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Find the best Meridian Idaho Gyms | Come By today

Find the best Meridian Idaho Gyms | Come By today

Can You Do It?
Jim: “I like these new fast-paced workouts, but they’re hard.” Find the best Meridian Idaho Gyms

Jole: “Yeah, definitely not something I would do on my own.”

Raven: “I would go on some hikey-runy-walky thing.”

Kim: “I would go on a run-walk to the winery.”

There’s nothing we do at Kvell that you couldn’t do on your own (including being awesome!).

So, how in the world are we in business?

Because of the difference between can, will, and do.

There are few things we pay people for that we couldn’t do on our own with the necessary time, training, and resources.

There are very few things that we pay people for that we actually will do ourselves including working out properly and eating right.

Then, of course, there’s the actual doing of the thing.

When you can or will do something that thing is still in need of the actual doing.

The doing is where Kvell comes in and the reason we get paid.

We take people through results-producing workouts that they can do on their own but are unlikely to do consistently.

We hold people accountable for the foods they put in their mouth so that “can” turns into “will” and finally is a “do.”

We are going to be turning up our accountability to get more people doing this year to ensure greater Kvellian success.

What are you not doing because you rationalize it as something you can do and yet you never get around to the doing part?

Stop wasting your time and pay somebody to do it already.

Brett “Can, Will, DO!” Denton

12 Rules to Live By…
Most of us live by some moral code, however, few of us have taken the time to clarify our rules and how we want to live.

This single activity will have a profound and drastic impact on your life.

Clarification and documentation of your way of living will bring a power to your decision making like nothing else.

If you’re affiliated with a religion you have been given a set of rules.

This may be a good start, but I challenge you to go further by defining your own.

Some starter questions to help you:

– Who do you want to be?

– How do you want others to see you?

– How do you want people to remember you?

– If nothing mattered, what would matter to you?

– What are the 10 most important things in your life? How much time are you spending on them?

– When the game is on the line what matters most? Find the best Meridian Idaho Gyms

– What do you believe in so strongly that would you die defending it?

Here’s an example of 12 Rules for Stoic Life written by the Daily Stoic:

1. Live as if you died, but were resuscitated and every minute was a gift.
2. Every person you meet is an opportunity for kindness.
3. Don’t read for show, read to be better.
4. Be forgiving of others, but don’t demand forgiveness for yourself.
5. Try to hold as few opinions as possible.
6. Pick a “Cato” and judge each difficult decision with: “What Would ____ Do?”
7. Practice good spending habits (keep in touch with poverty).
8. Always consider the worst case scenario.
9. Keep a list of what you’ve learned from other people (and remember to thank them often).
10. Get up early every day—as early as you can.
11. Take cold showers.
12. If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.

Once you have your rules written down I recommend you read them daily, post them somewhere prominent (make it fancy and artsy), and carry them around with you(on a laminated business card).

1 in 100 people who read this will do it and their life will be forever improved.

Are you the 1?

Brett “Rules to Live By” Denton Find the best Meridian Idaho Gyms

The Thing(s) About Supplements…
When looking for a quagmire of ambiguity, false claims, hype, pseudoscience and a smidge of truth sprinkled in for flavor look no further than the nutritional supplement industry.

My personal philosophy on supplements.

1. Get as much of your nutrition and spend your money on high-quality whole foods.

2. Save money by not purchasing supplements unless all of the following apply.

1. You’re unable to get all necessary nutrients via dietary manipulation.
2. The efficacy of the supplement has overwhelmingly positive scientific results from unbiased sources.
3. 4. The supplement contains no harmful ingredients nor uses questionable or destructive manufacturing processes.

3. Get the purest and highest quality supplements you can afford.

4. Use custom supplementation protocols that are based on your specific nutritional needs determined through testing.

5. We (as in humans) know little about supplementation and nutrition.

What we think we know typically gets proven incorrect every few years.

I have a hunch that supplements will increase in importance as our population grows and as we learn more about the science of nutrition.

The two resources I utilize for supplementation guidance are:

Examine.com Find the best Meridian Idaho Gyms

If you’re taking any supplements I highly recommend you research them on these two sites.

Brett “What’s the Science Say” Denton

Pajama Day? Hmmmmm..
Today is pajama day at my son’s school.

Previous to my wife saying…

“They have it figured out.”

…I thought nothing of pajama day.

As usual, my wife was right. (brownie points for saying this, go me, I need all I can get!)

Today, “coincidentally” is the first day of spring daylight savings.

Meaning parents and children will be getting one hour less of sleep.

Providing a not-so-awesome boost to the get-out-the-door charade.

The school figured out that matching the environment with the mood and energy level of their “customers” would prove beneficial to all concerned.

Shall we learn from the school (that’s what they’re intended for after all )?

The better you match your tasks, actions, and behaviors with your energy level, time of day, and environment the easier they’ll seem and the more you’ll accomplish.

Generalities include: Find the best Meridian Idaho Gyms

– Doing creative and heavy mental work first thing in the morning (like writing this email).

– Completing repetitive tasks later in the day when your brain can work on autopilot.

– Doing the tasks that require the most discipline earlier in the day.

Where can you line up tasks, actions, and behaviors with your energy levels and environment to improve productivity and results?

Happy pajama day!

Brett “Pajama Day” Denton

Is it the Thought That Counts?
Today, Paul was pushing his limits on shoulder press.

There were 5 seconds left on the clock and you could tell he was thinking about getting another rep…

…alas he didn’t.

This could have been the right call on his part given his level of fatigue.

On the flip side, it may have cut him one rep short of improving.

So…is it the thought that counts?

I think…

“The thought prompts and action cements.” Find the best Meridian Idaho Gyms

Both are vital.

Without the thought to do or not do something action or inaction is not likely to occur.

Without action, the thought is nothing but fleeting brain waves.

Fleeting brain waves lead to a whole lot of nowhere and nothing positive.

Forward Thinking + Forward Action = Forward Progress

Brett “Thoughts in Action” Denton Find the best Meridian Idaho Gyms