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Boise Gyms | Trite and True

Boise Gyms | Trite and True

Trite and True…
I could feel the spite oozing from my teammate’s pores and beaming from their death glares.
As a young athlete, my advantage was outworking everybody.
Imagine yourself on a hot August afternoon weighed down and suffocated by football gear running wind sprints after a grueling pre-season football practice with your coach forcing you to compete with your teammates.
Now, picture me beside you (I was fast).
Now, picture me lining up 5 yards behind you effectively giving you a headstart…
….and still beating you out of sheer will…
… sprint after sprint after sprint…
…further rubbed in by the coach pointing out my extra effort.
Spite, hate, anger…you name it my teammate’s felt if towards me on that hot dusty August afternoon.
I didn’t care.
My teammates didn’t get it.
They didn’t get that the trite saying of going the “extra mile” was my competitive advantage.
They didn’t get that years and years of doing just “5 yards” more repetitively and consistently is what allowed me to be the best.
Matter of fact, I didn’t really know it either, I just inherently knew I had to work harder than everybody else.
I ALWAYS did extra.
Doing extra not only trained my body but it also trained my mind and emotions to overcome when the going got tough.
I knew I had more in me than the other guy.
I had confidence because I put in the work.
You want a raise?
Do more than you’re currently being paid for.
You want more sex, love, and passion in your relationship?
Provide more romance, caring, empathy, and support to your partner.
You want to win?
Study more, implement more, work just that much more, push just that much harder.
Overtime off the “field” will prevent and win overtime on the field.
Simple – yes.
Trite – yes.
Will it work for you – YES!
Brett “Let’s Overtime!” Denton

P.S. The “happy ending” of the wind sprints story is that most of the team joined me in the extra 5-yards.
They started to get it and…
…we won the state championship and I was named MVP….
…digging ourselves out from…
– Me getting injured in the second game of the season and not playing again until the state semi-finals.
– Our quarterback breaking his collarbone.
– Being the team with the worst record to qualify for the state playoffs.
Hard work?
I’ll let you decide. A Smoke and a Run…
What would you think if you saw a person smoke a cigarette and go for a run?
I’m guessing it would be something along the lines of…
WTF? That makes no sense.
How is this any different from working out and eating unhealthy foods in unhealthy amounts?
Brett “Perception Slap” Denton
Looking for Inspiration?
I’m looking for images to put on the walls at Kvell that inspire and motivate.
I went on a research mission (Google) to find them.
The images I found were nothing short of inspiring, just not in the way I want to adorn Kvell with.
It’s easy to get stuck in our microcosms.
Go to work, feed the kids, etc.
Every now and then an image, event, or person will slap me out of my minuscule world and into the world and humanity at large.
My search for motivational and inspirational images is one of those times.
I believe it’s more powerful for you to view the images than for me to describe them to you, however…
…a few things that these images reminded me of include:
– My problems are small – be grateful for this
– My failures and successes are small and don’t matter in the grand scheme of things – this is freeing
– People can endure and survive tremendous strife, pain, injustice, and grief – thus, so can I and what I deal with is a fraction of what others go through
– I’m extremely lucky to have been born in this time and space – appreciate my luck by utilizing it
– As a human, I can do more than I currently believe possible and I KNOW this because humanity reached for the moon and got it
If you have one minute today take a gander at these photos and pay attention to the perspective they bring you.
100 Most Influential Photos of All Time Boise Gyms

Brett “Relativity Slap” Denton Boise Gyms
The Three Reasons You Fail to Lose Weight
The business of fat loss is a multi-billion dollar industry.
So why are more people overweight than ever before?
There are many contributing factors however from my decade-plus of experience helping people lose weight I know there are three main culprits.
Anybody who implements these three factors will achieve weight loss and improved health…
…all who attempt to bypass them will NEVER succeed long term. Boise Gyms
1. Nutrition
I know you know this.
There’s no getting around it.
For sustained body weight and good health optimizing your nutrition is a MUST.
There are countless ways to do this and they all boil down to eating predominantly whole foods in moderate quantities.
2. Mindset
You MUST believe you can do it.
I see more people subconsciously sabotage their results than anything else.
As Henry Ford once said…
“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”
Your mind is just as big, if not bigger, of an asset or enemy in the battle of the bulge as any other component. Boise Gyms
3. Accountability
Holding yourself accountable is nearly impossible when habits, actions, and behaviors are deeply entrenched to doing the opposite of what you’re trying to change.
There are mental tricks and psychological cues that can help with this.
As helpful as these cues are they’re usually not enough as a standalone accountability tool.
Not finding a person, a group, an incentive, and a punishment for doing or not doing what you need to do to accomplish your goal is a recipe for failure.
When you consistently implement these three things you’re all but guaranteed success (barring medical conditions).
What Do You Expect? Boise Gyms
I find myself comparing myself to people who appear to be doing better than me in the areas I want to be successful.
I work myself into a spiraling firey ball of frustration, depressive thoughts, feelings of inadequacy, guilt, failure, and hopelessness.
I see this with many Kvellians as well.
We expect things that we have no right to expect and thus cause ourselves needless frustration, worry, and an overall feeling of inadequacy.
For example, many people aspire to look like attractive movie stars.
1. Attractive movie stars were born with a genetic code to look amazing that most humans are not born with.
2. Celebrities paid to look a certain way spend a majority of their life focused on looking good.
3. Celebrities have resources well beyond that of the non-celebrity.
4. Most celebrities, like most successful people in general, work tirelessly and out of the limelight for years before achieving the success you see.
It’s great to dream big and it’s awesome to have high expectations just make sure those expectations are grounded in reality. Boise Gyms
Achieving anything worthwhile takes:
– Consistency
– Time
– Effort
– Luck
I can’t imagine life without high expectations however if those expectations are not adding value to your life maybe it’s time to recalibrate. Boise Gyms
Brett “What Do You Expect” Denton