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Hailey Smith Client Success Interview | Boise Gym



[00:00:01] Hello everybody this is Brett with Kvell Fitness and Nutrition here with one of our amazing boise gym clients Haley Smith and she’s going to talk a little bit today about the experience that she’s had and how she’s been successful in hopes to you know kind of helps very long motivate you hopefully relate with you a little bit and let you know that you know somebody has been in your shoes before. And they have been successful so I’m highly welcome to the call. Thank you. And I appreciate you being here. I appreciate your time today. You just kind of get a just a brief background kind of you know who you are where you came from and just kind of let people know a little bit about you.


[00:00:48] OK sure. And I am 32 and I work as a tax manager for a corporation over federal and financial reporting compliance. I am originally from Blackfoot Idaho. The name is to be just over 11 years ago when I moved here during my undergraduate schooling.


[00:01:20] For Gingrich so that this job probably is a pretty boise gym business.


[00:01:25] It sure does. Yeah there is. And a lot of stressful deadlines and a lot of hours at the computer sitting down.


[00:01:36] I can only imagine. So family for what’s what’s going on your outside work life.


[00:01:44] Yeah. And I have a boyfriend and I have some family that lives here in town. I’m just an aunt and uncle and yeah lots of friends and a dog can yeah. I like to stay active at the boise gym and enjoy the different things that we see has to offer. Great.


[00:02:09] So what you know again I just kind of tried to get that picture. And this is so you know you’ve got to work you’ve got your family your boyfriend your dog you are pulling in and requesting your time. But do you ever have time to do anything fun or any hobbies or anything like that.


[00:02:25] Yeah. And this. Place last. I don’t know maybe six seven months has been really stressful. But I do try to make sure you know these things.


[00:02:44] And if if they’re planned you know it’s travel or you know go to dinner with friends or go for a bike ride. So I do try to get fun things in and go to the boise gym.


[00:03:04] The reason I want to hit on that is that a lot of people you know they struggle with time especially when it comes to fitting in you know work and outside work things that they want to accomplish with them. How do you fit in the exercise and eating well. I think you’ve done a good job of balancing those two and we’ll get into that a little bit later. But I wanted to make sure that everybody knows that this isn’t just I mean you are an extremely busy person and you were able to make it work. So I will make sure we get that across. So let me just ask you I know you have been at you know you’ve trained with us though I want to say it was maybe even two to two or three years.


[00:03:43] Is that right. Yeah that’s right. I did I I train to you and I think it was shortly after he first opened. And I train this group of coworkers that we would walk over at lunch time and the other with a lot of days and I didn’t want to go into that time and. It was it was looking back and you know part of the reason they did come back and. That part was really really helpful. And after I laugh. And I think I’ll probably talk more about this. But I mean I’ve tried a number of different gyms and different personal trainers. And there’s a definite reason of you know why I wanted to come back in and there’s a reason why I’ve received a result at your gym and with your training.


[00:04:43] Great. Yeah that’s definitely what will jump into that here in a second. But before we do that I definitely want to talk to you about the importance of you know having that you know the coworkers who also work out and kind of have an environment to race making successful out. How much do you think that played into you know you actually achieving the results you’re after.


[00:05:04] Yeah. I it honestly was huge for me. And even these same coworkers that I went worked out with at a boise gym. It’s not like I’m you know we’ve had. Relationships outside of work I guess you know doing things all you know it’s not it hasn’t been a continuous thing that’s been kind of new for us to go work out together. And it was very supportive just if one of us was kind of filling up or down or a question about something we could kind of bounce off each other and then also. And the fact that you know don’t come in the office and in the past I don’t think so. Oh sure. They’re just bringing them when I’m trying to diet. Are you trying to sabotage me. I’m fighting kind of knowing Bill. I know that he’s not having one. No sir. Not having one and it’s ok. I don’t have one. And so yeah it was it was helpful and just yet days I didn’t want to work out and they would come to my desk and get me. It I didn’t really have a choice. And then I was much happier after Yeah.


[00:06:16] I mean I just really want to make sure that point doesn’t get lost on anybody because the more people that you can to have that are in your immediate vicinity they’re going to help you or you’re going to help them the. Of all I ever was going to be. So I think that that point needs to be brought out. So tell me you know why did you come back to us and what it was that made you know kind of what were you struggling with what you try what was. You know what’s the story behind all that, you boise gym client.


[00:06:45] Yeah. Yeah. I guess part of the reason the initial reason I came back. You know all my coworkers that have continued to go have or received great results and.


[00:07:06] You know after after leaving I mean I have I’ve gone to multiple personal trainers and I enjoy working now and I just nothing is really ever work. And I already belong to two different gyms before this. I think just I know that and from in the past of working with you and I guess I kind of feel like there I always make excuses to myself. And I know that. I know I guess of what I was able to do and I would never I would never accomplishing it. And I guess kind of that no excuse or no nonsense of getting down to why I was doing the things I was doing. And also as for that fall I needed I needed somebody to keep me accountable and I needed help on the nutrition side. And then.


[00:08:18] The workout I’ve always enjoyed the workout at your boise gym. And there’s you know great flexibility with times if I couldn’t come at noon and I could come later. So I guess I kind of maybe summed up or give this summary of. So


[00:08:37] that’s a very interesting point in there that I kind of pull out of that and you know it’s funny because the the exercise part of it was the last piece that you sat in you know I would like to think that our programs are fairly advanced compared to a lot of people even even when you consider personal trainers in there. But I also want to stress that. You can get to work out almost anywhere you can get a workout you can go online and you can download workouts you can. Find work out programs or a boise gym you can get to work out almost anywhere. But I think the key is if I’m. Tell me if I’m wrong on this but pulling that out is number one you know the accountability in working with the mental side of it and making sure that we aren’t making those excuses to ourselves and you know you have somebody else to kind of you know you have to lean on who’s going to lean on you if you know if you’re not doing what you said you’re going to do is that right.


[00:09:32] Yeah 100 boise gym percent. OK.


[00:09:34] And I think that what a lot of people miss is you know they’ll buy the programs on all day and commercials and not going to say their name or they’ll buy some on programs but they don’t have a coach and they don’t have accountability they don’t have somebody actually paying attention to what this person is doing or not doing to accomplish those goals and they end up feeling defeated because they feel like they had everything when in fact you know they don’t because they don’t have that accountability. So that’s really important that’s just so interesting that you brought the exercise into Alaska that’s kind of to be honest that’s probably the best way to explain it.


[00:10:11] So great. Yeah. Yeah I absolutely agree. Yeah.


[00:10:18] Good. And that’s really what we kind of hang our hat on and going forward that’s continually What we’re trying to get even better out is helping hold people accountable really getting aid coaching and making sure that you know you’re committed to us. We’re going to commit to you and that’s not always going to be fun. You’re not always going to want to do it but in the long run like you said you know when we decided not to eat don’t you feel better. Well when you decide to do stuff that can improve you although in that instance it’s not what you want to do. You know you want to eat it don’t. But in the long run you feel a lot better. Do you agree with that.


[00:10:53] Yes. Oh yes. It’s great and it’s an amazing.


[00:10:59] Good. What what what what.


[00:11:02] You know you did a very intensive three month boise gym program which going forward. This is what we’re going to be doing with almost all of our clients as many as we can that are in the in our programs. Tell me what you accomplished. You know just briefly what you accomplished in that three month period yeah.


[00:11:28] I guess. Yeah. In this kind of goes back a little bit of what we talked about that. I guess before I thought being healthy meant I was healthy if I went out for a 30 minute jog or I made it to the gym that day I was healthy and I’m a really with this program. I learned so much about myself that I did not know. And that help doesn’t it’s just not going to the gym. There’s so many other factors that play into it and all relate to each other.


[00:12:10] Yeah. I think that just learning to take control and even if it’s chipping off one thing at a time it’s it’s just it’s a full circle from before. I had such a narrow vision of what healthy was. And I was never able to accomplish what I have. Not seen the full picture.


[00:12:37] Yeah I think that’s really important. Another really important thing to bring out and just anybody listening to this knows so the program that he did include it not only the exercise not only the nutrition but it was daily accountability through e-mail and there was also some mental toughness training which encompasses nearly everything in your life and mainly how you think about the things in your life which for you you guys are listening now is going to be our photos program or our DOS program and to just get an idea find out what she did and what she went through and that’s what we believe and what Haley just said. There is your fitness and this isn’t just what kind of exercise you are doing or you know just nutrition and everything encompassing. So if you’re super stressed at work and you don’t know how to deal with that well that’s going to affect your health and your fitness. Or if you’re just going out for a jog when you really should be you know doing some resistance training or if you’re eating one way and your body should be you know your body likes it or prefers another way of eating. Or if there are things in your life maybe you’re just. Overworked or you put too much stuff on your plate or you’re not getting things done that you tell yourself that if you’re going to get done in the background those are kind of a low stress stress wrong and yet it all really comes back to your overall wellness.


[00:14:07] And that’s really what we want to prove and prove for everybody and that you guys didn’t catch that from what he was talking about I think that’s what she was getting at is that is ask you about writers a thing that I misstated in there now and I actually cried at OK great. And then as far as your actual physical results you know I find it funny because we’re all the we want the physical results we want the physical thoughts to be kind of bonus from of this from all this other stuff. And so I it’s perfect actually that you didn’t even bring up the physical result and instead you brought up find out what your overall what you learned what your overall opinion was. But as far as the physical results I want to say you probably remember better than me but how many percentage of body fat did you end up losing.


[00:14:57] Yeah I lost. And gosh I think I lost 6 percent body fat and I lost nine pounds at my boise gym.


[00:15:09] Yeah which is awesome because you did come in like you were you were you you were pretty good when you came in. And so I mean that’s really good. So just again everybody knows. Listen the average body fat loss across the nation is in a kind of a normal program is going to be if you’re doing really good. It’s about point five. And that really really good is one percent per month. And Haley lost about two. You said six percent for her. So she did a phenomenal job. And you know the funny thing is you didn’t follow everything 100 percent right. I mean let’s let’s dig into that a little bit. Let’s dig into kind of what challenges you had and why. You know we were still successful but we had these challenges and we didn’t necessarily do everything 100 percent. Talk to me a little bit about that.


[00:16:03] Yeah. You I I felt like I could do pretty good and and follow the diet plan throughout the week. And then the weekend we had an. You know whatever the weekend plans were maybe you know my family came to town and traditionally you know it’s always a lot of food and drinks and a lot of activity or I you know had different trips planned and so.


[00:16:36] That I felt like I had challenges with on the weekend getting off course and then getting back to Monday and getting myself mentally prepared and food prep to try to get back into their routine again. It was hard for me if I would fall off a little bit and then just kind of. You know me being able to say no to things you know that would kind of wash away a little bit on the weekend. And one way that. You know I try to overcome that with your help of planning things if you know if I had planned I was going to eat this or save my cheap meal for that weekend or knowing going into it. You know what it was I was going to have rather than just saying I’m not going to have anything. And then breaking breaking up to myself. I would say the weekend was a challenge. And then about the last month of the challenge was really difficult for me at work at that time working extremely long days. So I think. Yes still at that time when it was working so much and I really literally couldn’t get away from work to work out just focusing you know that I can work out focusing on my nutrition portion of it to make sure I didn’t fall off. They’re also.


[00:18:18] Yeah. So does everybody like what what with a long day goes all relative to everybody.


[00:18:25] So for you there was a lot yeah along days we the 11 or 12 hours. And. My company has gone through some changes. And so it’s not this hasn’t been a normal a normal time I guess. It’s kind of an exception. And I’m extremely high stress. And and weekends. So. That normally just to even get out for a little while and then come back.


[00:18:59] You know I feel so refreshed. But but definitely that was I guess part of the last portion I guess.


[00:19:08] I I didn’t follow 100 percent yet I think through it you know you probably pick the worst time possible to try something that was that incentive. And and yet we still got phenomenal results with that and I don’t know the answer to this I can guess but I mean you kind of hit on it there but the days that you were able to get out and exercise. Did you feel better when you were back to work. Were you more productive on those days.


[00:19:38] Tell me a little bit about that versus the days that you were able to the days that I was able to exercise. Yeah. Yes. Yeah absolutely. Even if I was stressed and I was debating to go or not go even going there and during the work out. I felt like it lifted my mood and it got rid of stress. And I only strike as I walk out that door. I am. So thankful and so happy that I won.


[00:20:16] Yeah. No kidding I think something that I didn’t want to slip by because when we get more stressed and more over work that’s the most important time to make sure that we get our physical activity in because we’ll actually go back to whatever it is we’re doing we’ll be happier we’ll get more done. Our family’s going to live better our coworkers at the boise gym are going to like us better. And yeah so people you know very When people say well I don’t have time. That’s when you don’t have time. Is the most important time to make sure that you have time.


[00:20:48] So yeah. Yeah. And even if it the half an hour class you know versus the hour class I guess you know something is better than nothing. And yet I guess when I’m looking at it in total like a half an hour out of your day it’s such a small percentage of the entire day.


[00:21:11] Yeah especially when it makes you more productive and happier you know.


[00:21:15] Yeah. Yeah.


[00:21:17] OK good. And I think a lot of people can relate to you as far as you know the weekends go you’re almost everybody is really regimented you know Monday through Friday or whatever their week workweek is and then it’s Saturday and Sunday cause of people kind of feel like they’re lost more or last or not. You know they don’t they’re not going to work and are getting up at the same time so they have a whole different routine and a lot of times that includes food and drinking and having fun. And so I think a lot of people relate to you with that. And. You know again the key point is that we worked quite a bit on this is OK that’s fine. But just make sure that we’re making a conscious commitment that that’s what’s going to happen because the way that that works mentally is then you don’t feel like you’re cheating on yourself so instead of decreasing your self-control you’re actually increasing it because you say hey. This weekend I’m going to limit myself to you know I’m in half have fun and have two drinks and I’m going to have just a regular meal I’m not going to worry about what I’m eating but I’m making the conscious decision to do that versus what most people do and they say they’re going to be really good. You know usually they say I’m really the rest my life starting from this point but which doesn’t ever happen. And then they get don’t they get drinks when they get around friends.


[00:22:32] They feel uncomfortable or whatever it is all of a sudden they cave in and then they’re self-discipline and their belief in themselves being able to hold on decreases. Did you notice that at all increasing as you go along.


[00:22:46] Yes. Yeah absolutely. And.


[00:22:50] OK good.


[00:22:53] Just for anybody listening you know looking for. OK. Yes. That’s great. She covers all the issues there. How do I do it. So what are your you know your your biggest takeaway if you can you know give somebody advice on how to be successful. What kind of stuff what do they need to find. Who do they need to find work. They need to do anything that you took away from from your history.


[00:23:19] Yeah. You I think yeah having a good support group I think I talked about my coworkers were a great support group but also my friends that you know if I wasn’t having dinner by myself most nights it would be with him. They’re just talking to him about you know. How can we change what we eat at night. You know we we we don’t we don’t really mean that potato. Why don’t we have a salad instead. And he was extremely supportive. Also trying to adapt for me and even if he still wanted to have a potato. You know I was thinking how to start. You know he could still do that but I just think having a good support group and i eat it open and is happy for you that doesn’t discourage you or. You know you don’t. I guess just maybe taking control of. You know just like the donut example or maybe we had pizza we’re for lunch and I think it. I’ve been able to not worry about gosh everybody else is going to think they are going to snicker at me because I brought a salad and you know I learned that’s OK. And afterwards that I eat that salad and everybody else eat pizza. I feel a lot better.


[00:24:51] You know and an hour later that I ice that I made that choice and I stuck with my plan I guess. Yeah. Yeah I think. Yeah the physical activity that we talked about there’s still many benefit to it and doing something you enjoy. And I I really enjoy the workout fitness revolution and I always have and that was something you know after I last and I I’ve always enjoyed them and I really enjoy it. And I did the group training downstairs with the weight and I enjoyed that. So I think doing something I like to make. Made it a lot easier because I’ve been a runner in the past. I’ve run a few marathons and lots of half marathons and this is the first year I have not done a marathon or a half I guess. But I just found to where I was kind of. I I wouldn’t look forward to it and I wouldn’t look forward to going out for a run on Saturday morning. So. My vices. Yes. You know do do you enjoy enjoying what makes you happy that makes a lot easier. And then maybe some other advice would be yeah just planning and prepping you know plan your food out and. Kind of plan plan the week out and knowing when I was going to have my cheap mail if I was going to go out to dinner with my girlfriends then I would try to save that for that night. I guess. And then. My problem my other.


[00:26:49] I guess some advice would be this is something we had in our group of just you know getting real with things. You know why am I making this excuse and kind of trying to get to the bottom of things. And and making sure that you’re in that mindset when you start the program that you’re you know you’re ready for it. You’re 100 percent committed I guess to. You had to take on the program and yeah just kind of getting getting real with yourself.


[00:27:34] Which I think a lot of people are afraid to do these days was afraid that they might find out. I think so yeah. And yeah I guess and then probably the biggest thing is just I’m. The accountability that I had through you and I think that you know really that was a huge portion to my success. That’s I mean that is street gold for anybody who really wants to accomplish. To be honest that’s almost if you want to accomplish anything in life that a solid game plan and I’m going to just add to those a little bit and rephrase them a little bit for some of the people so you know the first part is your environment is X really important. And I think Haley hit on that enough times that you need to start realizing and start looking around who who by you know who am I paying attention to whom I hang out with whom by allowing to influence me. And on top of that something great that. Haley brought into that was the fact that she started enrolling people into what her vision of her life was. So you know her boyfriend the OK maybe he didn’t want to be exactly that way but she enrolled him into her being healthy and eating the way that she wanted to eat. So it doesn’t always mean that you have to change everybody around you you just have to get them to understand and help you be the person that you want to be.


[00:29:06] And if you know if they’re your real friends they really care about you and they’re going to do that and they’re going to help you be that person whereas if you don’t enroll them into it you don’t show them the vision of who you want to be. Then a lot of times you’re going to get negative feedback because they’re feeling self-conscious about themselves. And so they’re going to try to get you to eat the pizza or they’re going to try to get you to eat a donut just because that’s what they want to do. And so they’re going to hold you back. But if you talk to and say hey this is really what I want to do. And you just start showing people and sharing people that vision of you and what you want to do. They’re almost always willing to help. And the second part of that is you know doing what you enjoy. Or you know sometimes there is a means to an end. And so you just have to find joy and something about it. So you either enjoy the actual activity which is it is always you know a bonus and a plus but sometimes or maybe some days like maybe you don’t want to work out that day but you’re going to because you’re going to enjoy the benefits. You know how you just like Haley mentioned you’re going to after you get done working out you know how good you’re going to feel. You know you want to get into that bathing suit that you want to get into those jeans whatever it may be you’ve got to find some type of joy or some type of motivation in doing it.


[00:30:25] And you know so make sure that you do that when you’re looking at what your size program has and the present plan. You know the old adage that if you. Fail to plan you’re planning to fail to not be more true when it comes to anything that you’re trying to accomplish especially when it’s something that is extremely hard to change. Like your health and fitness boise gym habits you got to make sure you’re planning and prep and doing that correctly and not overdoing it. So doing it in small increments and or having a coach hold you accountable so you can do it in larger increments. That kind of allows you to start to build your self-discipline and a new alliance to yourself and your belief in yourself. You can actually accomplish these things. The next part here we talked about was you know I’m going to say this a little different way but think about what you’re thinking about. So instead of just being on the surface level of everything you really want to start thinking about what you’re thinking about and why you’re doing things the way that you’re doing then. And you know that starts to help you get all of those excuses and all that garbage and all the crap out of the way because you start to realize it is just crap and rationalizing away you know the stuff that you really should be doing. And then of course commitment is a huge part of that if you’re not committed. You know you’re not ever going to get anywhere. We we made this group of people commit to 30 days. They had to sign off on a on a pledge saying that I commit to this 90 days to follow the plan completely.


[00:31:57] And that’s huge even though you know you could still if you sign a piece of paper but to you internally that’s a commitment to yourself at the boise gym that you’re going to accomplish that. It’s a lot harder to break a commitment with ourself when we have a coach holding us accountable a little bit easier when you don’t have the coach there. But it’s much harder when you get that paper to somebody else. I’m making this commitment to myself but then I’m also making that commitment to you. And that brings us to the last part that you talked about which is accountability. Which is huge. There’s very few people on this earth that can hold themselves accountable when it is something that they’ve been doing. You know and this these habits are some kind of hard change. But again when you’re talking about your nutrition when you’re talking about your fitness when you’re talking about just thinking about what you’re thinking about. A coach can pull that out and it can make sure that you know you really get the kind of dig deep and figure out oh yeah that’s not really what I’m thinking. That’s just what I have on the surface level so I need to go a little deeper. I need to figure this out. And the accountability part of that is hey this guy’s going to be watching my nutrition is going to be making sure I’m exercising. So again I was committed to here. I feel accountable to him. And if I don’t then I’m disappointing here and on disappointing myself. You have anything to add to any of those.


[00:33:17] You know I think that was a great way to sum it up. Yeah absolutely.


[00:33:23] OK. Fantastic. So pretty much at the end of this call here I think I was I mean anybody listening to that. I mean all you got to do is take away we just said really the whole time. But in that past you know those five to seven things that she said. I mean that’s your game plan. Obviously we’re here to help you with all of those. But that is a perfect game plan if you apply that there’s no way you can be successful. You have to in the last laugh. Words of advice or anything else to say. You know I don’t other than really I am.


[00:34:03] I’m very thankful that I did this program with you. I mean I. Throughout this program I think that my support group and my friends and coworkers could see a dramatic change in me not just physically but just happy. Really it’s it’s. It’s. Not just physically it just has changed my outlook on a lot of things. And I guess feeling like I can accomplish this where I’ve always struggled so much it makes me feel like I can really accomplish anything. So yes there’s this was a really good program and I would recommend it to anybody. And


[00:34:54] I think that it just gave me chills. So you know I mean that that really is our goal as we want to help people become achievement machines. And you know what you have a little taste of success on something that you haven’t been able to succeed on and that’s you just kind of feel unstoppable and really you are at that point as long as you keep the momentum going. So yeah. Anyway yeah. We love having you we love we love. I mean I love you back in and see which you do. And it was awesome so thank you. Yeah. I appreciate your time on the call and again for all of you guys listening. That was going to make sure that you took notes on that and then implement that. So we will see you at the club. I appreciate the time on this call and I appreciate your time today.


[00:35:45] Thank you for that. They say they had. To fight.