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Low this is Brett Cavell. Fitness and nutrition of Boise gyms and Meridien gyms today we’re going to talk about the 10 most frequently asked questions and health and fitness centers. We obviously only health and fitness center and so these go along with a lot of the questions that we get asked a lot either via e-mail or directly in person. So let’s dig right in. And number one is what’s the best way to lose fat. Right. It seems like everybody these days is looking to lose fat. Even people who are lean for some reason want to continue to lose fat. Number one before we answer this question you do want some fat on your body. Boise Gyms Obviously you need some fat to be healthy so you don’t ever want to get your body fat percentage down to zero. With that said excess fat or fat that you don’t eat is unhealthy and it causes many issues causes and some insulin resistance it causes you to have a lack of mobility. In other words you can’t move your joints in full range of motion and it’s harder on the body to carry around and provide you know calories to maintain it. And so what is the best way to lose fat. And you know when talk about best it’s all relative to what you can do. But really what you want to do is you want to make sure that your eating the proper amount of foods for the activity level and for your body if you’re over eating.

In other words if you’re eating too much food for your activity level in your metabolic rate then you’re going to gain weight. It’s as simple as that. If you’re eating fewer calories or amount of food than you’re burning on a daily basis then you’re going to start to lose weight. And when you’re talking specifically about fat versus muscle you want to make sure that you’re providing enough protein for your body and providing sufficient calories that you’re not going in and burning muscles to gain energy.

And this is what happens are people a lot of times will not eat or not eat properly and not eat. And then the exercise extremely hard. And this is a combination for muscle cannibalism. In other words eating the muscles and turning them into energy for lack of a better way of explaining it in layman’s terms. And so you want to eat on lean proteins small amount of carbohydrates a lot of vegetables and fruits a little bit of fat. You stick with Whole Foods. Foods that aren’t processed very much and eat them until about 80 percent full. You’re most likely going to lose fat. The second piece of the puzzle here is you want to get some resistance training. Boise Gyms And so first this may be actually just walking for you depending on where you currently are or this may be getting in and lifting some actual weights but you want to add resistance training so that you’re sending a signal to your body to keep the muscle mass and drop the fat. Right. Boise Gyms So we want to keep the muscle mass and drop the fat. So again that’s it really stick to good eating practices and getting it started doing some resistance training. There’s the answer to the question of what is the best way to lose fat. When you look at the second question you know and this is predominantly from females. But if I lift weights am I going to get bigger muscles. And the answer to this question is yes.

Right so whenever you work a muscle your muscle is going to then have a response of number one getting stronger in number two and creating more actual musculature there. So getting bigger muscles now for it’s different for men and women. Right some men are going to be able to build size a lot faster and more efficiently than women just because the hormone profile that they have there’s a hormone called testosterone in which men excrete a more significant amount of. And this allows them to build muscle at a much faster rate. This is why if a male and a female do the same exact training program a male is going to get bigger faster. Boise Gyms In other words they’re going to muscles are going to grow faster than a female. Most females don’t need to worry about putting on significant bulk although putting on lean muscle is going to help increase their metabolism is going to make them more healthy up to a certain point. Now unless a female is utilizing hormones like testosterone or other types of steroids then they’re going to have a difficult time you know gaining the same amount of weight or muscle mass as a male. So the short of it is is yes if you lift weights you’re going to gain some lean mass and so your muscles are going to get better but you also have to lift weights in the correct way in order for that to happen. Building muscle is a challenging thing especially the more you lift weights the more challenging it gets. When you first started lifting weights you have a neuro response and that gets you stronger faster.

You don’t necessarily put on a lot of muscle right away once your neural response is caught up and you start to lift weights correctly and your body how to fire all the muscle fibers. That’s when your muscle really starts to grow. And so there’s this thing called high perch or free and high perch or free is where you are lifting weights in a way that is going to ensure that you’re growing mass is the most effective way. And so again if you’re female and you don’t want to put on a lot of mass then it’s better for you to not lift and I purchase free range. And so the approach of free range is lifting about 80 percent of your 1 rep max. And it’s usually for a specific amount of reps typically between 8 to 12. And really what’s important there is the time under tension and time under tension for six to eight reps is really what’s going to get the muscles to fire the way they need to fire start putting on size. Boise Gyms If you’re just going for absolute strength going to put on some lean muscle there of course but you’re going to have less of a response as far as muscle mass is concerned. And then of course if you lift in the endurance range for the most part you lift light weights for high reps. You’re not going to put on as much lean mass either although this isn’t always the case if you look at it as an example Olympic level speed skaters. So Olympic level speed skaters are extreme athletes in the endurance side of things and they’re also very strong in their legs and their legs are enormous and this is can be seen in cycling as well.

So you want to make sure that you’re training for whatever your goal is as you can you can get strong without putting on a lot of lean mouse and you can put on a lot of lean mass without necessarily getting super strong. So again you want to make sure you’re training for your goals. There’s the answer to if I lift weights will I get bigger muscles and you can do this you know you can lift weights in Boise gyms like Kvell fitness and nutrition. Or you can do it you know in your home garage. The next question is how do I get a flat stomach. Now genetics play an enormous role in getting a flat stomach if you don’t have the genetics to have six pack abs like myself that you probably not ever going to have six pack abs and that’s OK. But you still can get as lean as possible. It just depends on what your abs look like underneath. And are you going to look like one of the models on the magazine covers. Boise Gyms Who knows maybe maybe not but that doesn’t really matter because what you look like doesn’t matter for long term health. So you want to get your body fat as low as possible if you want to have a flat stomach and that’s really what it comes down to. And that’s going to happen mainly at the dinner table. Right so it’s going to happen mainly by what you’re putting in your mouth and what you’re not putting in your mouth. If you’re over eating calories then you’re likely to accrue fat and that fat is going to cover up your abdominals.

If youre eating fewer calories than you’re burning on daily basis well then you’re probably going to start to burn a little bit of fat and just start to see some that fat come off the down channels and you’ll start to see some you know some definition there. So that’s really what it comes down to. Now do you want to work out. Yeah of course you want to work out and you can work your abdominals so that they have more pronounced effect. So in other words the abdominal muscles can get bigger so they bulge out more to show more for the definition that you’re looking for. But that’s really what you’re going to go after there is. What are you doing at the dinner table. And then in the gym you know you’re working your abs so that when you get right all that fat you have some muscle fibers there that actually show up. And people can see. Next question here is should I do cardio first or weight training first. It really depends on what your goal is. Boise Gyms You know if your goal is to be an endurance run or run for long periods of time you know that probably you want to run first. Now if your goal is to be stronger lift heavier weights and even fat loss than lifting weights is probably a better option for you. Whatever you do first is where you want to. Well basically it’s like this you want to prioritize what you want to do first. And so whatever your priority is that’s what you want to train first. And this even is true when it comes to weightlifting. So if you want to be stronger in your legs then you want to lift legs first. Right.

And if you’re looking to increase strength in your upper body then lift the upper body first and the main reason for this is pretty commonsensical but it’s basically you have more energy. So you get a better training output for whatever you do first. So wherever you are week or wherever you want to improve that’s where you want to train first. Next question is do I need to take dietary supplements. Nobody really needs to take dietary supplements as long as they’re eating a good quality balanced nutrition plan. So that’s a lot of fruits and vegetables a medium amount of lean proteins either vegetarian vegan or actual animal flesh proteins. And you’re eating some decent amount of fat if you’re eating a nice balanced nutrition and you’re getting your foods you know organic as close to the soil as possible. Then you probably don’t necessarily need supplements unless you have been checked out by a doctor and you’re deficient in some. The only people that are going to need these types of supplements are people who have a deficiency and they can’t get it from their food. Right. If you’re not getting the proper nutrients from your food then you need to start looking into supplementation. So that’s kind of what it looks like from a scientific standpoint there’s absolutely no evidence showing that any type of supplements protein powders meal replacement supplements vitamins or anything like that are needed by anybody. Now with that said Could you use them. Yeah you probably could but you want to look at what you need specifically.

Don’t go out and buy some random multi-vitamin or some random muscle builder because typically those are going to get you what you need. You want to have very targeted specific supplementation for what you need. And if you’re looking to gain weight you know going out and buying a powdered muscle builder may or may not be the best option for you because all those muscle builders are doing is adding more calories. And so you can get more calories a bunch of different ways with Whole Foods which is definitely a better option. And typically what we recommend in our Boise gyms and also at our meridian gyms is just go out and eat real Whole Foods quantities right. Boise Gyms So if you want to gain weight eat some more fat.

You know you can you can pack a lot of calories into you know a few tablespoons of fat. So that’s where it stands on supplements. Next question is what is my target heart rate. Well target heart rate is just a simple calculation and your maximum heart rate can be calculated by taking your age and subtracting it from 220 and then you want to look at what you want to train like in other words what range do you want to train and depending what range you want to train and that’s how you figure out what your target heart rate is based on your maximum heart rate. And so you typically if you’re training for a robot can during your target hurry it’s going to be somewhere between 65 and 80 percent of your heart rate Max. But again the heart rate Max you figured out 220 months your age during interval training which is far more output from your body. Way way bigger of a cardiovascular output and a higher performance level then you’re looking at something that’s greater than 80 percent of your heart rate Max. And so just again depending on your training goal and what you’re looking to achieve you’re going to target those heart rates based on the end result there. Then what’s the difference between using weight machines and free weights and really this is very simple.

Free weights or things like dumbbells barbells things that aren’t attached to a machine and there’s not a locked in kind of pattern of movement. So you know with dumbbells you can do anything with them they’re also not stuck on a specific track. Whereas when you’re using a machine a machine is designed for specific purposes you know. So a leg press machine is designed to do leg presses and the motion of the leg press is is stuck in a track right. So you can only do what the leg press allows you to do. Whereas with free weights you can move in any different angle. There’s more stabilization needed are utilizing free weights. Boise Gyms There’s also more risk of injury when you use free weights. And so when you look at the two you want to understand the difference between them they’re both valuable and they both can get your results. But it just depends on what your goals are. So as a standard rule machines typically tend to be a little bit safer because it is a locked in pattern and you’re less likely to hurt yourself by trying to balance the weight or letting gravity take over. Whereas as with free weights you’re going to be able to utilize them to work more balance postures utilize your stabilizing muscles more and get a much broader range of motion from them. So it just depends on what your goals are and what you like but they both work. When it comes to getting in shape working on your muscles and then the next question in this is a common one is Why do your muscles get sore after the workout a lot of people used to think it was the lactic acid issue right.

Lactic acid would build up and they would get sore from that and that’s not actually true. The lactic acid builds up and that’s the burning sensation that you feel if you do a long set of anything. You know you could do a long set of just bodyweight squats and the lactic acid in your legs is going to start to build up. But this this gets used as energy throughout the rest of the days. This isn’t actually what causes the soreness the next day or two. So when you get soreness which is usually worst on day two after work out it’s called delayed onset muscle soreness. Also known as dorm’s and s and this is usually caused by muscle trauma.

So you get micro tears in your musculature when you work them out at a certain level. Boise Gyms And these micro tears then recover and get stronger and that’s how our muscles grow and that’s how we get better shape because this micro trauma through working out pushing our body further and further telling it it needs to get better. And then there’s this process of overcompensation. So once you get healthy and you get your muscles healed up again then you’re stronger than you were before. And that’s really what causes the muscle soreness. And so one of the best ways to combat muscle soreness is to do those same movements.

So do the same movements that you did that made you sore to work all that fluid out and in there to get all the nutrients in there to help her. And sure those muscles get healthy and recovered as fast as possible. You also want to eat a good quality nutritious diet. RUDERMAN can also help. And also Epson salt baths and then of course rest and gentle activity there. So that’s what you want to focus on if you have that muscle soreness but again it’s not the lactic acid that’s causing the soreness it’s microgram in the muscles. How do I get rid of these flabby arms is another question. Well again it kind of comes back to the same thing that we talked about when you want to get a flat stomach. You have to get your body fat as low as possible. That’s number one. And then number two you know work on gaining some muscle in your arms get some lean Nasco in there.

[00:16:19] But really it comes down to getting rid of body fat lifting some weights to get some lean muscle there and then some of that is just strictly skin tightness. And so sometimes working out is going to help tighten up those areas because we can’t tighten up your skin with exercise right. So sometimes surgical methods are needed to get rid of some of that. And then the next question is how often should you work out. And this is very dependent on the maturity level or the training age of the client and the goal. A lot of people don’t understand how often this should work out quite simply because they’ve never worked out before. Boise Gyms And so it really depends on you your goals what your body can handle and that’s really individual. For somebody who has a very stressful life and a stressful job on top of everything you know for them working out everyday I might add too much stress to it and their body might shut down or on the flip side if working out is a meditative thing for them. It might actually be necessary for them to work out every day just in a way that makes sure that they don’t tear their body down. We recommend that people work out every day in some way or another. Right so working out could be just going on a walk or a gentle hike. Working out could be lifting weights working out could be going in. Hitting a gentle run but we recommend that people get out and work out you know 30 to 60 minutes every single day. Make it a habit.

Just adjust the actual type of workout to the day. You know if you had a really hard work out yesterday you know maybe today you back it off a little bit and you just go for a gentle walk or gentle jog or you hop on your bike. So again we recommend you work out every single day. All right guys. This is President and from kvell fitness and nutrition Boise gyms and Meridian gyms. Get out there today and kvell