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This is the Cavell life or we strive to bring happy and proud to the world with the tools of fitness nutrition mindset and lifestyle. My name is Brett Denton. I am owner of kvell fitness institution one of Boise gyms finest gyms and today we’re just going to answer some frequently asked questions. Let’s dive into question number one. Do I have to eat less to burn fat. This is kind of a common question that can be a little bit misconstrued. In other words you’re asking do you have to eat less to burn fat. And this doesn’t really make any sense now. Burning fat is kind of a catch phrase for a lot of different mechanisms but you can burn fat without eating less. In other words if you are simply utilizing your energy to do things then you’re going to be utilizing calories and those calories can come from many different sources. Boise Gyms Those calories can come from fat storage. They can come from food you’ve eaten. They can come from drinks that you’re drinking. But ultimately to burn the fat that is stored in your body you need to do a calorie deficit. In other words yes you need to eat a little less food. But the question is a little bit confusing in general. Next question is calorie intake the same as healthy eating. This question is again a little bit confusing as there are several answers to that. So is calorie intake the same as healthy eating. Yes and No. In other words in order for you to eat healthy you need to eat the proper amount of calories for your body and your energy level. If you’re eating the proper amount of calories for your body and your energy level then you may or may not still need to change the actual foods that you’re eating. So the second answer to this question is is when you’re talking about healthy eating. Are you eating predominantly unprocessed foods lots of vegetables lean meats healthy fats and fruits and vegetables. That is what many people will term as healthy eating. Boise Gyms So the real answer to the question is if you want to eat healthy you can eat the proper calories for your activity level and body type. And you want to eat good healthy foods that are minimally processed if processed at all. Lots of vegetables fats and lean proteins. Next question What is calorie surplus so calorie surplus is quite simply you eating too many calories for the amount of calories your body needs to maintain its current weight. So if you’re eating more calories then the energy and the metabolism that your body needs then you’re in a calorie surplus and if you’re in a calorie sort of plus then ultimately what’s going to happen is you’re going to gain weight. Next question. Is there a difference between losing weight and burning fat. The answer to this question is again yes and no. When you lose weight you can lose weight in many different ways. You can lose water weight if you simply cut the carbohydrates out of your diet. You’re going to see a significant weight loss right off the bat. And most often that is going to be a loss in water weight. The reason being is because carbohydrates are more attractive to water and they store more water in your body.  Therefore if you cut the carbohydrates out all of a sudden a lot of the water is going to go out of your body as well. So that type of losing weight wouldn’t be burning fat. It would just be getting rid of water. Secondly when you lose weight you could lose muscle mass. So a lot of the times your body will go into a catabolic state where you’re actually using musculature to get energy to your body. In this case you’re still not burning fat but you are losing weight. And then the third scenario is we’re actually burning fat and losing weight. Boise Gyms And this is where most people want to be right. They want to burn the fat off their bodies and they look better feel better. And so when you’re talking about burning fat and losing weight they are same and different all at the same time. OK the next question what’s the point of counting calories. Now this really depends on the person that you’re talking to personally. Boise Gyms At our Boise gyms we do not believe in counting calories. Counting calories is kind of a misnomer and it helps people understand about how much food they’re eating. But in reality it doesn’t matter because all calories are a little bit different and they’re treated differently by the body. So a fat calorie is going to be different than a protein calorie is going to be different than a vegetable calorie is going to be different you know they’re all broken down

differently in the body they’re all used differently in the body and it’s nearly impossible. In fact it is impossible to determine how many calories you’re actually eating. There is no way in the world for you to determine how many calories were in the don’t in the yesterday or the orange that you ate today. Unless you take them into a lab and test them every single time before you eat them the next question can I lose weight without exercise through died alone. And the answer to this question is absolutely yes. But the next question would be why would you want to exercise is going to ensure that you are healthy and fit to live a good quality of life. Now you can simply follow a nutrition program to help you lose weight. This is true but your body won’t always change its appearance. Boise Gyms In other words you may lose weight so you’ll look like a shrunken version of what you look like now. And when most people lose weight they want to look better leaner more muscular so they look better leaner and more muscular. You need to do both at the same time. You need to change your nutrition and how you eat and you need to start building some lean mass or at least working out to get your body physically fit. So that looks good. The next question what is a calorie deficit and calorie deficit is just the opposite of a calorie surplus and the calorie deficit is what you need to get into if you’re looking to lose weight. So calorie deficit is if you are eating fewer calories than your body requires for its current weight and activity level. Next question What is the best way to lose weight. And this is really dependent on who you talk to. But ultimately it’s eating healthy and moving right along with proper recovery. Those three things if you get those dialed in that’s all you need. Boise Gyms Eat healthy foods exercise and move frequently and get proper recovery in this big sleep and time in between workouts and de-stressing. How can I lose inches off my stomach. Well there is not really any way that you can spot reduce at this point. But what you can do is eat properly move correctly and get proper sleep and recover. That’s going to be how you’re going to lose the most inches off your stomach in the shortest amount of time. The side benefit of that is you’re also going to look better on the rest of your body as well. What is the best diet. There really isn’t the best diet. And so this question doesn’t make sense but I know that we as humans are always looking for the best of the best and the best diet is going to be the one that works for you. So the one that you can stick with long term and the one that’s getting you the result that you’re after. Boise Gyms That’s going to be the best diet. So it doesn’t matter if you are vegan if you’re a vegetarian or if you’re an omnivore you find what works for you and what’s going to work for you long term to ensure that you are looking the way that you want. Feeling the way that you want and can maintain it long term what are the best foods for gaining weight and muscle. Again this is very similar to the best diet question. But ultimately if you’re looking to gain weight and muscle you just have to get into that calorie Sir. Plus we talked about earlier. Typically it’s going to be better off if you’re eating unprocessed foods or minimally processed foods and getting enough protein and calories. In general if you’re getting enough calories in your body then your body and you’re lifting weights than your body you going gain weight and gain lean muscle mass. Next question is Why am I fat. And this used to be or was thought to be a pretty simple question. Boise Gyms It comes to find out there’s a lot of different reasons that people are fat. So we’ll cover those right now. Now by and large most people are fat quite simply because at some point in their life they have over eaten and they have never gotten that back into balance. So if you’ve ever eaten then you’re going to be overweight. Right. So if you eat more calories than your body has burned then you’re going to be overweight. So that’s number one. Number two they’re finding that a lot of people have bacteria in their body. [00:09:06] In other words the probiotics in their body are not doing them any favors in the weight loss or weight maintenance side of things. And so partly if you don’t have a healthy gut you don’t have healthy. Bacteria in your gut that’s helping you properly digest food then you can have an

issue. There are many people who are overweight quite simply because they’re stressed out and they either overeat or they don’t recover right or their body is not functioning properly. And then of course there are some people who are overweight because they have medical conditions and the thyroid is not functioning correctly. And so that causes some weight gain. And then another reason is people who go on medications often will gain weight because again these medications sometimes have side effects side effects to a lot of these medications. Is weight gain birth control being one of those. There’s many different reasons why people are fat or overweight. And so the goal is to figure out what it is for you so that you can attack it. But while you’re trying to figure that out you can always start with eating properly healthy foods exercising and getting proper sleep and recovery. Is there a difference between dieting and being healthy. Yes there is a huge difference between dieting and being healthy. Many people who diet in fact are going about it in a very unhealthy way. And so dieting often leads to people following fad diets that are extremely unhealthy and not giving them the proper nutrition for their body. When you talk about being healthy we’re talking about the state of your body and your mental and emotional states in order to be in a healthy mental emotional state and physical state. We shouldn’t be depriving our body of things and we should feel good about what we’re doing. And untypically this isn’t the case with diets. What’s the difference between a calorie deficit and a calorie surplus. Quite simply a calorie deficit means that we are eating fewer calories than our body requires to maintain its current state and in calorie surplus we’re eating excess calories to maintain our current state. There’s the four minute abs program work the four minute abs program works just as well as any other program works right. It does what it’s supposed to do and the amount of time that it’s supposed to do it. In other words it’s going to get your abs strong if you do it versus not doing it. And that’s about as far as it goes. So if you do it versus any other program then you just have to test it versus the other programs. If you’re going to do it versus nothing then it’s going to get you better results than doing nothing. Now if you actually want to see your abs and you want to have a six pack then you look at nutrition not an ABS or exercise program the abs and exercise program will help of course. But if you don’t get rid of the fat by proper nutrition and proper recovery then you’re never going to see your abs in the first place. Skipping meals helped me lose weight. Yes and no skipping meals can help you lose weight if you don’t make up for it in another meal. That’s number one. Number two skipping meals can help you lose weight as long as you’re eating properly. And your other meals and your calories are still minimized to a point where you’re burning more than you’re consuming where a lot of people go wrong here is they’ll skip the meal and then they’ll be ravenous and they’ll over consume and the next meal or meals. Many times this can actually cause people to gain weight instead of lose weight. This is more a personality thing than it is anything else. If your personality can handle the willpower to eat a regular meal after you’ve been fasting then you’re probably going to lose weight with it. However comma if you’re like some people and you can’t handle eating properly after you’ve been fasting all day and this is not a good option for you. Why am I not losing weight. This is a very long winded answer question and I’m going to answer it as shortly as I possibly can. There are many different reasons why you’re not losing weight. But the first things you want to check out are what are your portion sizes are they too big or are they too small. Second are you exercising are you moving your body. Third are you getting proper recovery. Cover those things first. And if all of those things look good it might be time to check out a doctor and get your blood levels checked to see if there’s some type of a thyroid or some other issue going on. And last but not least do you want to make sure that you’re eating plenty of probiotics and previous Audix to make sure that you have healthy gut flora. Will this diet work. That’s a good question and really all diets work. It’s just a matter of the one that works best for you and you want to find the one that is going to work for you long term where you don’t feel like you’re constantly under psychological

stress to maintain a strict eating regimen. Can I eat my favorite foods while dieting. It depends on the diet. However most foods can be eaten with most diets It just depends on how fast you want to get results and how often or how much you’re eating those foods. If your favorite foods are broccoli that you can eat broccoli every single day every single meal for the rest of your life and it won’t have any effect on your diet. If your favorite food is ice cream then you going to have to dial it back a little bit and understand that the more ice cream eat the less likely that you’re ever to reach your outcome is BMI reliable. Boise Gyms So BMI stands for body mass index and body mass index is not reliable for many people. So if you’re an athlete or if you happen to have more musculature than the average individual that BMI is going to tell you you’re obese when in reality your body fat could be very low. So you got to be careful looking at BMI and using it as a measure for your fitness or body fat composition levels. Now BMI is going to be reliable for general population people who are just overweight. In other words people who just simply need to lose some weight and lose some fat to get into the healthy category. Boise Gyms There are some frequently asked questions for you guys. Hopefully it was helpful. If you are in Boise come out to one of our Boise gyms Cavell fitness and nutrition and let’s keep on Ellen.