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Meridian Gyms | Best of the best

This is Brett Denton with Cavell fitness and nutrition Boise gyms in Meridian gyms. Today we’re going to talk about the different types of training methodologies and what is going to be the best option for you as somebody who wants to get in shape lose weight or training for a specific sport. There are many different methods of training out there. But today we’re going to talk about what you might be seeing out there termed as group training or exercise classes or personal training or semi-private training or distance training. Some of the other things might be like your cardio X or cycling. There’s a bunch of different types of training out there and so today we’re going to dig into those types of training so that you understand what the best option is for you. All right. So let’s dig right in here and let’s start with personal training. Personal Training is the one that most people understand the best and it is the one that is probably going to be the easiest to describe but it is only for a small amount of people. Meridian Gyms And so when you talk about personal training personal training can be a one on one training or it can be what we call some private training. Typically people who are doing personal training it’s one on one training. Meridian Gyms And so it’s going to be one trainer to one client. And so with one on one training you’re going to a lot of direct attention. This is where your training is going to count every single rep. They’re going to make sure that every single rep is done correctly. They’re typically going to be the ones writing your programs and helping you out with any nutritional stuff. If nutrition is included in the personal training package sometimes nutrition is a separate program in a separate package and not all personal trainers are experts in nutrition. But that depends on the personal trainer. So again personal training is one on one you’re going to be working with a personal trainer or coach who’s going to take you through your workout. This is one of the methodologies that has been around probably for the longest amount of time when it comes to the fitness industry and people paying coaches. And this is great for people who need really specific attention and they need somebody to be watching every single rep. Now this could be just a personality thing like you want to work one on one with somebody. Meridian Gyms Or it could be somebody who has physical issues that forced them to need somebody to really pay attention to their technique and form and spend that amount of attention on them. Now this is a lot of time what a physical therapist is for but a physical therapist is for getting people healthy whereas once they get to a functional state the physical therapist no longer needs to see them anymore. But they may not be ready for something like a large group training session or something more or less monitored. Meridian Gyms And so this be a good place for a personal trainer. The older we get the more likely it is that we need a personal trainer because as we get older we have more and more issues. And so the more issues that we have with our joints you know be at a knee shoulder back than the more specific attention that we need in the more specific attention that we need. From a personal trainer and a personal trainer is going to be able to adapt and modify movements in a one on one format a lot better than they’re going to be able to do it in a group type of format. So that personal training so personal training would be for you if you are in need of some buddy to watch over every single rep. And sure that you’re doing everything perfectly and really make sure that they’re modifying movements to specifically fit you and your needs. Meridian Gyms        This is what personal training is for. It also is going to cost more money because again it’s one coach to one client. And so is going to cost you more money because you’re going to have to pay for that entire coach’s fee. And so make sure that you take that into consideration. All right. Now the next type which would be the kind of the next level up. Less attention but sometimes a little bit more motivation because you have a group atmosphere and that’s semi-private training or small group training semi-private training differs from coach to coach the way that we do it at Cavell fitness and nutrition at our Boise gyms and in our meridian gyms is we do semi-private

meaning you get your own personalized program but you’re going to be working out with anywhere from two to three maybe four other people. All right so it’s one coach up to four other people in that training session. But you do have a customized personalized program so we call our semi-private personal training because it’s still personal training. It’s just not one on one training. And so this is great for you if you don’t need a coach to watch every single rep but you also need a coach who’s really going to teach you the technique so that you can handle the technique on your own without the watchful eye of a coach. And so this is important to understand. You have to make sure that the coach doing semi-private training is a good coach and they’re making sure that they’re checking on you and teaching you the proper mechanics and the proper technique on the movements. Meridian Gyms This is great for you if you enjoy working out in a group atmosphere but not a huge group which is also great for you if you want a personalized program that specifically matched to you your needs and your strength levels. But you don’t want to pay for something like one on one training. This is also good for you if you want to save some money but you want to get pretty close to personal training or one on one training because typically with your semi-private training or your small group training you’re not going to pay as much money because you don’t have to take that entire coaches hour just for yourself. You know you’re going to be working out with anywhere from one other person up to three other people. And so usually that cost is split amongst those people so you can get a significantly reduced rate for that training session. And so this is great for a lot of people because really you’re getting the best of both worlds with that. And then the next step up from semi-private training is going to be your larger training. And so a large group training is going to be you know again this depends on the on the coach and who’s who the personal trainer is. But it’s going to be large groups anywhere from you know five people up to you know 80 people just depending on the training session. And so you want to be really careful with these larger training sessions. This is you know the term boot camp came from these large group training sessions where they basically just take people through a whole bunch of movements without much coaching just a lot of cheerleading. You know so you got a coach yelling at you but you’re not really doing things correctly you’re just doing things at a high intensity. And this is a recipe for disaster. And this is where people get into issues. You may also see this in things like CrossFit at gyms like Orme’s theory or some these other gyms popping up these days that are doing these high intensity movements probably for a lot of people who shouldn’t actually be doing these movements and this is where injury happens. And this is the last thing that we want it. Fitness and nutrition. Meridian Gyms And so what we do in our large group training sessions is we Kaplan So we won’t go any higher than 30 people in a session and we want to make sure that everybody is getting coached and everybody’s getting a program that’s customized to them as much as we can in a large group session. So really our goal is personal training for a large group. And so in every single workout we have a level 1 movement a level 2 movement and a level 3 movement and having these varying levels of movements allows everybody from an 80 year old who has never worked out before all the way up to a Navy SEAL workout in the same exact workout and still get a great workout for themselves. And it’s our coaches job to ensure that you know even if the level 3 isn’t difficult enough that they modify that and make it more difficult for somebody. Or if the level one isn’t quite easy enough for somebody then they’re going to modify that movement and make sure that they get something that somebody can start with because it’s Argel to start where you’re at. It’s not to force you to do something that you can’t actually do with proper form and proper technique. This is how people get discouraged. This is how people get injured and this is why so many people go to a gym once or twice and then they never go back because it’s a terrible experience. And so we want to make sure that the experience at kvell fitness and nutrition at either our boys jams or our meridian gyms is one that people enjoy. And yeah it’s going to be tough it’s going to be difficult. They’re going to be making their body move in a way

that it maybe has never moved before but at least they’re going to understand that they’re safe and they’re in a place that’s going to support them and that we’re going to meet them where they are and then we’ll take them up from there. Right. So we’ll meet them where they are today whether that be just a simple assisted squat or a you know 200 pound backs what we’re going to meet them where they are and they’re going to take them up slowly but surely over time increasing their fitness increasing their mobility and increasing their strength. And this is the important thing that you have to watch for when you’re looking at large group training sessions just throwing you on a treadmill or making you run a whole bunch or having to do 1000 pushups that aren’t done correctly is not a proper training session and it’s going to end up having you injured or at least not getting results for the long term. Here’s another thing that you have to remember about any program is they all work for about six weeks and they all worked for about six weeks because you haven’t been doing them right. You’ve either been doing nothing or you’ve been doing something different. And so every time you change from doing one thing to something that’s different you’re going to see some type of result. Right. So whether that’s an increase in strength decrease in body fat or just overall increase in energy or soreness whatever it may be you’re going to see that within the first six weeks. But the true test of a program is does it continue to get you results after that six weeks. And further on. Right. You’ve got to find a program that’s going to get you results on for the long term not just after six weeks. And so whatever program you start with understand that you’re going to get results for six weeks and then typically it’s going to plateau out unless you have a well-designed program that’s really going to focus on making sure you’re getting long term results and is a program that is programmed for long term results. This is extremely important to remember. Meridian Gyms So those are the three main types of training that you’re going to hear about in most gyms these days. So again you either got your personal training which is can be one on one or semi-private but one on one is going to be a little bit more expensive a little more pricey and you’re going to get more attention for that right because you’re buying that coaches time. So you get him just for you for an hour. And the second type of training is going to be your semi-private or small group training model. And for most personal trainers this is still a customized plan for you or at least it is for us in our Boise gyms Cavell fitness and nutrition. It’s a personal program for you. But you work it out with a group of people. Now this is a small group of people and you aren’t doing the same program you’re all doing your own individual program but you are working out at the same time with one coach and this is anywhere from you know two people up to four people working out at the same time and the coaches is just going back and forth between everybody to ensure everybody’s doing their movements correctly and answering any questions that they have. So that’s your semi-private or small group training and then you have your large group trained and large your training is really where people get into trouble and where people get injured and where programs are getting run that are not that healthy for people. And this is where it can be you know anywhere from you know five to 10 people all the way up to you know 30 to 60 to who knows how many people some people are running out there and their fitness bootcamps. Meridian Gyms And this is just one place where you got to be very careful. Now this is going to be a much lower rate. So we’re not going to cost you as much money which is why so many people want to do it. But it also has to do but the quality is usually not as good either. Right. Because you’re going to have you know one coach with you know 60 people and obviously there’s not a lot of coaching going on when it’s one coach to 60 people. And so you just got to be careful what you’re doing where you’re going and just make sure that you do your due diligence to make sure that the person that you’re going to is really somebody who is going to correct you and make sure they’re meeting you where you are now when you talk about a lot of the other types of training sessions or types of training modalities you know you got Jazzercise you got on the dance one. Well a whole bunch of dance lessons at this point. You’ve got

your pure bar. You’ve got your things like CrossFit. You’ve got your high intensity training sessions you’ve got your cycling you know that soul cycle out there’s all kinds of cycling classes out there now. And these are all great and these are all much more cardio based for the most part. Cross fit isn’t really it’s a strength based one but most of these other ones are Zuba. That’s the dance of the other dance one you know these are all cardio based which is great. So these are good to get in. So you know if you want to make some cardio in there these are all good ones to do but you really want to make sure that you have at least two days a week of strength training some type of resistance strength training that structured. And that’s getting you stronger progressively. And then throw your cardio in there for a little extra you know fat burning calorie burning and cardiovascular health. Meridian Gyms So really that’s what you want to do when you’re looking at getting in shape and getting fit and losing weight. Get some cardio action going. And then for sure get some resistance training of some sort going on and resistance training at least when you’re starting out it’s best to go to somebody who knows what they’re doing who could help you do things correctly. Otherwise there’s a chance that you’re going to get injured and could get hurt if you go out there and start doing things that you don’t know how to do with a load on your back or carrying some type of weight. There’s a good chance you’re going to get hurt or at minimum you’re not going to get the best results. Right. And if you’re going to put in the time to do the work you might as well hire somebody so that you do things correctly so that you’re getting the optimal result possible. Right. And so that’s what you want to look at when you’re looking at fitness training and you look at it getting in shape. Meridian Gyms It’s extremely valuable to hire a coach to get somebody who knows what they’re doing whether this be a personal trainer or just a coach who really knows how to ensure that you’re doing things properly. This is Brett Denton and you can come out to one of our kvell fitness and nutrition gyms. Either one of our Boise gyms or you can come out to whatever I’m ready and gyms in Idaho and you could visit us or learn more about us online at. W w w dot Cavell fit dot com. We love to answer any questions that you have on health fitness nutrition personal training. Bootcamps anything that you could possibly have a question on when it comes to health and fitness. We’re here to help you. Just pop on our Web site there. She does a quick e-mail and will be happy to answer it for you. And until next time. Get out there and K-Ville.