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Boise Gyms | Phenomenal Results

Boise Gyms | Phenomenal Results

This is the Cavell life where we strive to bring happy and proud to the world that the tools of fitness nutrition mindset and lifestyle. My name is Brett Denton. I am the owner of kvell fitness and nutrition of Boise gyms and we are talking about the 10 things that people need to know about fitness. Number one first and foremost Fitness is not the same as health. Health is not the same as fitness. Health is simply the absence of disease for a state of being in good health as fitness as your ability to do something so your hands may be fit to carry heavy weights or you may be fit to run a mile race or do they fit enough to run a 50 mile race. But those things are different than being healthy. Many professional athletes and elite level athletes are very fit to do their job. Let’s take a professional football player as an example. A professional football player can weigh you know in excess of 300 pounds which makes them fit to do the job of blocking and tackling their opponents. This on the other hand does not make them healthy. They are in fact the opposite of healthy. Let’s look at ultra marathon or endurance runners. As another example these people are very fit to be able to run extremely long distances but many times these people have enlarged hearts have bone issues. As far as brittleness in their bones and therefore they’re not healthy. Boise Gyms So you need to understand there’s a difference between being healthy and being fit and you have to determine how fit you want to be and what type of health you’re willing to risk in order to get to that level if any at all. Number two recovery is just as important as working out. And this is something that in America at many Boise gyms as well. People seem to forget if you simply push the body to its limit over and over again for long periods of time you’re ultimately going to become injured. Unhealthy or unfit to do things. And so if you work out hard you also have to rest and recover hard. Boise Gyms There are many different ways to rest and recover. You can meditate you can sleep. You can do restorative type of exercises like walking hiking or meditating or yoga. So you want to make sure that you recover just as hard as you work out. The third thing is specificity of training and this is something that many people forget about. Boise Gyms But specificity of training means the thing that you train are the thing that you do is what you’re going to get better at. So if you want to get better chin ups or pull ups then you’ve got to do more chin ups and pull up so that you can develop that skill. Now specificity of training is even more important. The more technique you need for a specific skill. So let’s take for example football. Football depending on your position you’re going to need more or less skill. Somebody who who’s a quarterback needs to have tremendous skill at throwing the ball seeing who’s open these types of things and so they have to practice that. And so they have to practice specifically throwing the ball. Proper mechanics and force they have to practice specifically how to see people that are open. They need to practice the thing that they want to get better at. And this is true whether it be running golf football track or lifting weights. So whatever you need to get good at you need to train for that thing. Now this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have a base or a foundation of fitness. This is what general physical preparedness is for and this is what many boys see gyms work on. You want to make sure you have a strong foundation for whatever skill that you’re looking to develop to build upon. Boise Gyms Once you have that strong foundation then you go ahead and you start really working on that specificity of training piece of it. The next thing you want to look at which would be number four is progressive overload. If you do not progressively overload the body then the body is simply going to get more efficient at what it does and thus it is going to actually reconditioned itself. So if all you do is the same thing day in and day out year after year your body gets used to that and it gets more efficient at doing that thing. And this is good and it’s bad it’s good because you spend less energy doing these things. Boise Gyms But it’s bad because you can’t actually maintain your level of fitness simply by doing the same thing over and over again every single day or every single week or every single month.

You have to get a little bit better at what you’re doing or you have to push to get a little bit better. It’s more the push to get better that keeps your body continually growing and vital. This is an important piece to remember. Number five more is not always better. This is something that a lot of people especially in sports like CrossFit or weight loss get into is they think that you know if I can do it five is good then 100 is better. And this is rarely the case especially when it comes to conditioning or physical preparedness because the more we do the less we have time to recover. And so the more you do the more time you have to take off and what the general mindset is. Especially in America and sports like CrossFit is more is better and therefore there is no recovery time. So every single day you get in there you beat your body up and then you don’t give it enough time to recover and then you get back into Beachbody. That’s why a lot of people in this day and age are getting injured because they’re simply not giving themselves enough time to recover. And they’re doing far too much when it comes to their physical fitness. The next thing you want to think about is fitness takes time. So getting healthy getting fit. This all takes time it’s not an overnight occurrence and it even takes more time to make sure that it’s consistent and lasting.  Boise Gyms And again this is where a lot of people get stuck in the rat trap of doing one short term effects after another and they are always looking for the magic bullet and there is no magic bullet when it comes to fitness and weight loss. If there was then everybody would be fit everybody be healthy if all you got to do is take a look around and notice that that’s not the case. So settle in for the long term and understand that it takes time for your body to develop. Boise Gyms It takes time for your habits to form. It takes time for you to understand what your body needs in order to be healthy and fit. Number seven is you always want to ease into it and allow your body time to adapt. So if you jump in and start lifting you know the same weights at the same intensity that you did you know five years ago when you were training every single day the likelihood of you getting injured is very high. The likelihood of you actually being able to lift those weight to that same intensity is very low. But this is what a lot of people do especially people who used to work out a lot you know they’ll take a significant amount of time off and then they’ll immediately try and jump back in where they left off while your body gets into a deconditioned state. If you do not train it so you need to allow your body enough time to develop the proper ligament strength and tendon strength in order to be able to handle the loads that you want to be lifting. And this takes you know one month two months three months or more depending on how fast your body is recovered. Boise Gyms And so you want to make sure that you ease into it and don’t push too hard too fast otherwise you’re going to find yourself injured hurt or sidelined. Stick with the basics. So this needs to be the case no matter what no matter what level of training you’re in the basics are always going to be your best option as your foundation. So when you’re talking about exercise you’re talking about your full body compound movements like your squats your shoulder presses your push ups your chin ups your Turkish get ups and your deadlifts. Those are some of the basic movements that are always going to get you fit and keep you fit. These muscles are worked on a daily basis when it comes to anything that we’re doing in the real world. Right. We’re in a squat. We’re going to pick things up. We’re going to carry things where to get off the floor. We’re going to do things like this over and over again. And so it makes sense to change to train these basic patterns. And as you train these basic basic patterns you’re going to get better as an overall athlete in all things. And then again you get to the specificity of training piece of it but stick with the basics first and foremost master those and continue to master those for the rest of your life and then move on after that. Once you have those dialed them if you work a muscle it will grow. And this is something that a lot of people don’t understand especially females who want to whittle down their waist. Boise Gyms Number one the number one way to whittle down your waist is of course with nutrition. [00:08:57] But what happens is a lot of women and even men will start doing a ton of core work because they want to start seeing their abs. They want to have a skin your midsection. Well what happens when you do a ton of coursework and you start putting on more mass more lean mass in

the core. And most women and men for that matter don’t want to have a super thick athletic looking core. Most women want to have a petite core. And so when you work those muscles and especially overworked then they’re going to gain size and strength and density. And so if you want to have a petite waist you want to work your core of course. But you’ve got to make sure that you’re losing the fat and you’re not putting too much pressure on the course so that the core responds by laying down more musculature there. Now if you’re an athlete and this is predominant in many sports that require a LOT of course strength. You can tell that people are extremely strong in their core because they have these nice thick meaty midsections. And so all you got to do is look at some of these athletes who need to have a strong core and ask yourself if you want to have a core that looks that way and is that thick and then nutrition and body fat are extremely important when it comes to fitness when you’re talking about body fat. What people don’t realize when it comes to performance is the lower our body fat is the more mobile we’re going to be the less in active tissue that we have to move around and the more energy that we’re going to have as a general rule because of that. So the more you can drop your excess body fat the better athlete you’re going to be and the higher level of performance that you’re going to have. And when it comes to nutrition nutrition is the number one foundational concept or tool when it comes to high performance. This could be for fitness. It could be for health. It could be for weight loss. It doesn’t mean you got to get your nutrition dialed in in order for you to be at your peak. If you do not having nutrition on point then you’re going to have issues reaching your peak potential. No matter what the objective or what the goal is for you. The other thing you have to understand is this is a journey it’s a process and your going to change what your objective is and what your goal is over time. So you’re going to be in different seasons of your life and each one of those seasons you’re going to want to do something differently. You know maybe one season of your life you really are interested in putting on a bunch of lean mass and getting big. And then the next season of your life you know maybe you want to drop that weight you just want to get super lean he just want to look good and feel good. Maybe one season of your life you ought to learn how to do specific skills. You know maybe like one armed chin ups one armed push ups one legged squats. Those types of things. So you have to understand that this is a journey and it’s ever evolving ever changing the goal that you’re going after right now may or may not be the goal that you’re going after a year or two years from now and that’s OK. And that’s part of the process of understanding really what you want to accomplish and manipulating and playing with things. The more goals you go after the better your knowledge base is going to be and the better your body is going to be able to adapt to different environments and different situations. And actually makes you a better athlete if you’re able to achieve many different goals over the course of your life and most people as they age it really becomes a quality of life thing. And really what they want to have is a good quality of life. So they want to be able to move correctly. They want to be able to keep up with their grandkids and kids. They want to be able to do the things they love without pain. And this is what it ends up coming down to in the long run is can you do the things that you want to do with your current state of fitness and health. And if you can’t do the things that you want to do with your current state then that’s where you run into issues of not enjoying life to the fullest and that’s really one of the benefits of being fit and healthy in the first place. It’s easier to do things and he can do the activities that you love without any issue or without worrying about injury. And that’s why health and fitness is so extremely important to be able to go out and enjoy life and live life to the fullest. This is Brett Denton of Boise gyms. Cavell fitness and nutrition. Get out there today and Coville.