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Boise Gyms | New Years Resolution

Boise Gyms | New Years Resolution

This is Brett Denton with Kvell fitness and nutrition. We have Boise gyms and Meridian gyms and today we’re going to talk about what separates us from other services out there that help you with fitness health and nutrition. And so let’s dig right into it. We’re going to start out with were local so we are local in Boise Idaho and wherever we go we’re going to be local because we’re going to make sure that we have somebody on staff who is manning the ship there who is local and understands what the community needs what they like and is there to service every single client exactly the way that we service our clients at our Boise gyms and at our Meridian gyms. So local is big. You know when you look at the supermarkets and the retail stores and all the places selling stuff now local seems to be the hip word are the key word. Well it’s no different with us and fitness. We know what’s going on in Boise. We’re local to Boise and we want to make sure that we’re servicing Boise. Now one other thing that you have to realize is when you spend money for a local business that money is going to go back into your community instead of spending money for a big franchise like an orange theory or an F 45 something about all that money is going outside of your community. And so it is not benefiting your community. You want to make sure that you think about where you’re spending your dollars. Local is almost always better if the business is up to the same standards than if you’re going to go with a national franchise. Number two we go in three week phases. So most businesses or most gyms always talk about you know having a different workout every single day all different workout every single day isn’t necessarily a good thing. Now our workouts are different every single day because of how it progressed them but having some random workout every single day is not an NECI results and you’ll see this happen time and time again when people go to these other facilities. Guinea you go to like an orange theory and yeah it’s a different workout every day but it’s really the same type of training over and over and over again. You might be doing something different but your body doesn’t really see it as different. And so you don’t get results after about six weeks. So almost all cardio programs work for about six weeks. Boise Gyms Almost all programs work for about six weeks. But a good program is going to continue to get better and continue to develop your body whether it be strength or muscle mass or body fat. And that’s what we work on at Kvell fitness and nutrition. So we’re going to make sure that we go in a three week phase the first week of the phase is to learn the workout have a recovery from the previous week and learn the new movements and also figure out where your weights need to be for the rest of the face the second week we’re going to take it up a notch. We’re going to make it a little bit more difficult but it’s still not grueling but you’re getting better you’re getting results you’re cementing the movements and then week three we’re going to hit it out of the park. We’re going to challenge ourselves to get stronger this week. We’re going to make sure that we’re pushing our bodies to a level that is not necessarily overboard but is enough to get a response and get a change. So that again we see continuous results. So this is what we do in our Boise gyms and our Meridian gym. This is also what we do with any gym that we open anywhere else in the country. And this ensures a few things. Number one ensures that people never get bored. Right everybody comes and says I don’t want to get bored. Okay great. We’re not going to let you get bored by the time we start to get the workout down and understanding or getting the max benefit out of it. We’re going to start a new phase. Now again that new phase just repeats that cycle. So we start out with a recovery week where you’re learning the new movements. You go into a more difficult week and then you go into your challenge week. All right. So this is an important thing to understand. Now every workout is different of course because you’re going to be using a different load. You’re using a different time scheme but

the movements are going to stay the same and you’re going to continue to develop those movement patterns and get better at those movement patterns. And this is going to ensure that you’re getting stronger over time. And this is also going to assure that you can never reach a max. You can always do a more difficult movement or you can always live to have your weight or you can always do more of that movement in the time period. OK. So it’s provides for endless possibilities there. So three week phase is really important there. It’s about phasing and progression not having a different workout per se. All right. I write the old programs I’m the owner. Brett Denton I read all the programs I do also do a lot of the coaching so I’m actually in the facilities and I’m coaching some seeing which programs are working the best for our clients and which ones aren’t seeing which movements need to be adapted simplified or made more complex. I’m seeing how the actual work out unfolds and by doing this I’m able to create better programs for our clients. Programs that work better both for our coaches to coach our clients and make it simpler and easier for our clients to use. I can also see which programs in which movements are working the best to get people long term results. This is extremely important. A lot of like franchise type businesses have some random person writing programs who never goes into the workout. And I can tell you time and time again the work out that you put on paper is different than the work that actually unfolds in one of the training sessions. And this is especially true through group training especially the way that we do group training. So you might write down and work out that you might think it’s perfect. Well it might be perfect for one individual but once you have a group dynamic and you have people of varying skill levels all of a sudden that work out might be a terrible workout. She actually have to have the person who’s writing the workout see the workouts coach the workouts understand how the workouts actually work in order for them to be the most beneficial. Boise Gyms And this sets us apart because I am in those workouts and I’m making sure that I’m making adjustments as we go. Right now we focus on strength training whereas again a lot of the other franchise type fitness business is out there focused more on cardio training cardio training is only going to get you so far and you only need to reach a certain level of cardio for your general well-being and health strength. Boise Gyms We want to continue to improve basically for the rest of our life. We focus on strength training for a few reasons. Number one getting stronger is going to serve you better in life so the stronger you are the better you’re going to be able to do things in life the less energy you’re going to use and the better you’re going to feel about life in general. So that’s number one. Number two the more strength we build typically the more lean muscle mass we’re going to build. Boise Gyms All right so we’re going to build lean muscle mass which is going to help us burn more fat because the more lean muscle mass we have the higher our metabolic rate. Therefore the more calories we’re burning on a consistent basis even when we’re not exercising. And then third the way that we train is in an interval format. And so this format allows for us to burn calories even outside of the workout period whereas more cardio training programs they’re going to build or they’re going to burn calories during the workout and they burn a pretty high amount of calories during a workout and they’re only going to burn slightly less after the workout whereas when we do strength training in an interval fashion we’re going to burn calories and we’re getting thin to burn a higher level of calories for anywhere from 24 or 48 hours after. And that’s not to mention the increase in lean muscle that we develop from it. So by and large and by a long shot your strength training programs are going to help you look better feel better move better and be leaner than your straight cardio programs. Now another thing that we really pride ourselves on is it doesn’t do a lot of running. All right and we don’t do a lot of running for one main reason. Running is an advanced sport and most people shouldn’t be running especially people who are overweight or who have Jerrett joint issues or who have other types of issues that doesn’t allow them to have multiple high impact foot touches on the ground. Most of the facilities out there and the franchises out there have people do a lot of

running room on a treadmill. They have them running. I’m sure you’ve seen this before but this is a pet peeve of mine. You see all these people running around on the concrete around the gym around the building there. There’s absolutely no reason for this and nobody should be doing it. Nobody should be running on the concrete like that. Nobody should be running in a fatigued state on the concrete like that and quite frankly they don’t even need to be running in the first place. Running is an advanced sport. The only people who should be running are people who are already in shape. Right. If you’re not within ten pounds of your ideal weight then running should be out of the question for you. OK. And so the way that we do it is we make sure that we get you in shape first and then great if you want to go out and run. Have at it that we’re not going to force you to do that. If you wanted. Awesome. I know there’s a lot of people out there who don’t want to run. Boise Gyms And I also know that there’s a lot of people who do like to run but they don’t want to go to a gym to run. Right. Most of the runners that we have at our facility want to go run outside. They want to run really to get away from things. All right. So again we don’t do a lot of running if we do running it’s very short duration in a sprint fashion. Now the thing is we do modifications for everything. There’s very few things that we cannot modify. If you have a knee issue great Wall work one leg or we’ll do a hip hinge type of movement that doesn’t bother your knee. You have an elbow issue. Great. We’ll do a bunch of straight arm stuff that doesn’t bug your elbow. You have a shoulder issue. All right Gray beal work around that more one sided or we’ll do something completely different that is not messing with it right so we can work around most things and we modify almost every single training session we ever have. We have at least one person that we’re modifying for on top of that we have different levels of movements. Right. So we have a level one level two and level three movement depending on what Find us lover you’re at or if you have some type of movement that you can’t do there’s an option for you in most places you go are going to be able to modify things for you. And so we want to make sure that you’re getting a workout. It is to your level and not shoving you into a box that you can’t actually fulfill. All right. So again we modify and are able to modify almost every movement that we do. We are relentlessly supportive. We actually want our clients to get results. We want to get stronger. We want to have a better quality of life. We want them to see results from their experience with us whether this be more lean mass whether this be their close fitting better whether this be them being stronger whether that’s just being able to play with their kids more. We want to get results and so we’re going to support our people until they no longer want to be supported. Boise Gyms And we’re going to be relentless in that support. Also our price is more fair than most people are going to go to. All right we have a very fair price and we want to make sure that as many people as possible can experience what we have to offer because we know that it’s going to improve their life. And then we want to make sure you achieve your ejective. We don’t our objectives don’t matter. In other words our objectives for you don’t matter because we don’t have any. We’re not going to tell you that you need to do X Y and Z. Now if you asked us what you think is going to be the best option for you or how do you get an optimal health or what does optimum health look like we’re going to recommend that to you. Baltimore it’s up to you and it’s simply our goal to make sure that you get to that point whatever that point is for you. Because not everybody wants to be a model right. Not everybody wants to get on the stage. And look you know shredded some people just want to be able to play with their grandkids better. Some people just want to have a high quality of life until the day that they leave this earth and that’s OK and it’s not for us to tell them that’s right or wrong but it is for us to help them get there help them achieve that. And that’s what we’re about. We want to help you reach your objectives whatever they may be. If they’re to get stronger. Awesome. If they’re to make sure that you look good you know and there’s some vanity in there. Great. We’re going to help you do that if

there is so you can play with your children and your grandchildren for years to come. Awesome. We’re going to help you do that. So it just doesn’t matter what your objective is as long as it’s in the health and fitness realm. We’re going to help you get there. OK we touched on this a little bit earlier but we help all levels of people. I mean we can have an 83 year old grandma in our facility training right next to a Navy SEAL. And they’re both going to get a superb workout. And that’s because we’re able to modify every movement to make it harder or more difficult. And right there in the work we have a level 1 movement a level 2 movement and a level 3 movement. So you can pick depending on how strong you are and how much you want to push yourself. So we can really treat and help all different levels of fitness from somebody who’s never worked out a day in their life to somebody who has been working out their entire life. We’re going to be able to help you achieve that. So these are just some of the reasons that we are a superior facility to many of the facilities that you’re going to go out there and visit and we really pride ourselves on continuing to develop and increase and improve our program. Again this is something that you’re going to see grow stagnant and a lot of franchise like facilities. Boise Gyms And the reason being is because you know they get stuck in one way of thinking and one way of doing stuff. And so over time that starts to become old news or old hat and they don’t keep up with the research because it’s just too hard. Mr. bred that over all their franchises. And so we on the other hand are very nimble and we can make changes at a very rapid pace and so we’ll continue to improve our program just about every single phase that we run. So that’s about every three weeks we’re looking to improve it we’re looking to have our customers have a better client experience. We’re looking to make sure that we’re providing the best support we want to make sure that we provide the best programming. And so we’re consistently developing all of those assets to ensure that our clients have the best fitness experience possible. Our mission statement is still in the works but we really want to make sure that we increase people’s quality of life. We want to make sure that we’re a results based and we want to make sure that we have a very strong knit community of people who are helping people. All right guys. So those are just some of the reasons that we feel we’re superior here in the Boise area for our Boise gyms and our Meridian gyms. If you’re ever in Boise Idaho and you want to come out and get a good workout in. Boise Gyms Give us a holler come out to one of our Boise gyms and that goes for our Marie and gyms as well. If you’re ever in Meridian give us a holler and we’ll get you out get you started. All right guys go out there and Kvell.