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Only 4 Days Left in 2017 The end of the year can be a bit of a hodgepodge of work and play. We have the holidays, family, work, and planning for the new year all smashed into a short period of time. Many times this leads to anxiety and feeling behind. You have four days until January 1, 2018. Here is one way to get the most done with the least amount of stress in those four days so you feel good about starting 2018 strong. 1. Write down everything that NEEDS to be done before January 1. 2. Rank them by priority. 3. Estimate the amount of time needed to complete each task. 4. Boise Gyms Block time in your schedule specifically for the top 3. 5. Follow your schedule and push the rest of your to-do items into the new year. You can accomplish a great deal in four days without stress and anxiety by focusing and planning. The Process IS the Goal. Last week a Kvellian was seeking advice and like I do with everybody I asked them what they want to accomplish, and like many people, they weren’t exactly sure. This person is living a good life and doesn’t have any major health issues or limitations. They know they “should” be healthier but don’t have anything driving them to a healthier state. This is an issue with our goal-driven world. Many people get stuck in the trap of needing something to train for whether it be a race, sport, or otherwise. The problem with this mode of thinking is that there always needs to be another goal on deck. What if instead of training for an event we train for optimal life instead of looking for external rewards and stimuli we look internally at improving ourselves? Boise Gyms This is an ever-evolving and exponentially rewarding objective. Focusing on habits, actions, and behaviors as the goal is the path to optimizing yourself and your life. I do 5-minutes of purposeful physical activity every day, I eat a vegetable every meal, I say I love you to my spouse and kids every day, I journal every day

Once you have a habit, action, or behavior selected you will want to set a time limit to allow for focus and reevaluation. I do 5-minutes of purposeful physical activity for 30 days straight, I eat a vegetable every meal for 14-days in a row. Through this process, you will Build your discipline “muscle”, Learn about yourself, Grow, Wire your brain for success, Upgrade your habits, actions, and behaviors, Uncover things that work well for you, Find things that do not work well for you, Disintegrate the need for outside approval and recognition, Optimize your life. For 2018 think about making your New Year’s Resolutions habit based instead of outcome based. Boise Gyms Brett “Life Optimization” Denton. Are You Going It Alone? Apparently 5:00 am the day after Christmas is not a peak training time. We had one person register to workout today at 5:00 am (hurray and good job to them)! Working out on your own is hard even when there’s a coach, maybe even harder when there’s a coach. You have to motivate yourself. You don’t have the energy of the group to pull you along. You don’t have camaraderie. You don’t have anybody to complain to and suffer with. The list goes on but the bottom line is most things are easier to do with a group. This is one of the reasons we chose to train people in groups at Kvell. Heck, even when we did personal training it was done in a group. Organized groups can be powerful. Support and encouragement of other people can be life-changing. Having somebody to go into “battle” with can give us courage. Having somebody who believes in us and supports our cause can increase our strength. At Kvell we want to be that support structure for as many people as possible. We are here to support you, believe in you, and strengthen you. Brett “Let’s Do It” Denton What Can You Do in Six Week? Boise Gyms At Kvell we’re wrapping up our Holiday 6-Week Make-It-Through-the-Holidays Challenge and per usual I’m blown away by the results. In the past six weeks, which many would argue are the most difficult six weeks of the year for weight loss, we have seen the following Five to twenty-five pound decreases in body weight, Body fat percentages decreases by 1% – 8% Zero push-ups to ten solid ones. The list goes on and people have transformed their bodies. NOW the true test comes. Will they stick with it and continue the momentum? Only time will tell. The best feedback I’ve received so far is that no matter what the results are they feel better and have started making changes to their daily habits. This is the ultimate goal of our challenges and program in general. Helping people improve their quality of life is about as good as it gets for us and we are fortunate to be able to do what we do. I hope you’re enjoying the holidays and have a very merry Christmas (if you’re into celebrating such things). “You guys piss me off!”… Oy Vey The other day I was coaching somebody on a movement pattern at Kvell and they stopped doing the movement to correct me. “It’s not ground, it’s floor. Boise Gyms You guys piss me off!” How is that for a slap in the face. Haha! I initially wanted to react the way I imagine a silverback gorilla would react to me trying to take his lady friend because does the actual word really matter if the meaning gets across (YES it does) and what did I do to you to make you so aggressively verbal towards me (probably nothing other than being the straw that broke the camel’s back). I was taken aback, to say the least, but this isn’t the first, nor will it be the last, time I’m chastised for incorrect word usage or grammar amongst many other things. Once I was able to remove the punch in the gut from the comment that was given with the tact as gentle as rhinos making love I looked up the definition of “ground.” Well, I’ll be, they were correct!

For those as ignorant as me here is the definition: Ground: the solid surface of the earth. Floor: the lower surface of a room, on which one may walk. Yes, the medicine tastes better going down with a bit of sugar, but sugar isn’t always available and you still need to take the medicine. I have changed my usage of the word ground, still slip up sometimes, but am working on it. In all situations try to look past your initial reaction to glean the silver lining, lesson, or “medicine.” Most things in life are not sugar-coated yet can provide tremendous value. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas I have been humming or singing “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” for at least a month now. There’s just something about that song. So I decided to take a deeper look. A few quick facts. 1. “White Christmas” is the bestselling single of all time 2. Has sold over 100 millions copies worldwide 3. 50 million of which were sold as singles 4. Bing was asked to re-record it because the original was damaged from making too many copies! This by all accounts is a smashing success. Bing Crosby, the artist behind this success was 38 years old when it debuted. He had been singing professionally for eighteen years and got his start singing for high school dances. None of this matters other than to point out that. Success is a process. Success takes time. Success takes diligent doing. Success has humble beginnings. You can achieve a fair share of your own success by understanding and implementing these four things. Brett “I’m Dreaming of a HUGE Success mas” Denton On Facing Reality. Facing reality is akin to getting slapped in the face with a frozen fish. It hurts physically, emotionally, and mentally. It also can be a staunch wake-up call. Boise Gyms I will not deny facing reality is tough however the better you can face reality while keeping your emotions in check the better life you will live. I know this is a bold statement and I stand by it. If you’re like most people your emotions are in control. Emotions are not you. Thus, you have the ability to prevent them from steering your actions and behaviors. Something Pema Chödrön, a Buddhist monk, Boise Gyms said describes this perfectly “You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” Forcing yourself to look hard at reality reveals what needs to be improved. If I’m unhealthy I want to know so I can fix it. If I’m going broke I want to know sooner rather than later so I can right the ship. If I’m offending somebody or people are not doing business with me I want to know why, even if it’s a direct attack on my character, so I can choose to move on or correct it. None of these things represent the usual meaning of “fun.” I seek the punishment of reality because the alternative is worse. The alternatives include things like: Lack of improvement, False pretenses, Living a fantasy that at any moment could turn into a nightmare, Living a lie. Learning to face reality, acknowledge your emotions in relation to it, and move forward with a calm cool precision will dramatically impact your results in life and your quality of life. Some of the best ways I know to improve this skill include daily practice (facing your fears), daily journaling, and the study of Stoicism. Brett “Eating Reality for Breakfast” Denton