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Completing Your Stable of Unicorns

Completing Your Stable of Unicorns

We defined a purple unicorn in email 1.
We put two purple unicorns in your stable… Boise Gyms
1. Good Health (email 2)
2. Mentor/Coach (email 3)
Now let’s complete your stable.
– Life Partner/Spouse/Significant Other
If you’re like me you’re difficult to deal with. Thus, anybody who wants to spend time with you, support you, and put up with yourquirks is magical.
Treat this person like the unicorn they are and the magic will give you at least a 10x return.
– Children
Before having children I didn’t understand their magic. Mine are still young, therefore, I’ve only experienced the tip of the magic-berg.
So far here’s why they’re purple unicorns.
1. They were born! This is incredible and awe-inspiring.
2. They bring an uncontrollable and uncontainable joy to life.
3. I’m in constant awe of their ability to learn, adapt, and be smarter than me.
4. They bring out a level of love and commitment that’s unparalleled.
5. They teach you things that will improve your life. Thing like patience, how to teach, understanding, empathy, love, kindness, joy, and discovery.
6. They make you realize that life’s short and goes fast.
7. They bring out the best and worst in you.
Books can and will change your life. Investing in books is one of the best returns on investment available.
You’re paying for a person’s condensed, concentrated, and distilled knowledge.
This knowledge has typically taken a lifetime to acquire and you get it all with a few bucks and several hours of reading.
Do more to be more. Get out there and start experiencing life.
Do new things. Scary things. Crazy things. Fun things. Things you would “never” do things.
Experience as much as you can to grow and learn about the world and yourself.
You are a purple unicorn.
You have made it through your life up to this point which has likely not always been a walk in the park.
Yet, you kept going.
You have accomplished many things.
You have failed and started again.
You have helped others.
You are magical!
Brett “Welcome to the Herd” Denton
Even the Great Fall
Facebook is in a little trouble right now.
Blockbuster who?
Remember Blackberry?
These companies lead their industry and yet fell flat on their face.
This tells me two things.
1. No matter how big or good you are you’re never far away from failure.
2. No matter how big or good somebody else is you still have a chance.
The moral of the story…
Never stop moving, improving, and grooving.
Be careful to think too much or too little of yourself, your abilities, and your opportunity.
If you were perfect what in the world would you spend all of your time doing?
I’m training new coaches at Kvell and perfection is what we strive for but not what I’m looking for.
Perfection is a moving target.
If perfection were achieved it would lead to the striving for a higher level of perfection or boredom.
What I’m looking for in my new coaches (and all employees) is rapid and continuous improvement.
This is more fun and rewarding for all involved. Boise Gyms
Progress is what satisfies not perfection.
Perfection is boring.
I urge you to focus on progress and improvement as you work towards your goals and build your life.
You will find more fulfillment in your progress than you will in continually falling short of perfection.
Brett “Always Progressing” Denton
The Life-Changing Phone Call (Unicorn 2)
Ring, ring!
“This is Brett.” Boise Gyms
“Hey Brett, this is Pat and I heard you’re trying to…”
That was the first day of the rest of my life. Boise Gyms
Over the following ten years I went from being broke (yet well paid), overworked (doing something I disliked), and unhappy to…
…debt free, doing what I love, and enthusiastic about life…ahem most of the time 🙂
Pat has been a mentor, coach, friend, confident, and model to emulate since that day nine years ago.
Without him, I would in no way, shape, or form be where I am.
Pat gave me tough love and followed it up with unreasonable and radical support.
Pat gave me as much as I was willing to give to myself.
Pat is a unicorn and one of the handful of people I trust and confide in.
Pat was the first person to force me to step into my potential as a business owner and by doing so expanded my world.
Mentors and coaches are unicorns.
They will help you become a person and do things you never imagined.
Get a few of these thoroughbreds in your stable. Boise Gyms
Brett “Mentee of Many Purple Unicorns” Denton