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Boise Gyms | Get Super Strong

Boise Gyms | Get Super Strong

We have gyms in Boise in gyms in Meridian and we look forward to helping you. Today we’re going to talk about how to build size. This is predominantly for men who won’t build size but there are women out there who need to put on some weight as well. And so this is for people who not only want to put on size but want to get stronger as they put on size. You know many bodybuilders are simply going for size and aesthetics and they don’t always get strong as they build their muscles. So this is for people who have nice thick dense muscles and who want to build a significant amount of strength with their size. Boise Gyms So they that’s what we’re going to talk about when we go through the main ways for you to build size and how to make sure you can do it time and time again. All right. So again if you’re ever at one of our Boise gyms or Murdi in gyms we’d love to talk to you in person. Just go ahead and stopped by swing by. Or shoot us an email. We’d love to talk to you. All right so let’s start out first by talking about food. Food is one of the most important aspects of any transformation. This is where they’re wanting to put on size lose weight dropped fat whatever it is you got to make sure that your nutrition is properly dialed in. And so when you’re looking to put on weight first and foremost you’ve got to eat food and you got to eat a lot of food because if you’re wanting to put on more weight then you have to consume more energy than you’re burning. And so this is especially true if you’re what they would call a skinny fat person or if you are a hard gainer. And so this would be somebody who has a very fast metabolism is an acto morph and typically is always moving right like high energy level very skinny and they have trouble putting on weight. You know these are the people that most people who are trying to lose weight absolutely despise because it’s so hard for people trying to lose weight to lose weight that they see these people who can eat anything they want it they still stay lean. But on the flip side of that it’s just as hard for somebody who is super lean all the time to put on weight. Boise Gyms And so that’s what we’re talking to today. So you got to start eating a lot of food right now. Do we want to eat clean. Yeah we won’t eat clean as much as we possibly can and to eat clean but still eat healthy and put on calories or eat more calories I should say is by increasing the protein and increasing fat so adding more fat to your diet is a great way to add weight. And there’s a few reasons for that fat. Number one is very dense in calories and really we need to get more calories if you want to put on weight. Because again we have to consume more energy than we’re expending so that’s number one. Number two fat is going to help ensure that you have the proper hormone profiles. Now we’ve got to eat the right types of fats. We’ll get to that here in a second but it’s going to make sure that you’re producing the right hormones for your body to have the anabolic response that we want it to have. All right. Now the types of fats that you want to eat. All right. So we want to predominantly be supplementing or eating high levels of omega 3 types of fats. So this is found in fish algae. And of course there’s many supplements out there that you can utilize as well. All right. You can also eat coconut oil. Coconut oil is a little bit of an anomaly when it comes to Fats. Coconut oil is a saturated fat but it’s a short chain fatty acid and it actually doesn’t get digested or sorry it gets digested it doesn’t get stored as fat in the body. So it will actually circulate in the bloodstream until it’s used up his energy. And so what that allows for your body to do is it allows your body preserve any calories in excess above that right because of that energy has to get burnt out first and that the actual calories that you’re eating that are getting absorbed and digested and turned into either muscle or fat or energy. They’re not getting used for for energy until the coconut oil or the short chain fatty acids are digested. Boise Gyms So that’s an easy way to do it and really to put on weight. You know you just got to eat a lot of food try and keep it as clean as possible. All right that’s number one. If your nutrition has died then you’re going to start putting on weight. Right now

this doesn’t mean it’s a good weight. And so that’s where we get into working out properly so that we’re making muscle out of it instead of turning into fat. Now when you talk about the workouts you know there’s a hundred different ways that you could put on weight with workouts. But it comes down to this and it’s real simple and then we’ll get into kind of the nitty gritty of it. But you got to work on getting heavier weights lifted and that’s it. Every time you go into the weight room work on getting stronger you work are getting stronger. You’re going to get stronger and to put on weight in that way it’s going to be muscle OK not it’s not as simple as it is now. Boise Gyms How do you do that. Well we can use machines we can use free weights. We can use bodyweight even but predominantly the best way to put on lean mass and get stronger is by really getting good at the four big main lifts and these four big lifts are what you’ll see like a bodybuilding or sorry not a bodybuilding but a powerlifting competition and that is the squat the deadlift the bench press and the shoulder press Kate. These movements are huge compound movements in the compound movement just simply means that it’s using more than one joint. So it’s a molted joint movement which means it’s using a lot of muscle mass. So like your squat for example the put a loaded bar on your back. You all of a sudden have almost a full body exercise right because you’re stabilising with your upper body in your core and then you used your glutes your hamstrings your quads and your calves to push that weight up and down that same thing can be said for a deadlift. Now you’re using your gear. Troop strength you’re using your upper body to pull it. You use an entire back and posterior chain. Boise Gyms You’re utilizing your core strength and you’re utilizing your quadriceps your hamstrings and your calves gets a really big movement using really big musculature and that’s going to create a great anabolic response and the anabolic response is what tells our body Hey we get stronger we need to put on more muscle mass and the bench press and the shoulder press aren’t quite as big of movements as the deadlift and squat but they are for the upper body. All right so the bench press is using a significant amount of musculature in the upper body and so is the shoulder press and if you do a standing shoulder press you know then all of a sudden now we do have a full body movement because you have to stabilize the entire body all the way from the ground clear up to the barbell above your head. Boise Gyms So these ones are some of the best if not the best and arguably the best strength building exercises that you’re gonna find. Now there’s a few that you would want to add in here as assistants work as well. Boise Gyms And those are chin ups especially weighted chin ups and then like bent over rows in one arm rows these movements are phenomenal when it comes to building back strength and really putting on some size on your lats and your upper back. And so those are kind of the movements that you want to focus on. So if you focus on those movements and if all you did for the next five years was work on getting stronger in those movements and eating properly you’re going to put on a significant amount of size and you’re going to be strong as an ox. Now when we talked about earlier using machines versus free weights you know we recommend that you utilize free weights as much as you possibly can. Boise Gyms Now you can use machines of course and you’ll put on size with machines but with the free weights you get more musculature involved because there’s much more stabilization involved. Right. So if I pick a weight up over my head and I don’t have it attached to a machine I’m half naked stabilize that weight with my body. And so the little muscles that help me balance are going into full effect there. Right. And so we want to make sure that if we have access to free weights barbells and dumbbells we’re using that as much as we possibly can over machines right machines a lot of times takes a lot of those stabilizing muscles out of the picture. And so we’re not getting those worked properly. And so we may be strong in the machine but then when we have to

transfer that to real life we can’t transfer it because we can’t stabilize properly guys are free weights. Definitely in our book are a better example. OK. Now you want to make sure that you are keeping the rep ranges fairly low when your working strength work. All right. So something between like 3 to 8 reps is probably going to be optimal for you. When you look back at most of the programs that are focused on strength they are typically in that 5 rep range. It seems that the 5 reps is. Usually what helps people strength the most. There’s a great program out there called 5 3 1 program for building strength. I highly recommend you look into that if you’re looking to build strength and size against 5 3 1 and that program is phenomenal for building ball size and strength. But when you’re talking about reps you know that’s where you want to be anywhere from about three to eight reps to get stronger and put some size on. Now here’s where a lot of people go wrong and that is with how they progressed their abode. So the slower you progress your load the stronger you’re going to get and the longer you’re going to make progressions. People that jump too heavy too fast stall out a lot faster. So you’re going to hit plateaus way faster if you try and jump to heavier weight too fast. It’s what I mean by this is like you could even go just half a pound a week right. Half a pound a week increased. Or even a pound you know every month something like that you just want to go super slow so that you’re still getting stronger you’re still progressing and this is going to ensure that you’re not missing Rapp’s right. We don’t want to miss reps and we don’t want a plateau. So just make sure you’re going super slow using you know 10 percent of or less of what you lifted with last time. Right. Boise Gyms So we don’t want to bump up by more than 10 percent. And really more than 10 lbs. If you’re bumping up by more than 10 pounds then you’re probably going to hit a plateau pretty quick if you’re not. And if you’re just going slow increments you know you may never hit a plateau. You will continue to increase and progress and increase in progress. All right now cardio is important when you’re trying to maintain a lean physique. All right so if you’re trying to get strong get big still stay lean they want to get some cardio into that action and the best cardio that you can do walking is great but you want to do a very short high intensity training session. So we’re going to jack the heart rate up drop it jack it up again. You’re going to do short intense bursts of cardio. So this can be on a you know bicycle. It could be sprinting. It could be on a stair stepper you could be on any type of cardio equipment could be on a rower but you just want to make sure that you’re sprinting resting sprinting resting sprinting resting and really those sessions don’t need to be any longer than 20 minutes. In fact if they are longer than 20 minutes and you still can go then you didn’t hit it hard enough during your sprinting portion. OK. So those should be grueling workouts and they shouldn’t really be that fun but they’re going to get the job done for me and they’re going to ensure that you stay lean. They’re also going to help with that anabolic response to help me build muscle because they’re such powerful sprints that your body is actually doing a little bit of strength work there as well. Now you want to make sure as you go through this and you get stronger that we’re doing things in full ranges of emotion and that we’re we’re working our mobility and our stability. The last thing you want to do is get super strong but the musclebound or be super tight. So we want to make sure that we’re properly warming up with good mobility movements. Now we don’t have to spend a lot of time here you know five to ten minute warm up is fine. Boise Gyms All right. You just want to make sure that the body is primed prepped and you work on some mobility and some flexibility there. Now when you’re doing your movements you want to make sure you’re going in full ranges of motion. Squat is a prime example of this. You might see at the gym where people are doing like a quarter squat. All right. So they’re only dropping down about a quarter of the way. We want to go as low as our mobility or allow us. And then as we work on our mobility we should be able to get deeper and deeper into that squat to ultimately we can get the hips to at least knee height if not boloney height. And by doing our reps in that forage of motion we’re

working on a mobility we’re working on our stability and we’re working on increasing our strength through the full range of motion where many people get into trouble is they get flexible but they’re not strong where they’re flexible. So somebody might be able to bend their leg clear behind their head but they don’t have strength there if they get in a compromised position to get out of that. And so we want to make sure that yeah we’re getting mobile we’re getting flexible but we’re also building strength through the full range of flexibility because if you have strength through that full range of flexibility then you have less likely to get hurt because you can handle those more significant ranges of motion. Boise Gyms And that’s an important thing to remember. All right. Next you want to make sure that you are. Not overdoing it. So you want to keep your workout short you know so if you’re in the gym for hours upon hours you’re actually making the wrong type of hormone right. You’re going to increase your cortisol cortisol as a cattle type of hormone. So it’s going to start to tear down the body instead of anabolic hormones which increase the body. And so you want to make sure that you’re keeping your workouts short to the point intense and they’re focused again in that lower rep range. This can also be said for your actual daily life. Right. If you’re overdoing it in your daily life so if you’re always pushing if you’re cutting your sleep short if you’re always stressed you’re going to have hard time building muscle and losing fat. And so this is an important thing to do so the less you can do in the gym to get results the better and the more calm cool and collected you can stay outside in the gym the more muscle you’re going to build. And this goes for sleep as well. You want maximally or optimally I should say get something between seven and nine hours of sleep. You really want to put on some masks and make sure that you’re getting good quality sleep. So just laying in bed and tossing and turning isn’t going to work either. And to make sure you get good quality asleep by making sure your room is dark making sure it’s quiet making sure you’re doing a bedtime routine to kind of get your body’s ready to shut down and ready to sleep. Boise Gyms All right guys so if you want to gain some mass if you want to gain some strength this is a really good start. Right. So just go through these things follow these things to a tee. And I guarantee if you stick to them for at least a year you’re going to put on significant size and significant strength. All right guys get out there