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Boise Gyms | Results Faster

This is Brett dentin with kvell fitness and nutrition of Boise gyms and Meridian gyms in Idaho. And today we’re going to look at some frequently asked questions for fitness health weight loss diet nutrition and exercise versus what is the new rage about heart rate monitoring heart rate monitoring is very simply taking a look at your heart rate as you exercise and heart rate monitoring can be used for many different purposes. One purpose is called heart rate variability. And when you measure heart rate variability you can tell if you’re ready to train or not. If your heart rate variability is drastically increasing and decreasing throughout the day then you’re not quite ready to train again. Boise Gyms This could also actually be a sign of overtraining which means you need more rest. So heart rate variability first and foremost is a great way to determine if your body is actually recovered and ready for another hard training session. Another way that people use heart rate monitoring places like Orange theory fitness and some of the other newer franchises out there use it to control your workout. And so they’ll put you in specific ranges to see if or to help you make sure that you’re getting the best workout possible. Now this can really be beneficial if they use it correctly and it really depends on what your goal is. If you’re doing a high intensity anaerobic interval training then you typically want to be at 80 percent or higher of your maximum heart rate or if your just looking for a lower type of aerobic endurance than you’re looking to be somewhere in that like 55 to 80 range when it comes to your maximal heart rate. And how do you get maximum heart rate. You can do 220 minus your age 220 minus your age is going to be equal to your maximum heart rate. Boise Gyms And then you base your training based on those numbers then that will get you to where you need to be to get the desired training effect that you’re after. So I guess it is you know the scale sometimes can go up you get your body fat is going to go down and you’ll see this when you know if you get body fat measurements on a consistent basis and you’re doing resistance training. Typically what happens is people start doing resistance training and they start putting on the mass and this lean mass is why they’re seeing a change in their body fat. Yet the scale is either not changing at all or going up. And this is a common misperception of your fad is turning into muscle fat doesn’t actually turn into muscle the mechanism and the science doesn’t work that way. What happens is you’re losing some fat and you’re gaining some muscle. But isn’t one turning into the other. So as you do resistance training as you start working your muscles against force your muscles have to get stronger and as your muscles get stronger they increase in their size and their mass and their muscle fibers. Boise Gyms And this leads to increases in muscle mass. And while you’re doing that you’re also increasing your metabolism. And so as you increase your metabolism you start burning more fat throughout the day. Boise Gyms So you’re losing fat and you’re gaining lean mass. And so this will sometimes cause your weight to go up or not change at all. You are getting healthier. You also are going to be losing inches. You know you’re going to be losing inches around your midsection around your hips and around the other areas that tend to store fat. So this is all a good thing. So don’t be super concerned about the weight on the scale if something is changing like your body fat or your inches. Now once you start getting your body fat and your inches where you want it then you can start looking at the scale and if you want to drop weight or not. Boise Gyms Another thing that people often talk about or ask a question about is you know should they eat before they work out or not. In other words if somebody has an early morning workout should they eat or consume some type of food before their workout. And this is really dependent on the person and you know how early they’re working out. Some people work out at 5 am and they’re not getting enough sleep. If they were to wake up at 4:00 a.m. And so for then you know eating probably isn’t the best option unless they are doing just a quick you know quick pre-workout shake

or something like that. That’s just getting a fast shot of carbohydrates and protein. Because what happens with a lot of these people is they’re going to bed at you know a late hour 10:00 11:00 o’clock and then they’re hopping out of bed. You know at 4:30 and running to the gym to get their workout in. And for these people adding a food into that is not going to be a good idea because they’re going to be eating it at a time when they’re not able to digest it because the hop right into that workout. Now if you can get up and you can get some food into your belly 60 to 45 minutes minimum before you work out. Then yes is highly recommended that you eat before you work out eating on an empty stomach is typically going to not allow you to get the best value out of your workouts. In other words you are going to build a push as hard as you could otherwise because you’re not going to have that immediate energy from the food that you just ate. And so your work is just not going to be quite as successful or effective because you’re not going to be able to have the maximum output of energy. And so it’s recommended that you eat before you work out especially first thing in the morning. Boise Gyms If it’s another time in the day not as important because you know you will have been eating your breakfast you’ll in your lunch you know whatever time you work out during the day you’ll have some food and you’ll have some energy and yet but in the morning you’re breaking that you know 10 to 12 hour fast. So it’s a good idea to get some type of food and then if you’re cutting it close. Liquid types of foods are going to be a better option just simply because they’re going to digest faster. Another question people ask is you know how often should I work out or is working out every day OK. And answer this question is yes you absolutely should work out every day in some form or fashion or another. And so in other words you should get some type of purposeful movement every day. And this could just simply be walking. It could be lifting weights. It could be running. It could be dance. It could be yoga. It could be you know peer bar could be all of these things but it’s a good idea to get in the habit of getting some form of physical activity for you know 30 minutes to even 20 minutes every single day so that you just get in the habit of it. Now when you look at the different types of training then it gets more important nor should you lift weights every day. And and really that really just depends on how you are lifting weights you know are you lifting really heavy and going really hard full body if you’re doing that. That probably isn’t a good idea to do it every day because your body is going to start to get overtrained after a certain amount of time. Boise Gyms Now if you’re doing a body part split maybe you’re doing upper body one day lower body the next day. Core and abs the next day after that you know then in that case you know working out every day is probably fine because you give your body and you’re giving those parts of your body enough time to rest in between. And if you go into one of our gyms one of our Boise gyms or one of our meridian gyms we work the entire body every single day. But we work it in a way that allows people to work out every day because of the training method that we use. And so even with that though it really depends on people’s training age how fast they are able to recover. It’s a very individualized thing. You know what we recommend for people is that you know they come and work out with us two to three days a week maybe four. And then those other days they go to do something else maybe high interval Sprint interval or high high intensity sprint intervals or yoga you know restorative yoga platies something like that. So they give their body a different type of stimulus than we’re giving them. But again working out everyday. Yes absolutely. You just have to choose wisely on what type of workout that you’re doing. And a lot of people wonder why they get so hungry after eating you know something like just fruit in the morning. Boise Gyms And the reason is because your stomach empty isn’t much faster with something like fruit. Fruit gets digested very rapidly and gets out of the stomach and all of a sudden your stomach feels like it’s hungry again. Now a lot of the times people get hungry and it’s not a real hunger. So what I mean by real hunger is it’s a hormonal hunger instead of actually your body being hungry.

Most people this day and age aren’t actually hungry. They just have hormonal release or they have what what we look at is stomach cramping because their stomach doesn’t have any food in it and so it starts to cramp up and that is what a lot of people think is hunger. When you feel real hunger you feel it actually on your throat it almost feels like something’s pulling on your throat versus in the stomach when you feel it in the stomach stomach cramping could be a hormonal hunger because you’re just used to eating at that time. This is something that a lot of people see when they’ve been eating many times throughout the day and they go to just you know three times a day. So if you go from six times a day which would be at breakfast snack lunch snack dinner snack two or three times a day which is going to be simply your breakfast lunch and dinner. A lot of times during those normal snacking periods people will feel hungry and not to be out ravenous hunger like they all feel like they absolutely have to eat or they’re going to just pass out or die. And this is usually from a hormone called ghrelin and that is just a hormonal hunger because their body is preparing for the food that has been used to getting at that time. Once you get past this once you get through the initial few few weeks or for some people a month or two of that hunger it goes away because your body starts to understand that you’re not giving it food at that time anymore. Snacking is really something that is not needed and has become too excessive and too prevalent in today’s day and age. And in reality people just need to eat the meal that in a way that they don’t get hungry. You know until their next meal. And so you want to get in the habit of doing that. Next thing is you know how long does it take to see results. And in reality people can see results in the first week. Now that really depends on the person and it depends on the intensity of the program and it depends on what we’re talking about when it comes to results. People can start getting stronger and start feeling better. I mean is as immediate as the first week. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. You know you start releasing some hormones your body starts to adapt and you know you start to get a neuromuscular connection going on and so that can all happen within the first week and after that when you’re looking for as you start looking for real significant body changes you know you’re looking at anywhere from four weeks up to about you know three months to start seeing no significant changes. Now this also depends on how aggressive the program that you’re doing is I mean we’ll run programs at some of our Boise gyms and Meridian gyms where people can drop 20 plus pounds in just six weeks. Now that’s a very aggressive program. It’s very strict dieting but you can see six significant results in that short amount of time. Now when you’re looking for long term results you take a little slower approach. You know you can drop you know two pant sizes in about three months and continue to slowly drop weight. Going forward from that. So again it just kind of depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to gain lean mass if you’re looking to lose body fat. If you’re just looking to kind of maintain it all really just depends on what the goal is now how aggressive you are. Another question people often ask is and often people think that they shouldn’t eat late at night. And yeah that might be. There’s there’s probably some science behind that. But in reality if you haven’t eaten all day then or if your Haven’t been eating that much all day it might be a good idea to eat a little bit before bed. Now with that said many people can’t sleep as well when they eat before bed. So this is something that you need to realize might happen for you. You know if you eat late at night the ability for you to get into deep sleep or to sleep comfortably might be diminished. And so this is an important thing because when we’re talking about health fitness and well-being sleep is extremely important. Probably one of the most important things and one of the most undervalued parts of being healthy. And so if you’re eating right before you go to bed a lot of the times that’s going to cause you to not sleep as restful as you could or is going to make it take longer

for you to go to sleep. So this is a very important thing for you to remember now when it comes to weight loss and muscle building that type of stuff there are some advantages and disadvantages of it. But the real the real bottom line is you know if you haven’t eaten that much that day then you might as well go ahead and eat a little bit. And if you have then don’t worry about eating before bed. And if it’s affecting your sleep you really ought to take that into account. The next thing that people ask a lot is you know or actually this is kind of what people run into a lot is it. You know I just I don’t have time to eat and so I just eat when I can and just stuffed down my face as fast as I possibly can. And this is bad for a whole host of different reasons. Number one we don’t want to be eating on the run and we don’t want to be eating when stressed and we don’t want to be eating when our body is not ready to fully digest it. Boise Gyms And so what this means is if you’re always on the move and you’re eating your body is not in a state where it’s able to really absorb that food and digest that food properly. And this causes stress on the body which ends up leading to many eating types of issues and disorders. You know so you could get irritable bowel disease you can just not digest your food properly. You can get constipation. There are all types of things that can lead up to these issues when it comes to eating on the run and all eat when you have time. Second what happens when people only eat when they have time as they become famished and ravenous and they just eat the easiest thing which is almost always not the healthiest thing. Or they don’t eat enough food in general. And so they’ve been starving their bodies their body is deplete in nutrients and other things that they need to be healthy and strong. Thirdly it elevates their blood sugar and then drops the blood sugar and just destroys metabolism because it’s constantly going up and down up and down up and down in a very erratic fashion in a way that really doesn’t make sense for most people when it comes to being healthy and fit. And so you want to plan in your meals. And now they don’t have to be consistently at the same time it’s easier to lose weight and it’s simpler to stay on a plan if they are consistent. But they don’t have to be consistent in our ancestors a long time ago didn’t have a consistent you know meal schedule that they stuck to. So that’s not as important. But you do have to make sure that you’re making time to eat and you’re eating the healthy foods in the right amounts. Boise Gyms So that’s what you want to kind of look at. And another question is you know can I just do cardio to lose fat. And the answer to that question is yes but is it the best option would be the question posed back to you. You know again at our Boise in Meridian gyms in Idaho we do a combination of cardio and resistance training so that people are not only losing fat but they’re increasing lean muscle and they’re increasing their muscle tone. This is going to ultimately make them look better. Right. Boise Gyms And that’s what most people want. They want to look better. They don’t want to just lose weight they’re really losing weight so that they look better they’re more attractive they’re more attractive the opposite sex. And so that’s really what we’re looking for. And so what do resistance training and we want to do cardio and preferably we can do those both at the same time to save you some some time. And so that’s typically what we’ll do. You know we’ll do resistance training in a format that is also cardio heavy so that people are losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. And they do that in the most efficient and effective way possible. All right guys get out there today and Cavo.