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Meridian Gyms | Great Quality Services

One of the biggest fads in health and fitness today is body weight training. Now we do a lot of body weight training at our boys home gym and we do a lot of body weight training at our Meridian gyms as well. And so let’s talk about body weight training and why it’s important and why we feel everybody should be doing it and why it’s something that you can do anywhere. And so learning it and understanding it and master it is a good thing to set out to do. So body weight training is tremendous because you’re not putting excessive exterior loads on the body so that when you look at like you’re powerlifting or your body building where you’re putting these you know loads on the body utilizing free weights or machines or whatever it is that you’re using you can put a lot of pressure on the joints and you’re putting excess pressure on the body which is the point of lifting weights in the first place. No. So don’t get me wrong. You want to put resistance on the body to get stronger. Meridian Gyms Putting that extra resistance on the body is going to help increase your lean muscle mass that’s going to help increase your bone density. It’s going to cause a metabolic shift in a good direction is going to get a lot of good things but you also want to have body weight training in there the body weight training stuff is going to ensure that you can use your body the way that your body was designed to be used in all the correct movement patterns and making sure that your joints are healthy and really giving your body a break from lifting heavy loads. So if you’re in the habit of lifting heavyweights I recommend you take one to three months and just start unloading and using body weight. You’re going to figure out how weak your body is in a lot of different areas. A lot of the times when you’re utilizing resistance and exterior resistance like free weights that resistance actually helps you to do things properly. So let’s take the squat for example let’s say you’re doing a heavy back squat Okay so if you’re doing a heavy back squat the weight is going to a lot of the times help you get down into a deep posture when maybe you don’t have the strength or stability or mobility to do that with just your body weight. And so when we take a lot of people who’ve been doing heavy resistance training for a long period of time and we have them do bodyweight movements they actually can’t do the movements correctly because the weights been helping or supporting or pushing them into those movement patterns where they can’t get there on their own. And so there’s a lot of benefit to utilizing body weight movements that’s going to help you in your actual load and movements in the long run. Meridian Gyms So you start out with good simple bodyweight squats. Can you do a bodyweight squat. Can you do it properly. Can you make sure that your feet stay on the ground your chest stays up you’re ripping your knees out. Can you keep that posture in perfect technique all the way through the full range of motion so that would be a good starting point. Right. So start working on your body weight squats and if your body weight squats aren’t where they need to be then the likelihood is you shouldn’t be lifting any weight in your squat movement pattern either. So massive that bodyweight squat first. [00:03:04] Another great body weight movement pattern is the basic push up. Meridian Gyms Now what we see in our voice gyms is most people don’t do push ups correctly. Most people do push ups in a way that is one not helping that or two is actually harming them or is going to end up harming women in the long run. And you can see this when you look at a lot of people who haven’t been properly trained and so what will happen is they’ll get into their push position and right off the bat you’ll see that their plank position is not nice and flat and rigid you’ll see sagging of the hips you’ll see a sagging of the head that the start is not a good starting position for a plank or a push up then from there you’re going to see people who aren’t going all the way down. Right now our boys in gyms and also in our Meridian gyms we have people if they have the range of motion go all the way down touch their chin and touch their chest to the ground. Meridian Gyms Now not everybody has this range of motion in their shoulders and so if they don’t then we’ll just have

them go to about a parallel position with their upper arm. So in other words they’ll go down so that their chest is about elbow height and what you’ll see with a lot of people who do push ups is they don’t get anywhere near that. The upper arm never gets parallel with the ground and you have somebody who’s doing maybe a quarter pushup but not even close to a half pushup or full push up and just making this minor change make sure push ups. Infinitely more difficult and more valuable to you. All right the next thing that you can see on the push up is elbows flaring out. So when people do push ups as a general rule the elbows are going to flare out to the sides. And typically if you let this happen too often or too much there’s a chance that you’re going to injure the shoulders and the last thing we want to do is injured the shoulders on a movement or trying to get them stronger. And when you do the push up properly you want to use the entire shoulder girdle. Meridian Gyms And what I mean by that is you actually want to pull out of the bottom the push up with your lats and you’re wrong. Boids and your separatist interior and all the muscles up your back here you want to get them engaged to make sure that the shoulder joint is locked in tight and then you’re going to finish that push up. Or a combination of that with your pictorials or your chest on your shoulder muscles as well. And so you want to use all as much of the upper body musculature as you possibly can as you do those pushups you’re going to pull yourself up and down out of the pushups and you’re going to push yourself up and down out of the pushups and then you also want to make sure that the is tight the glutes are tight the quads tight and so most people think of the push of an upper body movement. Meridian Gyms It is predominantly but you can work everything if you do it right. Right. So I want to get my quads tight so my legs are straight. I want to make sure that my glutes are tight in my pelvis is rotated up towards my ribcage on to make sure my cords tight and that’s going to make sure that I’m bringing more musculature into that movement which is going to make that movement more valuable to me and I’m get a lot more out of it. So that’s how you want to look at when you’re doing your bodyweight pushups you want to make sure you doing those things correctly. Meridian Gyms Number one so you reduce the risk of injury. And number twos you’re getting the most bang for your buck out of that move. Now another movement that you can do that’s a body weight style movement is your pull up or your chin up tremendous pulling movement. Now here’s the problem with pull ups and chin ups. Number one most people can’t do them. And number two for people who are already in a kind of hunched over posture on the pull ups are actually going to make those worse because it tightens a lot and by tightening lads a lot of the times that’ll make the shoulders curve over and cave in. And so we want to be a little bit careful with chin ups but chin up some pull ups or something that you definitely want to be able to do right you should be able to pull your body weight up. And if he can’t pull your body weight up then we have the major issue when it comes to your body to weight strength ratio. Meridian Gyms Now when we’re doing pull ups we want to make sure that we build up to then because again most people can’t do them properly and there’s some good progressions online to recommend just do a quick Internet search on how to do your first pull up and you’ll find some good progressions to work up to have that strength. But I can tell you by far and away the best way to increase your pull ups is simply by losing weight. And this is really true for all of these bodyweight movements. Right. So you going to be able to do more pushups if you lose weight your chin ups and pull ups will be easier if you lose weight even your squats are going to be easier if you lose weight. [00:07:43] So if you’re overweight it all worked on losing weight as you work on the strength for all these movements. So chin up some pullups great movement to do great body weight movement. Granted you need to have a chin up bar some type of bar that you can pull on but it is well worth the

investment doesn’t cost very much to get on and it’s a tremendous tool to use. You can even start using you know gymnastics rings which is actually even better for your joints and harder. It causes you to increase your stability and you have to control your body a little bit better when you’re using something like gymnastics rings or a jungle gym or a TIAR x. And then the other movement that you want to do which is also pulling movement which is extremely beneficial and one that people do not do enough of and this is your inverted wrote so you’re inverted row is a horizontal rowing pattern. Now this horizontal rowing pattern is going to help strengthen your back so that you start pulling your shoulders back into proper posture. Extremely important movement that people don’t do enough of what you’ll see in the weight room or in the gym when most people are doing horizontal pulling or going to be bent over rows your one arm rows and these types of movements. These are also a lot of machines have these. The rowing machines and these are phenomenal movements to do to develop size and strength in the back. OK. But it’s also going to make sure that you have healthy balance between the chest and the back which is going to help keep your shoulders healthier. All right. So with an inverted row again you can do these on a bar. The bar has to be lower because obviously you’re going to have your feet on the ground. You’re going to be as horizontal as you can but you can also do these with the TR axe straps or jungle gym strap or something along these lines. A good tool to have. Now that we’re on the subject for body weight training is going to be a T-Rex or a jungle gym. These are phenomenal tools as long as you have a place to hang them. There is a ton of stuff that you can do with them both upper body and lower body. You can get a full body workout in with these tools and they are a tremendous tool to take with you either on the road or at your house. So highly recommend you invest in those. You know there are 100 200 dollars well worth it and you’ll get your money’s worth. So inverted rows are another great body move that we do at our boys in gyms and in our Meridian gyms to ensure that people are getting proper polling strength. Now another one is going to be your lunges or single leg variation. So you have lunges you have your foot elevated squats you have your single leg deadlifts. There’s a lot of movements that you can do here and they are very challenging especially because you’re just going to be using predominantly one leg right. And there’s endless progressions of these. Meridian Gyms One of the hardest being a single leg squat or what we call a pistol squat and if you can do pistol squats with body weight you are well well balanced and very strong and your single leg movement patterns. This is a tremendous feat for most people to accomplish. All right. So when we’re working on our lunging patterns same thing here we want to make sure that we’re doing them correctly. One of the biggest things that we see in our boys in gyms and also our Meridian gyms when it comes to single leg movements is people’s knees caving in towards the center. Now we don’t want to see that because this ends up wearing on the knee and causing knee issues in the long run. And so what you want to concentrate on when you’re working on these movements is really making sure that we’re creating a torque and pulling the knee out to the side and so you almost want to think of it like you’re trying to screw your foot into the ground towards the right. Right so I’m going to screw my foot into the ground towards my right that’s going to activate my glutes and that’s going to pull my leg out it’s going to activate the abductor muscles and it’s going to share that I have my knee lined up where it needs to be. Right now we don’t want our knee necessarily outside of our ankle posture but we definitely don’t want it caving in which is the natural inclination when we don’t have the strength there. And so by counteracting that by creating an outward torque that lines the knee up you know

where it needs to be right over the foot facing straight forward. So this is a big one that seeing. Another big thing that we see with lunging patterns is people’s chest start to fall over. Right. So and most lunging patterns were on a drop straight down into that front heel. We want to keep our chest up nice and proud. This is an important thing to to make sure that we’re doing to relieve any pressure on the knee and getting the full weight of the body. So a lot of times what happens is you know lean over which takes the weight off of the muscles that you’re working. All right. So single patterns are extremely beneficial for a lot of different reasons balance strength mobility flexibility and symmetry. OK so again I recommend just do a quick Google Internet search for body weight training single leg movements and there’s countless iterations and variations of them. You can pretty much never get tired of them and they’re all extremely challenging. OK. Another movement that you can do as the Turkish. Get up now the Turkish get up can be done with weight of course but you want to learn how to do it without weight. This is what is called The Naked naked Turkish. Get up the naked Turkish get up is quite simply you lay on the ground. And then there’s seven movements or seven steps to it and you lay on the ground to start in the middle of it you’ll be standing all the way up and then at the very end you’ll be back down on the ground. So it’s an advanced complex movement but anybody can do it. And it’s a great movement because you work almost everything in the body and you’re going to work mobility you’re going to work stability you’re going to work strength you’re going to work conditioning. So tremendous movement to do any good you can do it anywhere you don’t need equipment you don’t need anything but your body to get it done. And as you age it actually is going to help you get up off the ground. So it’s going to ensure that you have that ability and teaches you how to do that as you age and as you know maybe you’re not as agile as you once were. So again the turkish get up I would highly recommend that you start doing that and all you have to do again is a quick Internet search and you will find plenty of demonstrations on the Turkish get up. All right another good upper body body weight training exercise that we don’t do enough at either our boys gyms or our Meridian gyms is the simple dip and the dip is a movement that is extremely challenging for most people. And the problem with the dip is you have to have a dip bar you have to have a set up that’s going to work for you properly but if you do or if you’re going to a gym and you have a dip bar set up depths are going to add a lot of strength upper body strength and a lot of lean mass to people who do them correctly and do them consistently. And so one thing here you just got to be careful that you keep in the shoulders tucked back nice and tight squeeze them together as you’re going into that dip and you also want to make sure that you’re not going further than your mobility allows you so you don’t end up injuring your shoulders there. So those are some really good bodyweight exercises and the last one that we’ll finish with here is jumping movements jumping movements are a tremendous way to build power and strength in your legs. And it’s going to teach you the ability to apply force into the ground and then turn into explosive power so you can do broad jumps you can do squat jumps you can do lunge jumps all types of jumping movements box jumps. There’s all types of jumping move and of going to increase your explosiveness and your power. And these are tremendous bodyweight movements to do if you’re ever in Idaho and you swing through Boise come out to one of our boys Boise jeans. We’d love to Meija. And if you’re ever in Meridian come out to one of our Meridian gyms.