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Boise Gyms | Results Driven Program

Boise Gyms | Results Driven Program

Can You Lose ONE Pound in ONE Year? The problem with losing weight for most people is that they too easily find it again and the lost weight comes back with friends upon being found. How much did you weigh one year ago and how much do you weigh today? (you can interchange “weight” for any goal or lifestyle change you’re working on…bank account balance, debt, income, etc.) Boise Gyms The challenge is not losing weight, that’s the “easy” part. Keeping it off in perpetuity is the “hard” part. In physics, there’s a distinct difference between distance and displacement that applies here. Distance refers to how much ground has been covered. Displacement refers to how far out of place an object is. In weight loss terms Yoyo Bob starts the year at 200 lbs Joins a gym and loses 10 Feels good about himself, eases up and gains 5 Feels pants getting too tight, joins a transformation challenge and loses 20 Wins the challenge, thinks he can go it alone and rapidly gains 25 YoYo Bob ends the year at 200 lbs. Bob traveled (in weight “miles”) a distance of 60 lbs, but his displacement was 0. Meaning Bob made no actual progress to reduce his weight.

Poor Bob worked so hard to achieve for all intents and purposes nothing. You could argue YoYo Bob, depending on his training, is stronger, healthier, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera regardless he made no NET progress on his weight loss objective. Most people end up like Bob or worse. What are you going to do this year to ensure you create a displacement in the direction you desire instead of racking up you distance number? Boise Gyms Brett “Terrible Physics Student” Denton You Don’t NEED to Compete Competition is mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing. It seems that the newest fitness fad, based off of many of the new facilities going up, is competition. Why? Is this supposed to get people superior results? (It won’t over the long term) Is it because humans are hardwired to compete? (we are, but it will kill us if we do it too frequently) Is it because it’s what sells and it’s easier to yell at people to work harder then it is to tell them to slow down and do things right?(maybe) There’s a reason sports are seasonal and have a limited number of competitions. (if you’re a parent of an athlete take heed of this for your athletes) Most of our time should be spent in practice mode NOT competition mode. For whatever reason, the fitness industry is trying to take people to competition mode every training session. At Kvell we have three-week training phases that go as follows 1. Recover and Discovery Week 2. Ramp Up Week 3. Challenge Week This gives our clients two weeks of “practice” and then a week to challenge themselves.

This ensures the body has adequate time to recover while being exposed to a stimulus that improves health, wellness, and fitness and one week to force the body into high growth mode. Most of the time, you should feel better after your workout than you do before. If you’re drained after every workout then you probably need to reassess how you’re training, your recovery, and your nutrition. Tired is not the goal…BETTER is. Athletes aside, winning is the not the goal…health, wellness, and quality of life is. Brett “Practice More Compete Less” Denton Do This Today I woke up today less than motivated to get going. The holidays lulled me into a bit of a fog. Too much food, Boise Gyms drink, and relaxation. However, life goes on fog or not and as you’re well aware time does not wait for anyone. Today is officially the second day of 2018, however, as far as productivity is concerned for most people today is day one. The days are long and the years are short. We must act and we must act fast if we want to change, improve, or transform from where we currently sit before 2019 rolls up on us. Do one thing today big or small that moves you closer to your objectives for 2018. Do not delay for time is only on our side if we spend it wisely and proactively. What is the one thing you are going to do today? Brett “Do It Today” Denton 2018 – What’s Your Theme? There’s something about changing the digits of the year that refreshes us, renews our resolve, and wipes the slate clean. What will 2018 bring and be for you? Or and more importantly, Boise Gyms what will you make of it? There are a few things guaranteed to happen and the rest is up to you. You will grow one year older. You will suffer some form of disappointment, sadness, frustration, and the like.

I always pick a theme for the year and orient my entire life around it. This helps me to stay focused on one overarching objective in every choice that presents during the year. What will be your theme for 2018? – Growth – Freedom – Adventure – Yes – No – Balance – Fulfillment – Change – Health – Discipline – No Fear – Just Beer 😉 The options are limitless. It’s less important what the theme is than picking one and focusing on it. You will get out of 2018 what you choose to get out of it by what you put in and how you orient your perception. I hope that you choose to make the most of it and have a year filled with [YOUR THEME]. Brett “What’s Your Theme?” Boise Gyms Denton A Simplified Success Plan for 2018 As a general rule, we try to change too many things at once and make changing those things far too complicated. For my last email of 2017, I’m going to give one action that if done consistently will drastically improve that area of your life. (if these don’t work for you then come up with your own list of ONE THING) Health Consume more non-starchy vegetables than any other food. Fitness Perform at least 15 minutes of purposeful physical activity per day. Preferably 60 minutes per week of resistance training, 30 minutes per week of cardiovascular training, and the rest recover work. Mental Functioning and Mood Sleep 7 – 9 hour per 24 hours. Finances Automate and review them at least once per month. (Resource 1 and Resource 2) Relationships Perform one act per week that shows the people you love them that you love them. Fun Plan one thing per week that is done strictly because you enjoy it. Career Deliver value at a level higher than you’re compensated. Brett “Own 2018!” Denton