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Boise Gyms | Shifting Paths

Boise Gyms | Shifting Paths

Growing up, like many youth athletes, I dreamed of playing professionally. (for me it was playing in the National Football League) Every year the “World Championship” football game (it’s Super and has “bowl in it) rolls around I am forced to reflect on my journey. I played football from the fourth grade until I graduated college with the hopes of playing in the NFL up until my junior year in college when a shift occurred. I no longer felt the want, need, urge, or drive to play in the NFL. I wouldn’t have turned it down if I got the shot, but it was no longer my priority. I don’t know exactly what caused this shift maybe my maturity as a human a Boise Gyms change in the season of my life the fact that I wasn’t starting on my college football team and thus maybe not good enough my understanding more about who I am and what I wanted. Who knows, but a significant shift occurred. Sometimes we get so focused on one objective that we forget to take the time and effort to ask if what we’re chasing and how we’re chasing it is still what we want and providing fulfillment. Boise Gyms If you’re not fulfilled with what you’re doing and what you’re going after then why are you doing it? If you can’t find some form of joy or value in your daily “doing” than what are you doing? It’s okay and in fact often necessary to shift your goals, objectives, and actions to ensure you’re living a fulfilling life. Don’t become trapped in a prison of your own design. Step out the path and look at yourself from above from time to time to ensure you’re still following the best path. Brett “Still Maturing, Shifting, and Finding My Path” Denton Experiment: You Morning routines Everybody has one and some are more beneficial than others. The other day I read about a morning routine that was three hours long and more expensive than most people’s entire monthly grocery bill. This routine was supposedly done every morning by a health and fitness guru. I feel that many of the “experts” and “gurus” forget about people who have kids to get to school, jobs to get to, spouses to spend time with, and the like.

These experts and gurus have great information but are not typically good at distilling it to what the normal busy parent and professional can do on a consistent basis. People like Tim Ferris are constantly experimenting with extreme levels of performance. What works for these people will not always work for you and you likely aren’t ready or don’t need to do whatever it is they are doing. People like Tim are an experiment of one and know it. The problem lies with the followers who don’t understand this. The most valuable thing you can take from them is that. You are the experiment and what works best for you is what works best for you. Personal performance gains are Boise Gyms achieved through experimentation and finding what works best for you, your life, your lifestyle, your physiology, your DNA, your goals, so on and so forth. Second, you MUST start at the bottom and work your way up. Whatever it is you’re working to reach optimal performance in you must know what needs to be at the foundation and then build it first. For health, fitness, and wellness Are you eating optimally for your body? Are you exercising and getting movement every day? Are you sleeping enough to recover mentally, physically, and emotionally? If you aren’t doing these three things…start there with your health, fitness, and wellness experiment of one. When it comes to your health and fitness nothing else matters outside of those three until those three are optimized and habitual. Get to experimenting! Brett “Experiment of One” Denton What Are Your Three? If you’re anything like me there are seemingly endless things you want to improve, get better at, stop doing, learn, and try. However, I think the statement “you can have anything you want you just can’t have everything you want” fits well here. I have two questions for you. 1. What are the three habits you most want to stop doing? 2. What are the three habits you most want to start doing? Once you have your answers to these questions choose one and orient your daily habits, actions, and behaviors towards it.

Plan on adhering to these habits, actions, and behaviors for at least 18 months (the average time it takes to adopt new habits as a lifestyle). Simple, not always easy, and one of the surest paths to the adoption of your chosen habit and objective. Brett “I Said Simple, Not Easy” Denton The Easy-Hard and the Hard-Easy Things The more people I work with the more I glean about how people work. One of the areas that has started to become more clear is in how people deal with and do things Consumer Alert: There are individual differences in all things and for the sake of this discussion, I’m going to generalize. You will likely NOT fall neatly into my generalizations but instead somewhere on the continuum and you will still find value in what I am about to say anyway. There’s a portion of the population that loves “hard.” The more difficult something is the more likely they want to do it. These are the people who like to get thrashed in their workout and barely be able to walk the next day, super ultra extreme diets, challenges, Spartan races, etc. The other end of the spectrum is people who hate hard with a passion. Boise Gyms They don’t want to do anything that will make them sweat or breathe hard will not eliminate XYZ from their diet and Boise Gyms  don’t want to take part in anything that makes them uncomfortable in the slightest. The thing is most people no matter where on the spectrum you fall don’t pay enough attention to doing the easy things and instead focus on doing the “hard” things. Easy things like changing one small habit at a time, getting X amount of steps in per day, saving $1 per day, and so on. These easy things are hard for most. Whereas the “hard” things are easy for most. One of the issues with “hard” things is they’re usually not sustainable and thus don’t last. The opposite is true for easy things if implemented correctly over time. I believe both have value. Further, I believe most people would benefit exponentially spending more time and attention working to make the easy things easy. What easy thing can you work to make easy starting today? Brett “Easy Can Be Hard” Denton I Didn’t Ask for This Being that you’re reading this, allow me to give you my opinion on something People LOVE to give their opinion. Opinions are a dime a dozen. A few things about opinions. Everybody has one. Each one is unique based on the experiences of the individual. Boise Gyms People give them freely whether prompted or not. They can be mentally and emotionally damaging if not delivered with tact which few people (including myself) have It is a rare bird that thinks through the consequences to self and others of sharing opinions before actually sharing (this issue has increased exponentially with the advent of social media) Being on the receiving end of unsolicited opinions for the past fifteen years I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that your words carry great power.

I used to be (and still am at times) a master at giving unsolicited advice (which is nothing more than opinion). Another thing about opinions and advice is that we’re poor receivers of them, particularly when not asked for. If a person asks for advice it’s good practice to treat it with the care it deserves. This person trusts your opinion and is seeking your help. Answer and speak directly to the question instead of what most of us do which is tell people a host of things that were not asked and many times never directly answering the question posed. Example Question: What is the best XYZ to use for ABC? Unproductive Answer: Don’t use LMNOP or 123. Productive Answer: In my opinion and from my experience the best tool is ZED. The unproductive answer answers a question that was not asked and provides no solution to the question. Humans are very good at answering questions not asked providing no positive or productive feedback or resolution. Many Boise Gyms times after asking for advice I find myself thinking…didn’t ask for this…what I asked was. Something that has helped reduce my stress levels significantly is to understand that people’s opinions are just their opinions and to be careful when and who I vomit mine upon. For most things for every one person that has an opinion on it, there are just as many or more who have a contradictory opinion. Take opinions with a grain of salt. Ruminate on them. Extract what is useful and disregard the rest. Remember, if you were the person giving the opinion you would have the same opinion. Now, this is only my opinion take it for what it’s worth.