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Boise Gyms | The Results you are looking for

Boise Gyms | The Results you are looking for

This is barrettes dent in with Coville fitness and nutrition. Boise gyms and today we’re going to talk about technology and fitness. There are many reasons that technology is very beneficial for us but there is also many reasons why it is something you should stay away from. Today we’re going to dig into those reasons and help you get a more clear picture on when technology is going to be beneficial for your fitness whether you be a Boise gym or on your own. And when it is not beneficial. So let’s dig right in here.

Number one one of the best utilizations of technology in fitness is to see if your body is ready for training again. This is something that has been around for quite some time but is now just getting some notoriety because of the ability to use it in such a broad demographic. So HRT training is starting to be utilized as a way to test and see if somebody is recovered enough to start to hit another training session. This has been used for Olympic athletes for quite some time. But the technology wasn’t there for you to be able to do it simply by pulling up an app on your phone. And nowadays you could simply pull up an app on your phone see what your heart rate is doing. Boise Gyms See if H R V stands for heart rate variability and so you want to see the heart rate variability to see if you’re ready to train or not. If your heart rate very if your heart rate is varying significantly then you’re not quite ready for another training session yet. And again this can be caused by overtraining. It can be caused by your body recovering it can be caused by travel could be caused by dehydration. There’s many issues that can factor into this heart rate variability issue but this is one very good use for technology in fitness. Boise Gyms The next thing is you can gauge your fitness level and this helps to program workouts a little bit more efficiently. So if you program workouts to properly period eyes and progress a training stimulus then you got to know what your heart rate is at each individual part of that training program.

This is especially true for endurance type of athletes or athletes who really got to make sure that their conditioning is dialed in for their sport and why you do this as you will program a specific heart rate that you want for a specific amount of time. And then by using technology to track that heart rate you can keep yourself at the specified training zone for the specified time. This can be very valuable especially for athletes who are really trying to balance their training for your general population. Boise Gyms This is probably less important than it is for your high level athletes general population and people going to Boise gyms simply for the most part just need to get in get a good workout in and get out. They don’t need to pay attention as much to heart rate and heart rate variability and what levels they’re working at. Another reason is that people use these technology and apps is tracking their food and food journaling. Boise Gyms This one is maybe at some point will be good but at this point the technology just isn’t there to make it simple enough for people to really get much benefit out of it. The only benefit that people get out of the food tracking apps that are out on the market today is a whole bunch of data that could be utilized but is very unreliable and it really takes a lot of time to find the food in the app and select the quantities and they’re just very cumbersome and they don’t work well long term for most people and a much better utilization of a type of journaling or notebook to do your food journal with then using a phone app.

So food journaling I would recommend not using technology in that case whether you’re going to Boise gyms or working out on your own. Just get a simple notebook and write down your food for the day. And that’s going to be much better off than doing something that you’re likely not to do for a long period of time because it’s too cumbersome. Boise Gyms Another thing is that people use technology for as workout tracking or tracking their reps and weights and what they’re supposed to be doing. This can be a good utilization of technology if somebody does it right. It’s not again cumbersome or hard to follow or waste time in the workout.

[00:04:35] This is one of the biggest things that happens with technology is people spend too much time messing with technology and not enough time working out. And you never want technology get in the way of the ultimate goal which is to get in shape and to get in shape by working out not by messing with your technology. So tracking your workouts like if you just open up a notepad on your phone or something like Evernote and simply you know write your workouts down your raps your duration your weights that type stuff and that can be very beneficial. Or even open up a spreadsheet and do it that way it can be very beneficial for you. There’s a few apps out there that are actually getting pretty good with having your workouts in there and being able to put your weight in to the app so you can track that as you go as well. And there are some pretty cool tools that you utilize there. So my recommendation there is you know try some stuff out see what works for you. But make sure it’s not distracting and make sure that it’s easy. Another good utilization of technology is hiring a coach who doesn’t live in your area but who can still write programs for you and deliver those through either an application email or some type of service over the Internet. You know some personal trainers now are using actually Skype or video messaging to get their programs to people who don’t live in their area. This can be very beneficial in utilizing Skype also is allowing that trainer to be able to correct you as you’re doing the movements. Boise Gyms And this is something that has been missing when it comes to distance coaching you know with distance coaching usually what happens is the personal trainer is going to send you a program for you to do but they can’t actually see you doing the program. Some trainers have had you know people send them back videos of them doing the work.

But it’s much easier to do it in real time. And coach that person in real time they’re going to be able to get the movement down much quicker than if they were to you know do the movement send move it to their coach and then you know get the feedback from it. Real time is always a bit better. So there’s some good utilization of technology when it comes to distance programs and distance programming and distance coaching. Another issue that we see with technology and I’ve mentioned it a few times here is that it can be very distracting. It can be distracting to the person working out and it can be distracting to the coaches coaching it could be distracting to other people around you know if you’re spending more time messing with your smartphone applications or the you know new fancy watch that you got then you are concentrating on working out then you know you might as well just get rid of the watch. Get rid of the smartphone and just get in there and work out the workout is the most important part not the tracking of the workout. And I think many people get lost in this and it’s easy to do because you know we’re always everything’s always grabbing for our attention especially those that got something like a smartphone with apps on it that you know make things cool and we want to track that type of stuff but really got to be careful that you don’t let this technology distract you from the real purpose and that’s to work out and get healthy.

Another issue with technology is that people start to chase numbers and these numbers sometimes are very random for the individual and may not even make sense for what their goals are. You know a lot of these apps do ask what your goals are and they’ll come up with some random goals for you to hit in some random random numbers for you to hit. But in the long run you know don’t chase numbers for numbers sake. The habits are more important than actually hitting the numbers. And so if you’re developing new habits over time then that’s much better than hitting the numbers every time the step goal is an example of this. Right. So if you have a step goal and let’s say it’s eight thousand steps where a lot of people think well the more must be better right. And so all of a sudden you get these people doing you know 20000 steps a day so they’re spending all their day walking which is great except for the fact that it’s a huge disruption in their life.

If you have a job or you walk around a lot and you get not many steps and that’s awesome. That’s part of your life it’s not disrupting your life and you’re going to be able to do that for the long term. What happens with a lot of people is they get overzealous with this stuff and they start just going on all these huge long walks and doing the things that are crazy that just really don’t fit into that a life long term. And so they get a lot of steps in for a short period of time and then they fall back into their old way of being in their old habits. And that’s because the number they were chasing is not a realistic number long term. And so you want to look and make sure that the numbers that you’re going after are realistic long term. You can maintain them and they actually make sense for what you want to accomplish. Otherwise chasing numbers makes absolutely no sense. And a lot of times these numbers are kind of random anyways because they don’t take your goal into account. The next thing is people lose sight of what the real objective of exercise is. You know people start chasing all these goals or rewards or whatever it is on these apps or you know Fan Page or not fan pages but you know community support groups and that type of stuff and they lose sight of the fact that really what they’re trying to do is change their habits actions and behaviors to get healthy and get fit. And that’s really what that’s really ultimately the only thing that matters.

None of this other stuff matters. You don’t need the technology to get healthy and fit. And as soon as you lose sight of that objective and you start chasing these technology benchmarks then you kind of lose sight of what really needs to happen. I mean so if you were to just get rid of all technology start doing things correctly without tracking them you’re going to achieve your objective. Whereas if you track everything that you do but you aren’t getting healthy and you’re not getting fit then all the tracking in the world doesn’t matter. Right. And so you just got to make sure that you understand what’s the most important thing and that thing gets done no matter what no matter if you have technology or not. And that comes to the next kind of a piece of this puzzle.

And a lot of the time in our Boise gyms will see people who are really negatively kind of reinforcing or I don’t know if it’s negative reinforcement with the reinforcing the wrong habits because maybe they don’t have the tracker on that day if they don’t have their step tracker on they’re going to automatically get fewer steps because they don’t have a track wrong. So in other words though like I don’t have my tracker on today so I’m not going to park extra far away because it’s not going to count or I’m not going to push hard today because I don’t have my tracker on so it’s not going to count. Boise Gyms What accounts for your body that counts for your life and account for your quality of life which is what really matters not the numbers on the computer or on your phone or on the app. Right. Those are all fun and good but really matters is are you actually doing the things that can get you healthy. And he said don’t let the technology negatively reinforce you to not stay active.

And this is an easy thing to do and it’s easy to slip into this. Right. We want the technology to help us get better but not hinder us from getting better. And that happens far too often. And then the last thing here you got to realize is most of this technology is not very accurate at this point. Right. So some phone app that tracks your heart rate usually not very accurate. I think they even say in their terms of use in terms of service that it’s not very accurate so don’t rely on it. This is true with a lot of the body fat scales and you’ll see these days. Right. These scales are not all that accurate when it comes to doing your body fat properly and you can see this because you can step on them and you can step on them and you can step on them. You know back to back to back and your measurements going to be very you know they’re going to be different. And so you got to understand that all of this technology can be good and all. But ultimately you got to understand that the accuracy of it isn’t that great. And so take it with a grain of salt and look at the long term trend or your habits actions behaviors getting better. Yes or no. Is your body composition getting better. Yes or no. Are you getting stronger. Yes or no. Are you getting more fit. Right so these are all things that you really want to look at and you can track those in the app for sure.

But when the app is actually the one doing the measuring. You just got to be careful and understand that it may or may not be that accurate. And so what’s the long term trend is the long term trend trending in the right direction. And so if you’re talking about body fat. Right. Is your body fat going down over a 3 6 12 month period. Is your lean muscle mass going up over a 3 6 and 12 month period. These are the types of things that you want to look at it is your heart rate going down over a long term period you know your resting heart rate. So again same thing now you’ve got to make sure you take your heart rate at the right time which is going to be preferred right after you wake up in the morning to get a true resting heart rate. So these are all things that you want to look at when you’re considering adding technology you know to the puzzle. But I can tell you what. There was a lot of people who were really fit before technology was ever invented or introduced to the fitness industry. So there’s one thing that I know with 100 percent certainty is you do not need technology to be fit or healthy so that’s wrapping it up for today guys. So I hope you have a great day if you’re ever in Boise come to one of our Boise gyms again kvell fitness and nutrition. And if you’re ever in Meridian Idaho Why don’t you come and hit up one of our Meridien gyms as well. We look forward to seeing it. One of our gyms is helping me out answering any questions you have. And if you have any questions you can check us out at kvell fit dot com K V E L F I-T dot com. Get out there and Coupeville.