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This is the Coville life where we strive to bring happy and proud to the world with the tools of fitness nutrition mindset and lifestyle. My name is Brett Daten co-owner of the Boise Ginn’s Cavell fitness and nutrition. And today we’re going to talk about some frequently asked questions in the health and fitness space. Let’s jump right in and talk about can you get addicted to carbohydrates. Boise Gyms This is a common question and one that people will swear up and down that they’re addicted to carbohydrates. And there may be some truth to this or maybe not. Currently there is no scientific research that backs up carbohydrate addiction sugar addiction. There may be more of an argument there by carbohydrates as a general rule has not been proven by science at least to show any type of addictive qualities. So you can continue the age of carbohydrates and it is not as addictive as drugs or other issues that may cause more severe problems. The other question that people typically ask is How much should I eat. How many times should I eat. Boise Gyms What does it matter when I work out these types of questions. What you want to look at it and say All right what is going to work best for me to get the amount of food that I need in so that I don’t gain weight and lose weight or whatever my goal is. And that is really all you need to know.

So you have to understand that in a 24 hour period 48 hour period or even every week it’s really a calorie balance because if you’re eating more calories than you’re consuming than you’re burning then you’re going to gain weight. If you’re an ox I’m not sure if I said that right. If you’re eating more calories than you’re burning you’re going to gain weight. And if you’re burning more calories than you’re eating you’re going to lose weight. Boise Gyms And if they’re equal then you’re going to maintain. And so as an example if your supposed to eat you know let’s say 4000 calories in a day and you eat those 4000 calories in five meals or two meals it doesn’t really matter because you’re not going to have that significant of a difference one way or the other based on the amount that you eat. So there you go. Whatever you’re going to stick with that get the number of calories in is going to be the best option for you. What we found at Cavell Boise Gin’s is that people who eat constantly tend to over eat and they tend to just think about food more often whereas people who only eat three to four meals per day sit down. They enjoy their meal. Boise Gyms And then they’re on with their day and they don’t think about food until their next meal. And so typically what we’ve seen is more success with the people who are eating fewer meals versus more. But again this is a very individual preference. And so whatever works for you is what you should go with. The next question is how much should you exercise. Well that’s kind of random and it really depends on the person and it comes back to what are you really going to do. Right. How often are you going to exercise consistently is the key.

Because if you’re only going to exercise every now and then and you can’t stick with the program that you set out for none of that really matters. But when it comes to you know how much should you exercise to lose weight. The general recommendation is about one hour a day of moderate activity some moderate activity can be a thing like jogging. You know you can job for anywhere from three to six miles per day give or take depending on your energy levels. And that’s typically going to help you keep it off. Boise Gyms But the jogging vs high intensity training versus weightlifting versus playing a sport those are all thing. Those are all can factor into it. But if you’re just talking about what’s the bare minimum that you need to do. You know then the studies and the research out there say you know about an hour a day of moderate activity. Now when you talk about what’s the best way to work out. Again this is all dependent on you and really the best way to work out is the way that you’re going to stick with it do consistently. So if you’re the type of person who’s going to hit the gym and lift weights on a consistent basis. Great. Boise Gyms Go hit the gym on a consistent basis. If the type of person who really likes the high intensity type of training grade go do high intensity training. So it really depends on what you’re going to do consistently because again that’s the key. If you are going to do something consistently every day or every other day then that’s the method that you want to stick with. And then you can

always build from that. So let’s just say you know what I can do I can walk for 30 minutes per day to start out. And I know I can do that consistently and I know that I’ll do it. And that’s what you want to start out with. Right you’re going to start out walking consistently for you know about 30 minutes a day or maybe even just 15 minutes a day. And then once you get that down maybe you can pick it up to a jog or interval runs. And then after that maybe you start running. And then after that maybe you start lifting weights and then after that you know maybe it started doing the high intensity stuff but just figure out what’s going to work for you and what’s going to work for you long term and that you can stick with in a consistent basis and then you know people always ask why are the last few pounds the hardest. Well because the last few pounds are you know when you’re already getting pretty lean. [00:05:19] And so the closer you get to your goal the more your body is going to hold onto that excess fat for a few reasons. Number one that’s what it’s used to have it’s used to having more fat on it. So it’s going to be harder to get those. Get rid of those. Second you’ve lowered your metabolism by losing the weight that you’ve lost thus far. You know because you’ve had to be in a calorie kind of depletion mode. And so you know you’ve reduced the metabolism a little bit. And so you want to look at ways to increase the metabolism increasing your lean muscle mass eating properly and then just give it some time and then come to the realization that it’s OK to have some of that weight. Right. Just make sure that we are doing the things the healthy way. And then over time if it goes away great. And if it doesn’t we know that we’re doing things in a healthy way to make sure that we’re healthy and we’re doing the things that we need to do to to maintain that health. All right guys so those are just some frequently asked questions that we get a lot over here. Cavell Boise gyms and so if you have any questions you can just shoot us an email through our Web site. We’ll be happy to answer it for you. Until then get out there and tell