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Brett “Midlife Crisis-ing” Denton You can NEVER Win…
“My friends tell me I need to stop losing weight because I look sickly.” I can’t even count the number of times a client has uttered some variation of this to me. This same person could join another friend group who would tell them they needed to tone up or lose more weight. This mindset of always trying to win other people’s praises is rampant in all things. It’s part of being human. We have an inherent need and desire to be accepted by the group. This need to win over other people leads to more unhappiness, lost life, and wasted resources than just about anything else. It’s cancer to our psyche and happiness. We buy houses and cars that we don’t need in hopes of “fitting in” or “looking successful.” We indulge in excessive and unsafe workouts paired with excessive and unhealthy diets to look good for others at the expense of optimizing our health and wellbeing. Nearly everything we do is for the approval of others. What if instead of seeking approval from others you looked within? What if you started doing things that fulfilled you? My guess is you would do more good for the world and other people if you were fulfilling and chasing your dreams instead of always trying to please everybody else. Boise Gyms

At first, you will need a thick skin to get past the comments, naysayers, and the voices in your head. Once you’re leading a personally fulfilling life the comments, naysayers, and pesky voices in your head will be akin to annoying mosquitos trying to suck your blood. Ignore them when in your periphery. Smash them when they try to suck your energy with their negativity. If one happens to bite you, learn from it, and get on with fulfilling your life. Boise Gyms

Brett “Mosquito Killer” Denton Today… Boise Gyms
Most of my to-do list will get done someday or not at all and that’s okay by me. What needs to get done today are the things that align with my primary focus and move me closer to my primary objective. This could be one big thing or a bunch of small things, but what doesn’t change is the laser focus on those items at the expense of the rest. I’m not of the mindset of getting as many things done as possible. Getting the things done that matter and move the needle to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life is where my mind resides. Boise Gyms We have a finite amount of time and how we spend it results in how we spend it. As often as possible I ask myself… “What can I do TODAY to move the needle?” What is the single most important thing to do today to get closer to your objectives or live the life you want to live? Figure out how to orient your day so you get these things done (in a perfect world before anything else has the chance to get in the way).

For the things that matter the most don’t wait until tomorrow figure out how to live them today. Cannot Fail Accountability Plan Set Up 1. On a scale of 1-7 how important is the successful completion of your plan? 2. What are you currently doing for joy and fulfillment that ranks higher than your score in step 1? 3. Who do you know that will hold you accountable and not listen to or put up with ANY excuses? (friends and family don’t typically work well as there’s too much emotion involved) 4. Enlist the help of the person in step 3 to garnish your answer in step 2 if you don’t implement the plan in step 1. Boise Gyms

Bonuses: – Create an optimized environment Boise Gyms
– Find and spend time with people who have accomplished what you want to accomplish.
– Focus on the daily actions instead of the end goal.
– Lock yourself into a finite yet long enough period of time to prevent giving up too early and “waiting it out.”
I have done my part by giving you the tools now it’s up to you 🙂
Brett “Make Me Do It” Denton
2 Steps to Success
No matter how grand your mission you’re only two steps from success.
Step 1: Create a Plan
Step 2: Find a cannot fail way to be accountable for implementing the plan.
Simple and rarely done.
These steps are the surest path to success.
Tomorrow I’ll go in depth on the most efficient and effective way to create your plan.
Until then block out time to complete step one where you’ll be free from distraction
Waking Up
Sometimes I catch myself in a walking slumber

I’m not physically asleep.
I’m mentally, emotionally, and spiritually subdued.
We have so many things to think about that sometimes we forget to think at all.
I’m mean really think.
From picking up and dropping off kids to planning dinner to working to paying the bills…
…we forget to spend time with ourselves and for ourselves to think.
We forget to be still and aware.
Matter of fact many of us don’t even know how to be still anymore. When we get a moment of free time we instinctively grab our phone and scroll…THIS IS NOT BEING STILL.
We have become a culture of productivity robots and ceaselessly distracted squirrels.
Robots go from one mindless task to the next without any thought as to why or if it serves the greater purpose or even if it’s the best task to complete the job.
Squirrels can’t sit still and are on an endless high alert.
I’m speaking only for myself of course 😉

To be happier, healthier, more productive and live a life that is fulfilling requires waking up from this slumber.
Waking Up Realizations:
– You have created your current situation and you can uncreate it if it no longer serves your greater purpose
– The world will not fall apart if you take time for yourself.
– Matter of fact the world at large doesn’t care what you do and you don’t need to carry the entire world on your shoulders.
– Perception is more important than reality. The better you get at perceiving events as positive no matter how negative they are the happier you will be.
– You have the power and capability to do anything you want with your life right now. The only thing stopping you from moving in a direction you want is your limiting beliefs, perceptions, and fears.
Note: Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you will always be successful doing it and that’s okay because you will figure out what to do next.
I hope this email helps you wake up and go after what you want TODAY!
Brett “WaKe uP” Denton
I Have a Midlife Crisis…DAILY
I have a midlife crisis (of sorts) every day.
Do you ever feel this way?
Wondering if what you’re doing with your life is what you “should” be doing?
If what you have amounted to is what you want to amount to?
Do you find yourself wondering what you’re doing and why you’re doing it?
Have you stopped to ask if what you’re doing right now is what you want to be doing right now?
(Don’t tell me your answer as I may just be an oddball.)
This is a taste of my daily thoughts.
I continuously ask if there’s a better way. Boise Gyms
A better way ..
…love, help, support, nurture, lead, stay fit, optimize, create…
(As an example I was staring off into space this past weekend standing crossed legged in the middle of my house deep in thought…my wife, told me to quit being a weirdo. haha, thanks babe!)
I go through a midlife crisis (I think a positive one) multiple times a day.
Often I find that what I’m doing is not serving me or my purpose and it gets the boot.
Other times I’m perplexed about how to improve something.
This is tiring, to say the least.
I’m not recommending you do it to the extreme that I do, but I do recommend you take some time to think
Clear space in your schedule for introspection to ensure…
… you’re livng a life you want to live…
…. doing the things you want to do…
…and spending your time with those you want to spend it with.
Brett “Today” Denton Boise Gyms