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Boise Gyms Icon Fitness PlanFitness Plan

  • Custom Body Transformation Plan ($100 value)
  • Custom Mobility and Flexibility Plan ($100 value)

Boise Gyms Icon NutritionNutrition

  • Personalized Supplement Protocol ($50 value)
  • Nutrition Assessment and Consultation ($100 value)
  • 7-Day Nutrition Jump Start Guide with Recipes ($25 value)
  • 21-Day Wellness and Fitness Fundamentals Program ($49 value)

Boise Gyms Icon Training WorkoutsTraining and Workouts

  • 7-Days of Unlimited Group Metabolic Strength Training Sessions ($42.25 value)
  • Fitness and Mobility Assessment ($100 value)
  • 21-Day Wellness and Fitness Fundamentals Program ($49 value)



Experience Boise’s Highest and Most Reviewed Gym.

Boise Gyms 5 Stars

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Boise Gyms | The best option for working out

Boise Gyms | The best option for working out

Get a promotion, get fit, and grow your wealth
Life’s too complicated and yet very simple.

I have a slew of applications coming in for an Executive Assistant position.

With the exception of the few random ridiculous to absurd applicants most look good to great…on paper.

Seriously, most of the resumes and cover letters look like these people could be President.

Bravo to them for being able to make their accomplishments sound so…accomplished?

The unfortunate thing is once push comes to shove most aren’t willing to put in any actual work…Boise Gyms or aren’t willing to put in any work without immediate compensation.

My hiring process is designed to separate the prize bulls from the herd.

It’s very easy to do simply by requiring people to do real work without immediate compensation…work that they’ll actually be doing in the job they’re applying for…novel concept I know, yet so few are willing to really go after what they want and put in the extra effort to secure it.

Which leads to disappointment on both sides of the equation…

This is the same in fitness, finance, relationships, career, Boise Gyms you name it.

The ability to work and toil without immediate compensation is a key indicator of how successful a person will be.

Are you putting in the work when nobody is looking?

Are you doing the things that need to be done even though your reward may not be Boise Gyms immediate or even guaranteed?

The best way to get a raise or promotion…DO MORE than is required of you, work as if you already had that promotion or raise.

The best way to lose weight and get fit…DO what a fit person does.

The best way to grow your wealth…Boise Gyms  DO what wealthy people do…Save more, Spend Less, Make more by increasing your value to the world or your employer (See above “The best way to get a raise”).

A key skill to do, get, be, or have…ANYTHING…

Postpone your need, want, and desire for immediate reward.

Find accomplishment and pleasure in doing the things that need to be done instead of receiving something in return for the doing.

Get to work.  Boise Gyms

Put a smile on your face.

Understand that YOU WILL NOT be rewarded for all of the work you put in…be okay with that. (You will however learn by and within this doing, if nothing else, about yourself)

Find pleasure in the work…the toil…the fortitude to do what others will not.

I promise you, if you do this you will accomplishment a crazy amount.

All criticism is good (even when it’s bad)
We get great feedback, plain vanilla feedback, and off the wall bat crazy feedback…it’s all good.

Realize I’m not saying some of it doesn’t drive my Boise Gyms blood pressure through the roof…BUT I am saying IT IS ALL GOOD because it all serves a purpose to help us improve.

Even the horrible, and by horrible I mean, feedback that is ludicrous and makes absolutely no sense, not the feedback that is criticizing us for something that DOES make sense or that we failed to do properly.

All feedback forces us to analyze how we can improve.

It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes…most of the time, however, IT IS NECESSARY for us to continue to deliver the best possible fitness experience for you and our clients.

How are you at taking criticism in your life?

Do you seek it out?

Do you use it to improve or do you take it personally and disregard it?

I challenge you to start looking and hearing feedback in a different light no matter how brutal it is.

Remember they are not criticizing you, most of the time, they are criticizing your actions. Change your actions and you change or obliterate the criticism.

Also, remember, sometimes it’s not about fixing an issue, Boise Gyms but instead about pushing even harder in the direction you’re already going.

YOU DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT have the goal of pleasing everybody.

Pleasing everybody is a losing proposition. Boise Gyms

Do what pleases you and what gets you to do your best work.

Chang Me…
…the plea I receive from most that come to us in some form or another.

I wish I could, but no matter how skilled in eliciting transformation I am, there is no amount of skill and there is no secret weapon that can overcome indecision and lack of conviction in the change which is coveted.

Corey Hall, the great Boise State and Green Bay Packers linebacker, of whom I played alongside said, in the middle of two-a-days and having yet another person tell him…

“You’re so lucky, I wish I were you”, Boise Gyms said by some random dude.

“I am lucky, but I put in the work…

You wish you were me?…

Then show me by spending countless unglamorous, mentally and physically draining hours in the gym and on the field…

Make the decision to be the absolute best you can be…then get to work making that happen…

What you really wish is that you could receive all of the glamour and notoriety without the soul-sucking work to get it…

No, you don’t wish you were me, Boise Gyms because what I do would crush you because you have not made the decisions that I have to be where I am.”

(this is a paraphrase of what Corey actually said during those grueling college football days of which all of us were only half human at the time)

I can help anybody change…IF and only IF they have truly made the decision to change.

Until a person reaches that decision deep in their soul change is impossible…

Once it has been reached change is inevitable.

How do you reach the point of no return?

Make the consequences of not changing more gut-wrenchingly painful and frightening that the ONLY option is change.

Make the reward of change so ridiculously rewarding that you would feel like a complete moron to not change.


Are you doing the right things with your time Boise Gyms ?
EVERYTHING in life works in cycles.

Climate, health, sleep, hunger, digestion, love, hate, birth, death…

I, like most people, have a cycle with the management of my time and energy.

Every three months or so I find myself getting a little more stressed and a little less productive.

This is a good wake-up call Boise Gyms and it forces me to evaluate all that I am doing, cut mercilessly that which is not vital, and tighten up my daily, weekly, and monthly actions.

Many people don’t realize this cycle and get stuck in the “too much to do and too little time to do it” mindset, which is a convenient excuse for not being more productive.

This statement is flawed.

One needs to determine the handful of things that are the MOST important to them and put the rest on a list of “nice to do in the future WHEN I finish the most important things list”.

Then the work of deciding what the most important action steps are for those most important things comes into play.

We often spend our time doing the urgent (putting out fires) Boise Gyms instead of the important, but not urgent, or probably even more frequently the not urgent and not important, like checking facebook and email 100+ times a day.

What are the actions that will increase your quality of life in the long run, NOT necessarily in the short term?

Lastly, actually doing the work.

Planning is simple, doing the work is hard.

Plan your work and Boise Gyms THEN YOU MUST work your plan.

I see far too many people fail at this last part.

Time should be a weapon of choice, Boise Gyms just understand it works against us just as well as it works for us.

It’s extremely powerful.

Time compounds all persistent and consistent effort, for the good or the bad.

This is one thing that almost all of us forget from time to time when we’re working to achieve a goal…

We want to lose weight…so we start a nutrition and exercise plan for a day, week, maybe a few months…and give up because it isn’t working…


We want to have more money…Boise Gyms so we put a budget in place and follow it for a little while until we see something that we really want and rationalize the purchase…this compounds over time to more rationalizations until finally you have forgotten your budget and claim “budgets don’t work”…

No, they don’t, not if you don’t give them the time and attention they need to work.

It’s rarely the thing that doesn’t work it’s almost without fail YOU/US that doesn’t work the thing.

Things take time AND WORK…but if done day…after day…after day…everything takes a lot LESS time than we originally think.

If you are feeling stressed, over-extended, Boise Gyms or just want to tighten things up and be more productive give this exercise a try:

1. Write down your roles in life (employee, spouse, parent, personal financial manager, family education director, recreation officer, etc.)

2. Decide your top objective for those roles.

3. Create the to-do action items to achieve your objectives for those roles.

4. Start your morning and end your day reviewing and planning your day, Boise Gyms week, month, and even year by scheduling the critical to-do items that will move you closer to your objectives.

5. Do the work!

Who do you work for?!
Office Space…Great movie and iconic role.

We’ve all felt like the protagonists in this movie at some point.

Acting out against “the man”Boise Gyms  because we’re feeling oppressed.

Well…is that really true?

Who do you REALLY work for?

Who is really the one doing the oppressing?

We all know the correct answer…


We are all a business of one.

We rent our services, skills, Boise Gyms and abilities to customers, corporations, family, and friends.

YOU Inc.

Would you give yourself a raise for the work you are completing?

Would you even hire yourself based on your current output?

Are you doing everything possible to ensure YOU Inc. is growing and thriving?

Things like:

– Managing the profit and loss statement
– Continuing education
– Maintaining the health and wellbeing of the employee(s)
– Looking for opportunities to grow and expand
– Increasing efficiencies and effectiveness
– Doing weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews
– Frequent strategic trajectory calibrations based on outside influences and internal goals

Are you treating YOU Inc. with the respect and diligence that it (YOU!) deserves?

Orient your brain around  Boise Gyms this idea.

The ONLY person you actually work for is you and your family.

Thinking and acting as a business of one will help you to make better decisions, act swiftly, make more money, save more money…increase your quality of life.

Welcome to the business world…

Time to make YOU Inc. thrive!




Some version of this makes up the daily dialogue at the Denton household these days.

Not only is it extremely frustrating from a noise pollution standpoint, but it’s also disheartening that my baby boy doesn’t want me 🙁

On the flip side, for my wife Sara, Boise Gyms it’s very touching that the babies always want her, but it is also extremely taxing that they always want her.

Give it a few minutes…and…wait for it….

Ahhh…all is right in the world again…dear old Dad can get that glass of water or put them in the car once again.

Nobody told me raising kids would be so draining on an emotional, physical, and mental level… Boise Gyms if you don’t have kids yet…let this serve as your warning 😉 —- Be battle-ready!

EVERYTHING in life shall pass with time…

The horrible stuff.

The hard stuff.

The amazing stuff.

The sad stuff.

The loving stuff.

Even, I hope, Boise Gyms seemingly bipolar children.


Remember this in all circumstances good or bad.

Keeping this in mind will see you through trying times and help you fully appreciate and relish joyous times.

Get out there and make the most of today…good or bad…as it too shall pass.

On Being Perceived as a Four letter word
I’m sure more people have said this, Boise Gyms or worse, about me than I even care to count.

Today, I received these sentiments yet again from a great client.


Sometimes it’s the person’s perception and what they are used to. (if you are not used to me, there is an aggressive break-in period)

And other times, quite frankly, I am (sorry if this was the case for you at some point, I am working on improving this area).

For those of you who have been personally coached by me for a long period of time know that I am extremely Boise Gyms passionate about getting people optimal results and I will go to the ends of the earth to do so.

However, if I’m not getting equal effort back from the person being coached I tend to point it out.

This, although the truth, comes across to people as rude.

In other words…sometimes the truth hurts and makes us want to lash out at the person who dished it to us.

I also focus more on the direct route to something than any fluff that may come along the way. Most people like the fluff and niceties.

I enjoy being coached and coaching straight to the point, if something is not going to have a core affect on the outcome I don’t wish to discuss it, work on it, or think about it.

This is neither right nor wrong it’s just how I am wired. Boise Gyms Most people are not wired this way and therefore, this comes across to many as rude or curt.

Why does any of this matter to you…because developing a great coach-coachee relationship can have a huge difference in your ultimate results.

1. Finding a great coach, or coaches, Boise Gyms is first. Do they know the thing in which they will be coaching you?
2. Get to work
3. Communicate, communicate, communicate to fine tune the relationship to ensure maximum results. A coach needs to hear from you what is working and what is not working for you. Coaches cannot read minds, yet 😉
4. After sufficient time (3 months give or take depending on what is being coached) with both of you working on gelling the relationship determine if you are getting the results you are after.

Everybody needs a slightly different approach and the more communication there is between the coach and the person being coached the better this will get.

Remember a coach is not there to be your friend. Boise Gyms A coach is there for one reason and one reason only…GETTING YOU RESULTS. PERIOD.

I appreciate the feedback from the aforementioned client, they gave very constructive and pointed feedback complete with examples to help move our coaching relationships progressively forward OR get them a coach that fits what they need better than I can.

Think a little deeper about your “coaching” relationships.

Ask yourself these questions:

– Who are your coaches, mentors, bosses, and teachers?
– Who are you a “coach” to?
– Are those relationships producing results?
– Are they optimized for the success of both parties?
– Do both parties know the best ways to communicate and get work done?
– Are you or have you discussed how you like to be coached, how they like to coach, and how the people who you are coaching like to be coached?

This goes for our coaches as well. Boise Gyms Our coaches strive to be the best in the industry, and I believe they are well on their way, but it helps them and you become better the more you communicate to them your needs and wants.

The Best Offense is a good Defense or… the best offense a good defense?

Based on yesterday’s Super Bowl one could make a good point for the latter.

Denver’s defense stymied the high-flying Panthers offense…(great job Denver, I’m very proud and happy for my friends who play for the Broncos).

However, the rest of the season the Panther’s could argue that a good offense is the best defense as would Dan Gable the Olympic gold medalist in wrestling.

Who is correct?

They BOTH are!

BUT, for optimal results, we have to be good at both.

We must always be on the attack and the offensive, Boise Gyms except for when we need to be on the defensive and defend against attack.

Confused yet?

We MUST be solid in both, offense and defense, to achieve superior success.

Similar to rowing a boat, if you row with only one oar you’ll go in circles and your destination will be determined by the current.

Currently, in life are you on the offensive or defensive?


Is there something you can do to improve your offense? (HINT: There ALWAYS is!)

What can you do to fortify your defense?

Be the head coach of your life today and WIN the game!

Setbacks are Set-Ups for Comebacks
When you look at most successful people’s backstory you will find HUGE failures and setbacks.

These setbacks and failures are in fact what forced, Boise Gyms allowed, or pushed them to achieve the success they ultimately reached.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen failed with a little company called Traf-O-Data 808 before Microsoft became a world leader:
” Even though Traf-O-Data wasn’t a roaring success, it was seminal in preparing us to make Microsoft’s first product a couple of years later”
– Paul Allen

Steven King’s best-selling book “Carrie” started out as a failure:

…he accepted a $2,500 advance for his first novel “Carrie” to Doubleday but after 30 rejections, King decided to give up on the book.
At the urging of his wife, King later resubmitted the manuscript and now, Boise Gyms after having hundreds of books published, King is one of the best-selling authors of all time…

Double lesson here for men…listen to your wife from time to time 😉

Conan O’Brien spent his entire career pursuing his dream of hosting the Tonight Show…which he did for just seven short months before it was stolen from him.

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Whether you fear it or not, disappointment will come. Boise Gyms The beauty is that with true disappointment you can gain clarity, and with clarity comes conviction and true originality.”
– Conan O’Brien

In Conan’s last episode of the tonight show he left us with this sage wisdom:

“Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.”
– Conan O’Brien

Bottom line…Get out there and fail…learn…iterate…fail…learn…iterate…fail…rinse and repeat until you reach your goal or something greater than you ever imagined…enjoy the entire process, because you know that every setback is a setup for a comeback.

You know that feeling when you run into an old friend?
Yesterday, I had lunch with a client and friend who I hadn’t seen in far too long.

We have been trying to get together for about a year, but both of our busy schedules always got in the way…


We both had something meaningful and impactful that we both wanted to meet about.

For me, the meeting brought back a host of thoughts and feelings about something that I had wanted to do but had put on the back burner.

This simple conversation reinvigorated me to get the wheels moving again. (Thank you Sherri)

Sometimes, a conversation or a chance meeting, when acted upon, is all it takes to get the wheels rolling in a direction that has the potential to drastically improve our lives.

This meeting got me to thinking about the phenomena of seeing old friends.

For an instant, Boise Gyms you’re better friends and happier to see them than at any time previously.

You get a strange rush of excitement and kinship.

Especially if you run into them in a situation where you don’t know anybody else.

You think, “Thank god, I know somebody here!”

Many times this feeling even happens with people who are not really a friend, but just an acquaintance.

You treat them as if they’re the most interesting and important person in the room.

I have two Shot in the Arm action steps for you today:

1. Reach out to somebody you have been meaning to call or an old friend that you haven’t spoke with in far too long. Boise Gyms See what they are up to, ask them how you can help them improve their day, or just call to say hi.

2. Today, treat everybody you interact with as the most important person in the room.

Your spouse, your kids, your workmates, the checker at the cash register,


Act like they are an old friend that you haven’t seen for ages.

Take inventory of the power this has on you and the people around you.

Congratulations…You’re in the right place.
You are right where you’re supposed to be.
Whether you’re struggling or thriving…
You’re right where you should be.
Every action you have done, or not done, up to this point has landed you where you currently are.
Sometimes that bit of information stings, because deep down we all know it’s true.
Don’t worry, Boise Gyms though, because it’s all good NO MATTER where you are.
If you’re struggling great upgrade your actions and grow through it and because of it.
If you’re striving great make sure you understand why and firmly implant those things into your habits, actions, and behaviors.
Today evaluate, upgrade, and implant your habits, Boise Gyms actions, and behaviors so that in twelve months from now you are right where you WANT to be.
Have you ever wondered how super achievers get so much done?
People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson.
Are you ready to learn their “secret”?
THEY don’t. I’ll say that again…
THEY don’t.
Pause…for effect and to let it sink in.
Sure super achievers work hard, Boise Gyms but so do many people, many people arguably work much harder.
But these people that work harder are doing it all themselves.
Super achievers are masters of using leverage.
They leverage their own skills and abilities…
They leverage the skills and abilities of others…
They leverage resources…
They leverage time…
They leverage knowledge…
They find ways to LEVERAGE EVERYTHING!
How can you start using leverage to get more done and spend more time doing the things you love?
You could hire a coach to leverage knowledge.
You could hire a personal assistant to leverage time.
You could leverage your colleagues for effectively by delegating more.
If you look hard enough nearly everything can be leverage to accomplish more, faster.

This is What I Did Last Night…
At 5:43 pm I arrived at an old vacant building in downtown Boise dressed in my finest suit.
At 5:45 I introduced myself to the leader of the event.
At 5:45:36 I was busy setting up tables, Boise Gyms chairs, and paperwork.
I was a volunteer.
I volunteered with a group of six other committed individuals to transform people’s lives.
A few things I learned and that I think may be helpful reminders for you in your life:
1. Following is just as valuable as leading.
This was a different, humbling, great experience for me. We don’t always need to lead. Following sometimes can be more valuable than leading. Following and seeing how others lead gives us better insight on how we can be better leaders.
I challenge you to seek out the opposite role of what you typically are in.
If you’re usually the leader be the lead. If you are usually being lead be the leader.
2. It’s Good to Not Know.
I was in learning mode with a live crowd in a dynamic situation. This is usually a nerve racking experience for most.
I loved it, it forced me to deal with it and learn to control my thoughts, actions, and behaviors in an unfamiliar dynamic unsettling situation.
I challenge you to put yourself in a situation where you have to learn on the fly, something that makes you nervous and forces you to get past and through those feelings.
3. We as humans are scared. Boise Gyms Mostly scared of ourselves.
We’re scared of our own infinite possibility so much that we make excuses why we can’t do, be, or have things.
We’re scared of fully committing to yourself and the life we want to live.
We’re scared of confronting our inner demons. Boise Gyms We prefer to shove them deep, tell ourselves that we are past them, and ignore that they have a role in every single thing we do.
I challenge you to stop.
Stop being scared of yourself.
Stop being scared of the person you really are.
Stop making up excuses why you cannot live the life of infinite possibility.

What Are Your Issues?
Listen…EVERYBODY has issues.

Maybe they aren’t the exact same as yours, but they have them just the same.

Maybe they are super wealthy, but their spouse hates them and they’re seconds away from a heart attack.

Maybe they have perfect health, but they have mountains of debt.

Maybe…[fill in the blank].

We’re all fallible infallible humans being.

Without mistakes, failures…fallibility…we would not have the opportunity to struggle.

Without struggle and frustration we would not be forced to learn resilience and new valuable skills.

Without resilience and new skills we would not grow.

Just because you don’t see the person next to you struggling doesn’t mean they’re not.

Most of us hide our struggles because it’s embarrassing to struggle.

This embarrassment prevents us from seeking help and ultimately powerfully overcoming and growing past the struggle.

We do nothing completely on our own.

There is no such thing as self-made.

Somebody makes the toothpaste and toothbrush you use every morning.

Somebody, MANY somebody’s, built the car you drive.

Trying to do everything on your own is for amateur performers.

Step into the ranks of the pros and enlist people in your struggles, dreams, and life.

Embrace the struggle and embrace the unlimited potential of other fallible infallible humans being.

What If…
…the quintessential question of possibility.
Most, if not all of us, live in a mindset of lack and scarcity in some area(s) of our life.
I would like to think I do not, BUT the cold hard reality is I do. There’s ALWAYS a greater possibility.
Today I want to help you start working towards your greater possibility and breaking free from the mindset of lack and scarcity.
For maximal effectiveness get a pen and paper out.
Write down your answers to the following questions.
Imagine that today you lost your job.
Question 1: What immediately scares you?
Money, your ability to find another job, the unknown, what other people will think?
Question 2: What possibilities does it open for you? What opportunity can you see that you could not see before?
For every door that closes another is opened.
Imagine today that you’re diagnosed with heart disease or cancer.
Question 3: How would eat, how would you spend your time, how would you treat your body?
Imagine today that anything is possible IF you put in sufficient time and effort to make it so.
Question 4: What steps would you take if anything was possible to live your life full out?
Did you write your answers down?
If not, write them down.
Remember life is lived in the actions we actually take, NOT in the ones we read, NOT in the ones we think about, NOT in the ones we will do on the proverbial “someday”.
NOW, do the things you answered in questions 2, 3, and 4 to rid yourself of the fears in question 1.

The Power of the Group
Whoever said there is no I in TEAM, in my opinion, WAS WRONG!
There is an I in every TEAM, in fact…
Look closely I is what makes up every single letter of TEAM…
I + __ = T
Do you see now?
I’s are what a team is!
Just as important there is a TEAM behind EVERY I.
It’s critical to understand this synergistic relationship between each individual of the team to fully understand the unlimited power available to us.
TEAM = family, friends, faith, community, the LAB Tribe, city, state, country, world, planet.
Once you understand how to maximally contribute value and how to maximal leverage your teams valued you will have unlimited power.
NOTHING will be out of reach for you.
Step 1: hone your skills and figure out how to provide as much value as possible to other people
Step 2: Strengthen relationships with everybody in your network. You can do this by introducing people who can help each other, by sending a bit of useful information their way, or simply by being there for them when they need it.
Step 3: Help other people do, be, and achieve more. Don’t give in to their excuses, help them see how great they are. Be the person in their life who supports them to be better. That is what I hope I am providing for you, even if only on a small level.
Every person you help helps the TEAM at large and makes the world a better, stronger, happier place.
Thus creating a better, stronger, happier life for you and those you care most deeply about.
You are on my TEAM and I am proud to have you.
Please let me know how I can best provide value to you.

The Growth Happens in the Fight
Goals have the most power when they are set with the intention of who they make you become in the accomplishing of them NOT what the end result is.
Making a million dollars is just the score of how well you have developed your money making skills.
Weight loss is just a measuring stick of how well you are developing healthy habits.
We have to keep score otherwise, we don’t know how we are doing, BUT it is not about the score.
As soon as we make it about the score it becomes un-fun and unfulfilling.
When it’s about growth, learning, and a constant battle to improve ourself…THAT is where life is lived.
When you set your goals, set goals that will force you to learn and grow.
Set goals that you have no idea how you are going to make them happen, BECAUSE that is how you force yourself to grow…how you force yourself out of the proverbial “comfort zone”.
I love to here people’s goals.
If you want a little coaching on this, reply with your biggest scariest goal.
If you’re scared to send your goal over to me…EVEN MORE, REASON TO SEND IT OVER!

Be That Person
Are you doing the things and taking the actions that the person you want to be would be doing and taking?
Gut Punch Warning
If you’re not…you will not become that person.
It seems stupidly simple, but it’s profound.
I urge you to not let this simple, seemingly mundane, lesson slip by.
It doesn’t matter how you feel…
It doesn’t matter if you’re motivated…
NONE of the thousands of excuses matter.
They are all excuses.
EVERYTHING that prevents you from being the you, you want to be, is an excuse. Nothing more and nothing less.
If you want something you have to take the necessary actions to get it no matter the amount of disagreement, road blocks, or seemingly insurmountable odds…
No matter how you feel or what you “want” to do.
You cannot be an Olympian without hours upon hours of grueling practice.
Similarly, you cannot have the health and body of your dreams without consistent effort day in and day out eating and moving right.
You cannot make money without providing increasing amounts of value to people willing to pay for it.
Even if you were able to accomplish being rich, healthy, etc. without the work…
You would not achieve fulfillment without the sweat and toil of the work.
Let me ask you something…
Do you think the person living the life that you want to live doesn’t have the same exact or, at least, similar excuses as you?
Everybody has excuses.
Everybody has reasons why they can’t do something.
The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful…
The difference between you living the life of your dreams and you accepting your current life is in the doing of the daily actions.
NOT in the thinking about.
NOT in the planning.
NOT in the finding of excuses.
That’s it.
Simply do the things that the person you want to be would do.
If you live your life the way the dream you would live their life before you know it it will no longer be just a dream.
“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”
How are you choosing to live it?

Can’t or Won’t?
“I didn’t know ‘won’t’ was part of your vocabulary”…said to me by somebody awesome trying to call me out!
Me: “there is a significant difference between won’t and can’t”
Can’t takes power away.
Won’t protects it, won’t puts the owness squarely on my shoulders.
Won’t GIVES power.
Can’t is defeating.
Can’t is a scapegoat.
Can’t leaves you powerless.
Listen to the words you’re saying to yourself and others.
Are they empowering?
Do they lift you up?
Do they lift others up?
Do they keep YOU on the hook?
We live in language.
Language is what translates our living into meaning.
Choose your words wisely.

We Need to Talk
You know how in school teachers hold “office hours”?
Time students can get one-on-one help from the master/teacher/professor.
I would not have made it through college as effectively as I did without “office hours”.
I spent just about as many hours in office hours as I did in classrooms.
This time was uber valuable to me.
I was able to ask specific questions about what I was struggling with without feeling like I would look bad or without having to wait my turn (I strongly dislike having to wait my turn, IT’S ALWAYS MY TURN 😉
The time spent in office hours with professors was at least 10x more valuable than the time I spent in class.
Don’t get me wrong…I needed both.
They come as a pair, I couldn’t have office hours without classroom time.
The office hours produced breakthroughs whereas the classes provided the foundation.
Those hours with the experts proved so valuable to me that I want to bring the same concept to The LAB…and just like the office hours in college I will be providing them for free.
My rate for a Performance Consultation ranges from $250 – $1000 depending on the depth and content covered.
During office hours, you will be getting the same level of coaching WITHOUT the fee!
I want to help more people achieve optimal performance, achieve total freedom and have tremendous power in all they do.
That’s it.
I simply want to help more people become the best version of themselves.
I will work with you on all things performance including, but not limited to:
* Business
* Fitness
* Nutrition
* Mental Toughness
* Goal Setting/Achievement
I’m extremely excited to help you reach your optimal level of a human being.
Office Hour Details:
* Held every Wednesday 2:00 – 5:00
* Conducted over the Phone or Skype (I will call you)
* Must be pre-booked (email me the date and time you are requesting)
* 30-Minutes sessions booked on the hour and half hour
I will be sending an email at the end of every week reminding you to get your office hour appointment request in.
For next week’s office hours, simply reply to this email with your request in the following format:
1. Subject: Office Hour Request
2. Time: [hour or half hour appointment time requested]
3. Topic: What do you want to talk about?
I am looking forward to helping you during office hours!

Get Rid of It
The universe is constantly moving towards entropy.
Entropy: lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.
I’m sure you have experienced this a time or two in your life.
This is the natural state of the universe. Trending towards chaos and disorder.
Nice uplifting message for the day right? 😉
Fortunately, for us, we have some say about the amount of disorder and chaos we allow into our own lives.
How much do you currently have?
Are you comfortable with it?
Are you able to stay in control?
Is that chaos or disorder causing you to be less effective at work, relationships, health, life?
Disorganization results in energy leaks.
Whether it be low level stress from the room we have been meaning to clean for the past 6 months or high level stress of running late and trying to find our keys.
Reigning in the amount of disorganization in your life is one of the fastest ways to increase your productivity, performance, and decrease your stress.
I challenge you to commit to cleaning up just one area of disorganization every day for the next 30 days.
Things like:
* Cleaning your car
* Organizing your schedule
* Getting rid of things you no longer use or need
* Creating a morning and evening routine
I guarantee you will feel better, happier, and get more done.

Leave it Better than you found it…
LOVE fresh ground almond butter.
Seriously, I probably have an issue.
So, the other day I was getting my fifth tub of it for the week and the grinding station was a mess.
Peanut butter and almond butter were smeared on the pen and globbed on the tray below the grinding machines.
Making it very inconvenient for whoever is using the machine next, in this circumstance…me!
I see this same sort of issue in public restrooms with paper towels on the floor and the sinks splattered with water, in grocery store parking lots with shopping carts scattered in random spots, and in gyms with people not racking their weights.
What if instead of us not cleaning up after ourselves…
Or leaving a piece of garbage on the ground that is not ours…
Or not stepping in to help somebody in need…
WHAT IF, we make it a habit of leave things BETTER than how we find them?
I don’t know the answer, but I am sure we would both come up with the same educated guess.
I cleaned up the nut butter grinding station, felt better about how I left it and felt better about myself for taking the 20 seconds to improve the world.
Yes, I said the world.
We never know what little thing will make or break somebody’s day.
We never know what happened previous to them interacting with something we did or did not leave better than how we found it.
Just imagine if everybody did one thing every day to improve the world and the things in it to a state better than when they found it?
What are you going to do today to improve the world?
Own YOUR Day!

What is Complacency Costing You?

The ref was raising my hand in victory as we stood in the middle of the wrestling mat.

The last match of my 14 year wrestling career…

I won!



Why then were my eyes welling up with tears and my throat tightening?

A few hours previous I wrestled in the Semi-Finals for the Alaska State Championship.

I remembered parts of that match like it were yesterday.

“Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Brett, you need points, you have to shoot!” My coached shouted.

It was typically of me in a tough match to wait until the end to win the match.

I wasn’t near as worried as my coach and I had no urgency.

The final minutes started ticking off and I did my deal.

Starting racking up points to win the match.

The final whistle blew, we shook hands, and the ref raised my opponents hand in victory…

I lost…

Instead of going out on top I was relegated to the consolation bracket for a third place finish.

As I walked off the mat trying to figure out what went wrong I heard my opponent’s coach say:

“You wanted it more than him.”

Gut punch.

In those six words, I got complacency.

I really got it.

I was the superior wrestler.

I had never lost to this opponent in ten previous matches.

I was favored to win the championship.


Because I was complacent.

I didn’t prepare for the match as I should have.

I didn’t wrestle the match as I should have.

I didn’t respect my opponent as I should have.

Frankly, I was being a prima donna.

Where is complacency hurting your performance?

What is it costing you?

n about 10 minutes I’m giving a presentation to Corey Barton Homes to launch the Kvell Corporate Performance program that we affectionately call Propel.
Kvell Propel…it has a ring to it, right? 🙂
Anyways, we always do a survey before we start any Propel program to figure out what the biggest issues are with employee or team performance.
We probably don’t need to do the surveys anymore because they always come back with things like:
“Not enough time to take care of myself.”
“Time and energy.”
“Dedicating time to physical health.”
“Balancing work and family.”
These statements are repeated in every company ad nauseam.
Sound familiar?
We live in a world of constant distraction, time sucks, and overwhelm.
Soooo guess what I will be talking about tomorrow 😉
I’m going to give you, my faithful readers of the Shot in the Arm, a little sneak peak for free.
1. Guard your time as your life depends on it because it does. The quality of it and the length of it. Seneca said when we devalue our time we are “trifling with life’s most precious commodity.”
2. Schedule your most important things first. They are not likely what you think they are. Things like time with your family, exercise, recreations, sleep. The things that renew you and increase your level of productivity.
3. Plan your day, week, and month if possible in advance. Of course, things will not go perfectly, but you will get a lot more done, feel more accomplished, and be purposeful about your life.
Lastly, understand that you and everybody else on earth have 168 hours per week.
Decide on how you want to use those 168 hours of your life, then be purposeful and pragmatic with their use.

7 Ways to Transform Your Life

From time to time people ask me for advice on success. Unfortunately, I’m not qualified to give that advice. Success is different for everybody.
What I can offer is what has worked for me, not for success per say, but for transformation and growth.

Here are 7 things that if implemented have the ability to transform your life.

1. Read or listen to something that makes you think, grow, learn, or be inspired.

2. Focus on your health above all else. Sleep 7 or more hours per night. Exercise DAILY (yin and yang exercise). Eat tons of vegetables with moderate protein, fat, and fruit.

3. Network. The more people who know and like you the better off you will be. This is your social capital and is far more powerful than money. Do this by providing value to the people you want in your network.

4. Spend more time with people that you enjoy, who support you, and less time with the alternative. Hang out with people who are better than you and who inspire you in areas you want to improve.

5. Do something that scares you at least once a month. There is opportunity beyond fear, and you will build a higher fear threshold by doing so.

6. Get a mentor or coach who can see from the outside in.

7. Master one new skill per year. Learning keeps your brain sharp, makes you more interesting, helps you meet new people, and creates a more fulfilling life.

The Gandhi Way

There are few if any, better role models of self-discipline than Gandhi.

As a transformation and human potential coach, I find that humans are better at telling people what they should do than actually doing those things themselves.

We all are hypocrites in some area of our life.

The doctor that smokes.

The financial advisor who overspends.

The parent who tells their child to eat right, go to bed on time, work hard yet does none of these things.

The personal trainer who doesn’t exercise and is out of shape.

The nutritionist who is overweight from poor eating habits.

The list goes on.

What areas are you not taking your advice?

If you simply started taking your advice, your life would improve drastically both outwardly and inwardly with a boost of self-confidence and self-respect.

I dare you to try 100% integrity with yourself and your word for seven days.

There is a story of a woman in India who was upset that her son was eating too much sugar. No matter how much she chided him, he continued to satisfy his sweet tooth. Totally frustrated, she decided to take her son to see his great hero Mahatma Gandhi.

She approached the great leader respectfully and said,

“Sir, my son eats too much sugar. It is not good for his health. Would you please advise him to stop eating it?”

Gandhi listened to the woman carefully, turned and spoke to her son,

“Go home and come back in two weeks.”

The woman looked perplexed and wondered why he had not asked the boy to stop eating sugar. She took the boy by the hand and went home.

Two weeks later she returned, boy in hand. Gandhi motioned for them to come forward. He looked directly at the boy and said,

“Boy, you should stop eating sugar. It is not good for your health.”

The boy nodded and promised he would not continue this habit any longer.

The boy’s mother turned to Gandhi and asked,

“Why didn’t you tell him that two weeks ago when I brought him here to see you?”

Gandhi smiled,

“Mother, two weeks ago I was still eating sugar myself.”

Gandhi lived in such integrity that he would not allow himself to give advice unless he was living by it himself.

Try the Gandhi Way this week and see how much more power you have and how much more weight your advice carries.

Why Do You…

I write the Shot in the Arm to inspire, empower, question, and equip you with skills to perform in life.
I write to provide questions and subjects for you to ponder in an effort to help you live a great life.
I write to work through the complexities of life.
I write for the challenge of it.
I write to play my part in helping as many other people as possible play theirs.
I write to make the future of my two boys as bright as possible.
I write so my parents can hear from me every day and understand how well they raised me.
I write for my wife. To help her understand my constant state of contemplation.
I write for you. I write for you in an effort to help you become all that you want to become.
Why do you do what you do?
Who do you do it for?
What is the wind beneath your wings?

The Pitfalls of Snacking as a Way of Life…

“Would you like pretzels or nuts?” the flight attendant asks thirty minutes into your flight.

The correct answer is always…

“Neither, thank you.”

We are a society of snackers.
We snack on headlines, social media blurbs, food, relationships, workout programs, diets, budgeting techniques, and gurus.
It’s rare for us to do one thing long enough to reap the full benefits of it.
Our attention is so scattered, diluted, and erratic that most of us can’t sit down and finish one project on our computer without having to check our email or social media pages for no reason other than to check them.
We are unable to go ten minutes without the urge to check our phone.
(let’s see if you can read this full email, NOT SKIM IT, without your brain pulling you in another direction).
Were addicted to distraction.
We’re addicted to pings, notifications, and newsfeeds.
This addiction has lead us to expect newness in everything.
People jump from fitness program to fitness program chasing new instead of results.
People jump from one diet to the next chasing change instead of progress.
Heck, people are even jumping from job to job faster than ever before.
We don’t know how to handle boredom.
(Has your mind pulled you away from this email yet?)

We don’t know how to stay the course until complete.

We have lost our ability to see things through to the end in the chase for dopamine hits and “not getting bored.”

We have more choices than any other human in history and it’s destroying our ability to focus and make meaningful and significant forward progress.

Let’s look at fitness as an example.

It takes the body YEARS to adapt, grow, and progress.

To get the most out of any fitness program and nutrition plan you must stick to it for years.

If you jump from one program to the next like a stowaway jumping from boxcar to boxcar you will end up much like the stowaway.

Either you will go nowhere because every time you change boxcars you go the opposite direction (albeit you will spend a lot of time, energy, and resources doing it)…

…or you will end up giving up because of the lack of progress and all of the effort you’re putting in doesn’t seem to be doing any good…

…or maybe you get to where you’re going once and then when it’s time to move on you have to go through the entire charade all over again.

Instead of being the stowaway on the boxcar why don’t you put in the years of hard work and effort to build a foundation so that you can afford to purchase a ticket on any train to any place.

You then can go anywhere you want with ease because you have spent the requisite energy, focus, and time to build a solid foundation.

You will get bored going this route and so maybe it isn’t for you, but I GUARANTEE you will see, do, and be more with it.

You have to have patience, determination, sticktoitiveness, along with investing many years of blood, sweat, and tears.

However, it’s all the more rewarding in the end not in spite of but because of these things.

I predict that the most successful people in the years to come will be those who learn to say no to 99.9% of what comes at them and who have developed the skill of focus.

I am 100% convinced of this prediction because…

…these are the people who are the most successful NOW.

Here’s the kicker…

…it doesn’t matter the endeavor task or objective.

This principle works no matter what.

(Did you actually read the entire email or just skim, and read the bolded text?)

Did you make it to the end without being distracted or having your brain pull you into another thought?

My guess is no and that’s okay, you’re still probably a good person, it just means there’s work to do to strengthen your focus “muscles.”

I promise you the ability to focus, learn to live with boredom, and learn how to shut out distraction will exponentially and drastically multiply the quality of your life and the amount of MEANINGFUL “work” you get done. (keywords – “GET DONE”)

A few ways to build your focus muscles..

Stop snacking on…

– Food
– Social Media
– Work (block out time and work on one thing for that amount of time)
– Be where you are in totality (mentally, physically, and emotionally)
– Develop a daily meditation practice
– Commit to completing things
– Commit to daily routines for a set amount of time (7, 30 and 100 days are a good start)

Okay, now that you have finished this email let your mind get back to constantly being distracted 😉