Boise Gyms | Calorie Burning

Boise Gyms | Calorie Burning

It’s a Mental Thing Boise Gyms
A Kvellian said…
“It’s a mental thing, once you’re doing it it’s not that bad.”
Precisely my sentiments on just about anything in life.
Most things don’t turn out to be what we make them out to be before actually doing them.
Second, when we’re doing the thing we’re too busy doing the thing to think much about it being anything other than what it is.
It’s only after or before the event that we have the mental space to guess and reflect.
There is a reason women are able to have multiple children.
It goes something like this…
Pre-Birth – They think it’s going to be easier than it is.
Birth – They’re too busy having the baby during birth to think about anything.
Post-Birth – They did it! Have their very own wonder of the world and soon start thinking about it being easier than it was.
(This is a gross oversimplification and generalization and I think mothers have performed a miracle)
The bottom line… Boise Gyms
Get to doing and less thinking about doing.
You can reflect after the doing is done whether you want to do it again.

Brett “Doing” Denton
Stop Chasing Calorie Burn Boise Gyms
If you’re choosing your workout or working out to burn calories you may want to rethink your strategy.
For most people choosing a workout based on calorie burn is akin to choosing a car to drive based on the audio system…
It’s a nice perk to have but not necessary to get from point A to B
Working out and training your body is better suited for improving strength, athleticism, bone density, metabolism, lean muscle, cardiovascular health, energy, mental clarity, sleep, and confidence.
NOT for burning calories.
Walking 10,000 steps throughout the day burns 400-500 calories the same as…
… a strenuous high-intensity training session…
…running four to five miles (Calorie Burn while Running/Walking Calculator)…
…doing burpees NONSTOP for one hour!
Don’t get me wrong I am a strong believer that everybody should train their body. Boise Gyms
However, choose your training modality based on the result you want not on how many calories it burns.
I have never and will never care about or focus on the number of calories burned in a workout.
Instead, I will always focus on the training effect of the workout like increased strength, muscle mass, and athletic performance.
If you like running as an activity and you want to be able to run further, faster, and stronger then run.
If you want a strong athletic body than perform resistance training, run sprints, and do functional training.
If working out to burn calories is not the best way to control calories what is?
Your fork!

One tablespoon of olive oil is 119 calories which is equal to 12 minutes of burpees.
The average restaurant meal has 1,205 calories. That’s half of what most people need for the entire day!
The dinner table NOT the gym is where you are best served to focus on calories.
Bottom Line:
1. Choose your exercise and training by what you enjoy, will do consistently, and leads to the training effect you want.
2. Walk throughout the day as much as possible. Get up to walk around every 30 to 60 minutes. Go for long walks.
3. Eat less food to lose weight. Eat more food to gain weight.

Brett “Calories Shmaleries” Dento
Step By Step Guide to Creating Your Plan
If you don’t have a plan for yourself somebody else will and you’re far less likely to enjoy theirs.
(Note: purposefully NOT having a plan is still having a plan)
Let’s get straight to it.
Here’s a step by step guide to creating a plan for anything you want to accomplish.
1. Define the exact outcome your aiming for
This is your target and not necessarily something you will actually achieve, but it’s what you will aim at and shoot for.
2. Find somebody who has done it
“Standing on the shoulders of giants” is one of the most effective ways to speed up your learning.
Learn from the mistakes and successes of those who have gone before you.
3. Compile the data
Once you have researched and learned from others compile the data to determine the similarities that lead to success and failure.

4. Work Backward
Starting with the end in mind work backward from your target o today.
Write down your mini targets, your actions, and your timeline.
Make sure to include the similarities from your research that lead to success and create solutions to prevent and overcome the similarities that lead to failure.
5. Get Into Action
Before the ink has dried complete the first action item.
6. Review and Edit
Revisit your plan every week and edit as you go. The things you thought you knew on day one will not always turn out to be the reality.
7. Set up a “cannot-fail” accountability system
Monday I will lay out what this is, how to do it, and why it’s mission critical.
Brett “Success Step by Step” Denton
Cannot Fail System
I don’t know if a 100% “no-fail” system is possible…but we can get close. Boise Gyms

The second step of the two-step success blueprint is setting up cannot fail accountability.
As a human you’re somewhere between not good and horrendous at holding yourself accountable to things you don’t want to do but should be doing on a consistent basis.
This is especially true when you have well-ingrained habits in the way and opposite what you “should” be doing.
The plan you created in step one is only as good as the implementation of it. Boise Gyms