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Meridian Gyms | Amazing Workouts

Meridian Gyms | Amazing Workouts

Hello this is Brett Denton with Cvell fitness and fitness. We are moon of the many Boise gyms and we are also out in the meridian area with our Meridian gyms as well. And I’m here today to talk about the 10 keys to success in fitness weight loss and health. Now there are many more than ten but to them to cover the 10 the most important. Meridian Gyms Let’s start off with the one of the most important which is patience something that appears nobody has these days. You have to have patience with your health fitness and weight loss. Otherwise what’s going to happen is you’re going to get defeated and you’re going to stop. Meridian Gyms And so patience is so vital to understanding how to get somewhere that if you don’t have patience you might as well not even start when it comes to changing your body or getting in shape. If you look at most people who have reached the elite level of fitness or health you have to understand how many years it took them to get there. Most of them it took many years of building a foundation and then continuing to build on that foundation for 10 20 30 40 years. Elite athletes have been playing the sport most of their life. Your super fit people have been doing some kind of athletic or fitness adventure for most of their life. So don’t expect to all of sudden work out five days in a row and be a superset fit fitness model right. You have to put in time and you have to have patience. Nothing in weight loss or fitness comes rapidly. Now everything is of course relative. But you have to understand that that relativity can work against you many times. So in other words if it took you 30 years to get out of shape you’re not going to get in shape in seven days. All right. You might get in shape in three years. Meridian Gyms And that’s pretty good when you’re going three years for 30 years of misbehavior but you’re not going to get in shape overnight. And so patience is number one. Number two daily habits daily habits is what you want to focus on. It’s not about what you do one day or one week or one month it’s what you do every single day day in and day out. Right. So are you drinking the right amount of water day in and day out the right amount of water is about 50 percent of your body weight ounces. If you weighed 200 pounds you Andri about 100 ounces a day. Now if you’re active you want to drink about 70 to 60 to 70 percent of your body weight. And are you eating the correct foods when you sit down to eat. Are you eating lots of vegetables fruits lean meats lean proteins and a little bit of fat. Are you eating healthy carbohydrates carbohydrates that are rich in fiber and have not been overly processed. Right. Day in and day out. Are you doing these things. Are you over eating day in and day out. You know a lot of people talk about this thing called balance well if you’ve been out of balance most of your life then you’re going to have to swing the pendulum the other way and be out of balance. The exact opposite direction for a significant amount of time in order for you to get back to balance. And then once you’re back to balance then okay great. We can maintain the status quo and we can stay in balance. Are you exercising or are you getting some kind of movement on a daily basis. Right. Are you sleeping well on a daily basis. So every 24 hour period are you getting somewhere between seven and nine hours of sleep. Meridian Gyms Are you recovering and recuperating correctly. You know the things that you do every single day for the long run they’re going to make the difference. And if you look back over your life this is what has landed you where you are today. Look at your habits actions and behaviors over the past five 10 15 20 30 years of your life those habits are what have led you to the place that you are now right. Día leave work early. Meridian Gyms Get to work on time. Are you always skimping or are you always trying to take shortcuts. Are you eating crappy food most of the time or are you not exercising very often or very

consistently. These are all things that you have to think about. And this doesn’t matter if you’re going to one of our Boise gyms. One of our Meridian gyms or really any other gym or not a gym at all. You have to do these daily habits in order to get in shape so that’s number two daily habits focus on your daily habits. Number two is you want to make small changes over time. So again let’s say you are 30 years old and you’ve been doing whatever you’ve been doing for the past 30 years. Those are pretty deeply ingrained habits your habits actions and behaviors are not going to change overnight because all of a sudden you decided that you need to get healthy and this is why you see so many people struggling with actually transforming their habits actions behaviors in the long run because they don’t put enough time and patience into it in order to change it and they to change everything overnight. And they make too drastic of a change. And if you make too drastic of a change your body is going to put on the brakes and it’s going to fight tooth and nail to ensure that it sticks with its old habits your body your brain likes those old habits it’s been doing those old habits for a long time. Meridian Gyms It’s easy to do those old habits and it doesn’t want to change. You’re the only one that wants to change. And so you’re fighting an uphill battle here. And so you know how to make a really small change. And that really small change over and over and over again until it’s mastered and then when it’s mastered then you add another small change. So again this is where patience comes into play. You’re not going to change your entire nutrition the entire way of eating overnight. You’re not going to change from going to never working out to working out every single day. You’re not going to change from no drinking no water to drinking all the water you should be drinking overnight and you’re sure as heck not going to change all of these things in one fell swoop. All right to pick whatever is going to be the easiest thing for you to change and make sure that it’s super tiny. There was a good example given by B.J. Fogg who is a lead researcher when it comes to habits and he says if you’re going to floss your teeth and you haven’t been flossing your teeth start with just one tooth. Commit to flossing one tooth every single day. Meridian Gyms And if you commit to flossing one tooth every single day it’s so minute and so easy and so little that you almost can’t not do it right. The human brain is like just wired to do it because it’ll feel guilty if it just doesn’t do that one thing and then you master that. And guess what. Sometimes you’ve got all the teeth because you’re already doing the one but you’ve got to convince yourself to do that find tiny first step. So again you got to work on small changes first. And you got to pay attention to detail. You know one of the issues we see it our boys the gyms and our Meridian gyms is parents who nibble on their kids food. All right the kid doesn’t finish their food so they decide to finish it or when they’re kicking cooking their children food they eat and nibble as they’re doing it. And that adds a lot of extra food to your plate right. That adds a lot of extra food and a lot of extra calories to your daily intake. And most people aren’t active enough to burn those calories off. So you got to pay attention to the details. You got to understand that when you’re working out you need to workout properly and effectively need a higher coach to make sure that they’re writing a program for you and that they know what they’re doing so that you know what you’re doing. You pay attention to those little single all those little details and if you’re just 1 percent better in all the details over the period of a year that’s 365 percent better that’s probably better improvement than you’ve seen in your tire life. All right. So just start paying attention to the detail. Start looking at the details instead of you know taking that one minute rest because you’re tired but you’re programmed to work out for one more minute workout for one more minute. You do that over the course of a year. And again this 365 minutes of working out that you would have missed on otherwise. So again pay attention to the details. Look at the small things understand the small

things make an enormous difference when it comes to getting you long term results. Next you got a rest. Right you’ve got to understand that rest is a important part of fitness. You got to rest recover and recuperate. And this is especially true the harder your workouts are and the harder you are pushing your body your body can only push so far until it needs a break and needs a rest. And this can be seen when you go out and you do sprints right. You can only sprint for a certain amount of time. In other words you can only go as hard as you possibly can go for a certain amount of time until your body says stop and it just physically cannot go any further and it needs rest. Well this is true in every single aspect of our life right. It’s true and work. It’s true and exercise. It’s true with our mental and emotional capacity. So the harder you go the more you need to rest and the harder you go the less amount of time you’ll be able to go at that intensity. Right. So you can see this again. Let’s talk about running because it’s easy to talk about. So you’ve got your marathon runner who yes they’re running fast. They’re going to get a good pace but they’re not running anywhere as fast or at the intensity level of a sprinter. Your marathon runner can run a lot longer distance than your sprinter but your sprinter is going to get somewhere a lot faster for a short period of time. But it goes for a short period of time because there’s no way that the sprinter can run a marathon at a sprinter pace so they have to rest. So again this can be seen in every area of your life. The harder you go the short amount of time you’re going to be able to go and the more rested and indeed the lighter you go or at a more moderate pace the longer you’re going to be able to go but the less you’re going to accomplish and the amount of time. And then of course you still need rest eventually. So the rest is important and then you want to do proper use of the proper tools. So you want to make sure that you’re using tools that are really helping you out and you using those tools properly. Exercise is one of those tools. There are so many different ways to exercise but you have to figure out which ones suits you and your goals and your needs the most. And then you have to do it properly. You know do you need high intensity training. Do you need lifting. Do you need to use Ganser or cardio. What type of physical training is going to be optimal for you and what you’re trying to accomplish with your health fitness and wellbeing. And then once you decide which one it is now you’ve got to make sure that you using that tool correctly. Let’s just take high intensity training as an example. If you do high intensity training every single day at the highest possible intensity you can you’re going to burn out. So it might be the proper tool but you’re not using it properly. Well take a look at weightlifting if you’re trying to get strong and you decide to lift your entire body. Every single day at max capacity you’re going to burn out. So again you’re using the proper tool but you’re using it in properly. So you got to make sure you’re using the right tools using the way that should be used. So in Number Six proper use of the proper tools. Now number seven is mindset you’ve got to make sure that you have some mental toughness when it comes to body transformation or life transformation in general if your mind is not ready for a battle if your mind is not ready to toss aside your brain telling you not to do something if you’re not ready to stand up to your own thoughts then you’re not ready and you’re not going to accomplish results. This is extremely important you have to have a mindset of you’re going to battle and you’re going to win. And nothing can get in your way and nothing’s going to stop you and nothing can bother you. And in the end nothing really matters and you’ve got to stop making things mean anything right. So for an exam when you go out to eat or you go over to a friend’s house and they serve something that’s not going to fit with what you’re trying to do with your body. You have to have the mental fortitude to say no thanks. But I appreciate the offer. I’m not hungry right now. Instead of just eating whatever they fixed and it didn’t work for you. Or let’s say you go ahead and eat it because you’re being polite. You have to have the mental fortitude to make up for that the next day by adjusting the nutritional properties of your next day’s meals. Right. So you’ve got to be mentally prepared and you have to be ready for change. And if you’re not there’s no way that you’re

going to have success when it comes to body transformation health fitness and well-being the next thing is time you. Everything takes time. Right and especially when you change your body or transform your habits actions and behaviors takes time. So you might be doing everything perfectly but doing everything perfectly for one day isn’t going to magically transform you into a purple unicorn. Doing everything perfectly for a year is a really good start. Doing everything perfectly for five years. Now you get in there doing everything perfect for 10 20 50 100 years. Meridian Gyms All right now we’re talking now you started to become a new person. And so you have to give it time though. And so you have to start doing those habits actions and behaviors before the results start showing up and then you just gotta let time do its work. Things take time and you have to understand that that goes along a little bit with the patients part of things. Next is effort you have to put effort forth. All right. Changing your habits is not an easy thing. So you’re going to have to put effort forth day in and day out. You’re going to have to work hard when you get to the gym. You’re going to have to work hard on your nutrition. You’re going to have to work hard on getting enough sleep. You’re going to have to work hard on making sure that you’re recovering and resting properly. None of these things were easy because if they’re easy everybody would be optimally healthy everybody would be happy and everybody be rich and if you look around for two seconds you can understand that that is not the case. And so you’ve got to put effort in and you’ve got to understand that it takes effort time and patience. And lastly and maybe one of the most important factors of all of this is your environment because your environment is going to help you with all the other nine properties that we talked about today. Meridian Gyms You have to set up the proper environment to ensure your success. Right. So you got to hang around people that you want to be with. You got to hang around people that you want to emulate. You got to hang around people that are already doing the things that you want to be doing. You got to change your kitchen environment your office environment and get any foods or temptations out of there. You’ve got to make sure that you have a gym or some way to work out close by. You got to make sure that you optimize your environment for the results that you’re wanting. Right. If you’re a fish out of water you’re not going to do very good. Yet if you’re a fish in water and it’s dirty you’re not going to do very good. Now if you’re fish and clean water. All right now we’re talking. And now we’re going to thrive. All right. So get out there and start optimizing your environment. Use these 10 things to ensure that you have optimal success when it comes to your fitness whether you be in one of our Boise gyms or one of our Meridian gyms or even just doing it on your own. Get out there today and let’s Cavell.