything that changes elevation right. You bend the knees you drop the hips and you sit down. This is the squat pattern. And it’s extremely important that you are able to do the squat pattern especially as we get older because that allows ourselves to take care of ourself right. If we are not able to stand up and sit down then we are always going to need assistance. And this is where people get into trouble as they get older. Right. They can’t take care of themselves quite simply because they don’t have the strength to be able to move their own body weight around. And so you know you want to make sure that you’re practicing the squat and you’re working those muscles. Now depending on the type of squat you’re doing you’re going to wear different muscles. But if you’re just doing a simple bodyweight squat you’re going to be working predominantly the glutes hamstrings and quads. Now of course there’s a little bit of calf activation in there because you are standing now if you start to add a loaded pattern. Meridian Gyms So if you do a goblet squat in which case you would have a weight out in front of you in what we call a Gobet position or a back squat or front squat then you start pulling in a full body type of movement. And this is typically what we’re going to do once somebody at one of our boys in gyms learns how to properly squat with simple bodyweight squat to start right. So once you know how to do the bodyweight squat and your mechanics are correct then we’re going to add a load to it. Let’s talk about the goblet squat for a second. The goblet squat is very similar to your front squat in which case it really puts an anterior load on the body. Meridian Gyms So in other words you have a weight out in front of you and when you have a weight out in front of you you’re going to have to use the erectors you know. So the spinal erectors so the muscles that help keep you upright to help keep you upright because you have this weight out in front of you and you have to make sure that you’re using that musculature to keep up. So now we have the spinal erectors we have the gluteus we have the quads we have the hamstrings we have the calves and we also have the core musculature into play here as well. And the core is everything really from the neck clear down to the knees. All right. And so really our whole core is engaged when we start to add a loaded movement or a load to our squatting movement. And this is the same with the back squat back squat is less less of a stress on the erectors but there is still some stress there and it can be an enormous stress on the abdominals making sure that you know you keep everything nice and tight and keep the spine nice and lined. Meridian Gyms So that’s the squat pattern. Very important pattern for you to know learn and master. Another thing that people will think about and this is really with all of our movements is mobility. You have to have the proper mobility and the proper strength through the full range of motion to be able to squawk correctly you know outside of the United States you go to some of these other countries specifically your third world countries and people can squat all the way down and that’s actually a resting position for a lot

of Americans to sit down into a squat for that to me a resting position for them would be pure torture. Whereas you know for these people that are very mobile and they use this position a lot. They don’t have chairs to sit in. And so they use the squatting position and this is very healthy and this is something that you should be able to do. So one thing that is recommended is that you you know break up the day and spend about 30 minutes per day in a seated squat position. So you want to be in that deep squat position if you can do 30 minutes all at one time even better. But you want to try and get 30 minutes of a seated squat position as deep as you can go per day to start opening up and get used to see that squat. All right the second movement is what we call the deadlift or a hip hinge. Meridian Gyms Now the hip hinge pattern is basically really glued dominant back dominant and hamstring dominance so we’re hitting the whole post your chain the post your chain is the musculature on the back of your body. Now of course the squat hits this as well. But when you use the hip dominant movement the emphasis in the muscles that are doing the most work are the poster chain. So again we’re going to work the back muscles we’re going to work the glutes we’re going to work the hamstrings. This is a phenomenal movement and you have a ton of power here. What happens with a lot of people when they train themselves is that they don’t work the poster chain. You know they don’t do heavy deadlifts. They don’t do Glute Ham races they don’t do hamstring curls. They don’t do Glute Ham raises you know they don’t do some of these things and so they become imbalanced in their quads and being extremely strong. And the ratio between the quad strength and the hamstring strength is all out of whack which causes all kinds of knee issues and muscle strains and poles and that type of stuff. So you want to make sure that you work in the post your chain and you’re understanding how that hip hinge pattern works. Meridian Gyms Now when you’re dealing with athletes this pattern is extremely important. Athletes move their hips and use their hips for power generation they use their hips to make sure that they can decelerate and accelerate fast and so this is an extremely important pattern for athletes and the stronger they are in this pattern and the better they can do this pattern the better athlete they’re going to be. Meridian Gyms The movements you can do for hip hinges include deadlifts and this can be with a trap bar a dumbbell barbells. It can be with resistance bands and it can be even just body weight stuff. There’s a bunch of different ways to do deadlifts there are different variations of deadlifts you’ve got your regular deadlift you have your trap are deadlift you could do a romanian deadlift also known as a stiff leg deadlift you know staggered Stanstead lift single leg deadlift single leg romanian deadlift you know there’s iteration upon iteration of the deadly movements and so you can just continue to utilise all of these movement patterns to train that post your chain hip hinge movement. Another great movement that you can do for the post your chain and specifically for the glutes is called the hip extension. Now you can do a few variations of this as well. You can do a shoulder elevated hip extension which is going to attack the glutes a little bit more. Make sure you’re feeling it in the glutes and activating the glutes or you can simply do a regular hip extension where you’re laying flat on the ground and pushing your hips into the sky. Now you can add barbells so you can add a weight to this movement right across the hips there to get a little bit more load there. You can also do a heel elevate or foot elevated hip extension right. So you’re you going to put your feet up onto a bench and then hit your hip extension. Meridian Gyms So many different variations to train the hip hinge pattern but this is an often forgotten pattern and it needs to be trained for you to be optimal health and have optimal power generation. The next minute we’re going to talk about is your pushing movements. So you’ve got your vertical push which is pushing overhead and you’ve got your horizontal push which you’re going to be pushing like a push up variation. All right. Or your bench press. Now these movements are things that you’re going to do in everyday life. Right. So pushing overhead or pushing forward we spent a lot of time in this position and most people are pretty tight in this in this muscle group which is predominantly chest and shoulders right. So one thing you want to think about is yes you definitely

want to train this moving pattern but you also need to make sure that you have proper alignment of your shoulders. You don’t cause damage and this is especially true with your overhead pressing your overhead pressing and you are tight in your shoulders and your you’re going to end up with some impingement issues and these impingement issues are going to cause pain in the shoulder and ultimately could lead to surgeries from torn Rotaract rotator cuffs and impingement issues. So you want to make sure that you’re training those in a few movements you can use for overhead pressing are your simple dumbbell press your military press your alternating presses and you can use resistance bands dumbbells kettle bells barbells any type of machine or freeway works here. You can also do what they call a handstand push up. That’s also a vertical pushing move. Meridian Gyms Now one of the best and probably the King movement you can do for horizontal pushing is your simple push up right you master all variations of push ups and you’re going to be very healthy in the chest and even in the back and shoulder girdle if you do them correctly. What happens is a lot of people do them incorrectly and actually cause themselves shoulder issues instead of making sure that their shoulder shoulder is rock solid. And so in order to do a proper push up you want to make sure that your elbows are at a 45 degree or less with your body. You want to make sure that you are actively creating torque with your elbows pulling them into your body. This is going to activate your musculature in your shoulders your back and your chest so that we keep that shoulder girdle nice and strong and healthy. This is extremely important. Now some other movements after you’ve mastered the push up. Highly recommend that you master the push up first. But some other movement after you’ve mastered the push up include your bench press variations. You can go single arm. You can go double arm and you can users distance bands. All right so that is for the pushing movements. Now for your vertical pulling in your horizontal pulling these movements again very similar to your post here your chain deadlifted hip hinge pattern often are neglected and these are things like pull ups inverted rows bent over rows really movement that are working the muscles on your back. The pulling muscles the things you use to pull. Then again you want to make sure that the ratio here is not out of whack. And what happens is a lot of people do a lot of pushing movements so do a lot of push ups they’ll do a lot of bench press but they’ll forget all about the upper back and the lats. And so we want to train those probably even more than we train the pushing patterns because in this day and age we’re stuck at the computer a lot and so we want to make sure that our back is strong in pulling us out of that forward bent over posture that we’re always in when we’re seeing our computer. Meridian Gyms So some great movements in the king of pulling is of course your chin up and pull up variations you want to make sure that you’re getting those dial then and then you want to go horizontal pushing or horizontal pulling just as much if not more than your vertical pushing again to make sure that we’re pulling everything down and back and keeping those hold shoulders healthy and so things here include three point rows inverted rows bent over rows. All good variations there. All right. And then we want to look at our Turkish get ups. So Turkish get ups are a simple movement but are seven steps and they work the entire body and they are in a tremendous exercise to make sure that our body is functioning correctly and as one single unit. And so the simplest way to explain it is this is you laying down and you getting up all the way up to a standing position and then going back down to the supine position and you start out with body weight with this one and then you add weight. But all you have to do is do a simple search on youtube for Turkish get ups and you can learn the entire step in the entire process of that exercise tremendous exercise for you to two to do and to master. Meridian Gyms Now those are the main main movements the basic movements that everybody should learn to know how to do. Now some of these others I highly recommend as well but they are not necessarily the foundational movement patterns but you have your simple farmer carries pharmacare Macarius quite simply pick up two weights and walk with it and you can walk with it in

a hundred different ways. You can walk with them straight by your sides. Overhead one weight two weights there’s all different variations of farmers care. Pharmacare works the entire body. It’s a metabolic exercise as well. So it’s going to increase your metabolism and have your weight that you can do. They’re stronger you’re going to be across your body. Rates can increase your forearm strength can increase your ability to handle the load. And it’s going to jack up your metabolism. So again pharmacare is a tremendous exercise to do and then crawling you know we don’t spend enough time on the ground doing movement patterns these days. You know we’re either sitting down standing up or laying down and sitting down so our wrists get weak. Our ability to support our body weight in different moving patterns becomes nonexistent for a lot of people. So you want us started doing crawling movements. There’s all types crawling movements you know you probably remember a lot of these from your old gym class as you did bear crawls and you know crab walks and those types of things. These are all great things and things we need to continue to do if we want to stay healthy vital and mobile as well as strong enable to move our body in ways that other people can’t. And so I highly recommend you look up animal crawling variations and just start experimenting with and and playing with them. You know you got a bear crawl as your lizard crawl as your monkey crawls your spider crawls your crab walks you know they’re crawling variations go on for days and days and days and they all have their own level of difficulty and nuances and they’re extremely fun to do which is also a benefit and you can do them anywhere. You don’t need a gym you don’t need anything you just need some open space in your body and you can start doing crawls crawls or another good one and then you look at your pillow or variations you know we’re talking about planks. So back planks from plank side plates I’m sure you’ve seen these before heard of these before. These are a base for all the other movements that we’ve talked about. You don’t have a strong pillar position if you don’t have a strong core can’t hold your own bodyweight up for a specific amount of time then you’re gonna have issues doing any of these movements you’re not going to be able to do your hinges because you’re not going to keep your core tight and that’s the same with your squatting movements that are loaded at the same with your pushing overhead movements and your push. You know if you can’t keep a good pillar position if you don’t have the strength to do that you’re not going to be able to do these movements effectively. And so we want to make sure that we have a good strong pillar position first and foremost and then you know you look at your ability to sprinter your ability to run and this is an important ability for you to have right doesn’t mean you need to run all time doesn’t mean he doesn’t mean you need to sprint all the time but you need to have the ability to do it. So it’s good to get out every once in a while and make sure that you know you’re running mechanics are on point and that you can actually run for a significant amount of time and that you can sprint right so you won’t be able to jog Sprint run and walk correctly. Our guys in the main movement patterns that you want to attack and make sure you master and if you have those down and you can do those then you can do just about anything with a little practice and you’re going to be a better athlete you’re going to have a better quality of life. Alright guys get out there and Kimbell.