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This is Brett with kvell fitness and nutrition of Boise gyms and we’re at in gyms today. Let’s talk a little bit about the holidays and how to stay fit and healthy on the holidays. Now it depends on each individual and how strict you want to be and what you want your body fat to be and really what you have going on. Boise Gyms You know everybody’s a little bit different and I think this is something that gets lost in translation many times. You know we we as in we in the health and fitness industry just tell everybody to do this one thing and that’s what everybody needs. And the reality that’s not the truth. Right. Because for example when I used to play football Boise State you know you would have our bowl game after the holidays. Many of those years. So you know you’d have to train hard through Thanksgiving and through Christmas and then you know we’d have our ballgame. And so general recommendations for somebody in hard training are going to be different than recommendations for somebody who doesn’t have that issue. Another thing is there’s different seasons of your life right. When you’re younger maybe you’re more interested in ensuring that you are healthy and fit and look good and feel good and all that and maybe as he age it comes down to really just want a good quality of life. And so what we’re going to talk about today is figuring out what the best solution is for you when it comes to holidays and eating and the food and festivities surrounding it.

And then it’s really up to you to determine what the best option is for you. You know I’ve talked to people before who they’ve had a family member who’s died of cancer and so they’ve just completely eliminated sugar you know process sugar from their nutrition plan. And so you know during the holidays it’s just not a thing for them if something has processed sugar in it they just don’t eat it because they have a much bigger Weidmann just wanting to stuff their faith with something that tastes good. So again it’s all individual and you want to make sure that you figure out what the plan is for you. Boise Gyms One thing is for certain is you want to have a plan. What happens with many people is they just simply get into the holidays and it almost catches them by surprise. And now you’re wondering like why would it catch you by surprise. You know it happens every single year. It does. But that’s how people act. Right. Boise Gyms All of a sudden they have all these parties they have all the food they have all this drink. And it catches them by surprise. And next thing you know it’s January they’ve gained 10 pounds they feel miserable themselves their bank accounts are empty and they just didn’t plan for it. And so this is something that we want to look at today and start to figure out what is your plan for the holidays. Now if you’re to visit one of the Boise gyms that we have or any of our Meridien gyms you’re going to understand that we just keep going. Right.

The holidays are just another time of the year because really there is no good time to dialin new nutrition other than now. Right. Because you know the holidays are here and yeah they’re challenging. But then you have birthdays throughout the rest of the year and you have you know Easter and you have Thanksgiving or and you have Halloween and you have you know just go in February and there’s Valentine’s Day you know it’s just like one thing after another after another. And you know you see this in office buildings a lot. You know if you work in an office in the break room there’s always some garbage food in there. You know somebody is always bringing you donuts or birthday cakes or just something that’s not healthy for you and it’s just constantly around you. It doesn’t matter if it’s the holidays or not. Boise Gyms You’re always bombarded by unhealthy choices and unhealthy foods and Environment plays such a huge role in what we do and how we eat and we act that you’ve got to start to bulletproof yourself or cocoon yourself against your own environment. Boise Gyms and you also have to start setting up your environment for success. And so again when you’re looking at the holidays towards the end of the year so you know you can start if you want with Halloween in October and then November we have Thanksgiving and then in December we have Christmas and New Year’s and you know it’s one thing after another after another and then some people have birthdays in January and then we have Valentine’s Day in February and so is just one continuous stream of people shoving food at you and celebrating.

And so you really have to change your lifestyle and make your lifestyle kind of suit you and what you want to achieve with your life and your goals. And so when you start looking at that you’ve got to start looking at how do I want to eat. How do I want to live. How do I want my body to feel and be. Because what happens with most people is if they get rid of sugar and they get rid of some of their crappy foods that they’ve been eating for so long that first they go through a little bit of withdrawal. They don’t feel good. You know they get headaches they have low energy. But then all of a sudden their health starts to pick up. Right. They no longer get that afternoon drowsiness. They’re no longer foggy in the mornings they can actually get more done. They no longer need their coffee because they’re not bombarding their body with things that shoot their blood sugar up and then drop them. Right so all of a sudden now they have energy throughout the day. Their brain is clear they can mentally process things at a faster rate they have more energy to do things that they love and enjoy and they start to lose weight and feel good about themselves. And then what happens. HOLLIDAY comes. Boise Gyms They binge and then they get back on the train of eating unhealthy and then they just repeat the cycle. And so when you start looking at the holidays you know there is healthy foods to eat the holidays. Right. So you can eat vegetables stock up on your vegetables eat a lot of vegetables first before you eat anything else eat the good vegetables.

Just be careful that you’re not you know drenching them and fats and oils and butter’s and those types of things and a lot of people put sugar on their vegetables to make sure that they’re palatable for everybody. Well here’s the thing. Vegetables are really good if you have any sugar for them or asked you know 10 years of your life 20 years of your life. So you don’t have to retrain your taste buds. Boise Gyms And this is about a 30 to 60 day process. You know you cut some of these processed foods out to get rid of sugars you get rid of the foods that are overly tasty to you. You know the food scientists make them so that they trigger a response in our brain that makes us want more of them. You get those out of your diet and all of a sudden your tastebuds start to change and you start to actually like fruits and vegetables. You start to like you know what some people would say are bland foods. And then when you go and you eat something like a sugared vegetable you know it doesn’t taste that good anymore. It’s actually too sweet for you you know because fruit is become your new sugar and fruit is really good and fruit is enjoyable and you love it and you actually enjoy it more than sugar because the taste is a little bit more calm and mellow there. And so that’s number one. Right so let’s start changing our taste both to start get rid of those things that make this a lifestyle instead of just day.

You know you do it and then the holidays hit you and you let it go to pot and the next thing you know I think about as proteins. Right so almost every single meal at the holidays has some type of protein with it. Right. We have turkey on Thanksgiving. You have maybe a prime rib or something like that on Christmas and you know if you’re like us we have crab on New Year’s Day. So you know whatever that lean protein is or whatever that protein is in general whether it’s lean or not that’s a great thing to eat and fill up on. Now with the proteins that aren’t quite as lean like your prime rib which has a lot of fat in it. Boise Gyms You know you’ve got to control your portion sizes just a little bit more there than you would with like your turkey as an example. But let’s just say so we’ve talked about vegetables. We’ve talked about lean protein. Let’s say we start with those things every single meal every single meal you’re going to eat vegetables and you’re going to eat protein and when you’re talking about serving sizes Let’s start out with two fist sized servings of vegetables and about a palm sized serving of lean protein for our females out there. And then two palm size for men. So you’ve eaten two fist sized servings of vegetables. You’ve eaten one or two palm sized servings of protein at your meal and now do you feel like you’re still probably going to be very hungry. The answer is No you’re not going to be very hungry after eating that much food right your vegetables are going to fill you up because they’re going to be fiber.

They’re going to taste good they’re going to get you a lot of nutrients your protein protein is very satiating. So in other words it’s going to make you fall and it takes a lot of energy to digest it. And so you’ve got those two things combined and all of sudden now you’re not starving you’re not ravenous you can actually control what you choose to eat next. Now if you’re 80 percent full and don’t eat anything at all. Right. Just call it like to call it good right there. Now if you’re still a little bit hungry and you still want add something in there you’ve already got plenty of fat because we don’t we don’t need extra fat to add to you know vegetables that were cooked in fat and protein and fat in it. So let’s add a little bit of carbohydrates in there. You know so you look at some good healthy carbohydrates so you’re looking at some sweet potatoes. You know maybe some white potatoes. Maybe we’re looking at some rice or some key law is a great option. You know we started looking at some whole grain type of carbohydrates and maybe mix some of those in there and you don’t eat anything more than about a small handful of those. Right now if you look at your plate you know you’ve got about half a plate filled with vegetables that’s about two fist sized servings. You’ve got about a quarter of your plate filled with lean protein of some sort that your turkey prime rib crab whatever it is there.

And then you’ve got about you know a quarter of your plate maybe a third of your plate filled with some type of starchy carbohydrate that’s full of fiber and beneficial nutrients for you to eat. Now tell me you know think about that for a second. Picture that on your plate. You eat all that and you think you’re still hungry. Boise Gyms The question is No you’re not going to be hungry after eat all that you haven’t even gotten to any day gluttonous foods yet. Right. We haven’t even talked about adding. You know something on top of the salads or anything like that. So if you really go after it like that and every single meal you sit down and you say OK where’s my vegetables do I have to fist sized servings of vegetables. Boise Gyms OK great I do both. OK. Where is my protein. Do I have at least one palm sized serving of protein. OK great. I do. And then you look at OK great you know let’s add a little bit of carbohydrate and then do I have a nice Whole Food fibrous rich and nutrient type of starchy carbohydrate in you know and again that’s going to be your wild rice your keen wah your sweet potatoes are white potatoes those things so I have that in there OK. Boom. That’s all you need. Do you do that every single meal no matter if it’s a holiday meal or just a regular meal and all of a sudden now you can still enjoy the good healthy food. I mean you look at a Thanksgiving meal and you got your turkey in they’re great. There’s your lean protein usually have an endless amount of vegetable to choose from.

So just pick some vegetables that you know aren’t smothered and fat and sauces and all that type of stuff. Now if they are great just eat a little bit less of them. All right. So instead of you know two fist sized servings just eat a little bit less of that you keep the total amount of calories down a little bit and then load up on some type of salad that isn’t drenched in dressing. OK great. And now I’ve got a protein we’ve got our vegetables and they’re great. And then look for some some potatoes right. And typically with Thanksgiving you know you’re going to have some mashed potatoes and those are typically going to have some excess fat nose. And so you know just take a little bit less control the serving sizes which is the next thing that we want to talk about a serving size you know the bigger plate you use of the bigger bowls you use the more food that you’re going to eat. And this has been proven through scientific studies. So all you have to do is get a smaller plate. Boise Gyms And even if you go back for seconds. Right. You’re probably going to eat less food than if you grab one plate and stack the thing high. And so grab a smaller plate right. So grab one of the small and you know eight inch plates or so you’re going to be forced to put less food on there. That’s going to force you to eat that first to eat that food first.

And now you know you’re not as hungry and you can actually control what you do next and so the recommendation is use a smaller plate filled up. As we said with the vegetables the protein the starchy carbs go sit and eat it and enjoy it. Don’t eat it fast don’t scarf it down Slow it down enjoy every bite enjoy the taste. And then after you’ve finished it you know another thing you can do. Go back a second here is put your fork down in between every bite. So slows it down. You know you want it to take you know about 20 15 to 20 minutes each hour. Eat your meal there. And if it takes 15 to 20 minutes to eat your meal then your stomach is going to start to send the signal to your brain saying that you’re full you’re satisfied you don’t need anymore food but eat your entire thing 15 to 20 minutes and then hang out for a while. Enjoy the company. Talk to people you know if you at one of the Boise gyms and you’re having one of the festivals that we have enjoy. Talk to people and meet new people and then you know after you’ve eaten which is about 20 minutes or so and after about 10 more minutes of talking to people and enjoying the company if you’re still hungry. Great go back for seconds and start with your proteins in your vegetables and if you still are hungry some starchy carbohydrates right. Just do that over and over again. And if you do that then you’re not likely to go back for seconds. That’s the first thing. And if you do go back for seconds you’re not likely to get very much food again. All right.

So you want to just do that every single meal. But that’s a great way to stop you from over eating in these holiday meals. And then of course desserts are going to come. And you know it’s a weird thing because even if your stuff to the brain typically you’re hungry for dessert. It’s kind of one of those things. But that’s because it’s sugary it’s sweet. You know you don’t have to be hungry to want to have that sweet taste. And so you know if you’re enjoying and you just want to enjoy the holiday and if you’re a person that eats sugar then great. You know just again start out with a small piece and then if you feel like going back after you’ve eaten one you know you can do that. But I always start with the small piece first eat a little bit of it eat it slow really enjoy it. And if you’re like every other human being on earth the first bite is always the best. The second one is not as good. Third one’s not as good. The fourth was not as good. Once you get a few bites and really then you’re just eating it to eat it. The actual taste of it isn’t as strong or as intense. And so if you take the time to really focus on what the food tastes like instead of just eating it and only eat it until it doesn’t really taste that good anymore then you’re probably not going to eat as much food either. Now I understand all of this takes a little bit of self-control and this is again something that takes a lifetime to develop.

But you just have to understand what type of life you want to live. And if you want to be the type of person who just goes all out on the holidays or all out when there’s food in front of you or if you want to be the person who is able to start to control those urges and start to live the life of health and vitality you know having energy to do what you want not being wasted the rest of the day after you stuff yourself to the brim film like you’re going to pop your pants open because you ate too much food. All right guys so there are some tips there on how to you know adjust your lifestyle and adjust how you eat. When you when the holidays come around and if you’re ever in Boise or Meridian come out to one of our Boise gyms and join us for a workout or one of our Meridien gyms to understand what we do and how we do it and we look forward to seeing you soon. And if you have any questions you can contact us via our website w w w dot fit. Sorry. W w w doc Cavell thit dot com. Get out there and Coville.