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This is the Cobell life where we strive to bring happy and proud to the world with the tools of health fitness mindset and nutrition. My name is Brett Denton. I am owner and founder of our Boise gyms and today we’re going to talk about the most frequent health and fitness goals and the best way to achieve them. Let’s jump right in with the most common which is fat loss. It seems like everybody on the planet with the exception of the people in other countries who don’t have enough food want to lose weight. In fact we have gotten to a point in our society where we have more people who are overweight than who are underweight. This is a major issue. It is a pat on the back. For us as a species to be able to produce food in that quantity and it also is a slap in the back for or a slap on the back of the head More precisely because we cannot control the amount of food that we put into our mouth. So if you look at the most fast and efficient way to get this done you simply need to not eat as much food. Move a little bit more rest a little bit more ensure that your hormones are working properly. Another thing that is coming up as of late is to ensure that the gut flora. In other words the bacteria in your gut is proper and is utilizing what it has to ensure that you are digesting food properly.  So weight loss the number one goal again ensure your eating proper foods in the proper quantities and make sure you’re moving correctly and sleeping and recovering sufficiently. The second goal that we are going to look at is lean muscle or mass gain. This is a very common goal for many gentlemen of our day and age. Many men want to gain more lean muscle and they want to look more muscular. One of the major issues that people have when it comes to gaining muscle is they’ll also gain some fat along with it. This is a tricky thing for many people to understand. But if you break it down it comes quite simply down to. Boise Gyms Are you eating the right types of foods in the right quantities for the amount of energy that you are consuming on a daily basis. If you can get that equation figured out for your individual body and your individual activity level then you’re not going to have any issues gaining weight. The people who are having issues gaining weight are typically people who are just quite simply not eating food and are remaining to active. Time and time again we’ve had people come into one of our Boise gyms one day gain weight and we ask them what they have been doing first and foremost. Most of them have been working out far too often and frequently to put any substantial weight on. Second most of them are not any eating anywhere near enough food especially with their current activity level. Boise Gyms This is the main issue for ninety nine point nine percent of people who are trying to gain weight who are not able to gain it again. Boise Gyms They are simply working out too little too much or not properly and they’re not eating properly quantity of food. [00:03:24] The second issue that you may have if you’re trying to gain weight is the fact that you’re having no issues gaining weight but you’re also gaining a lot of fat with it. And these people run into the same situation as the people who are trying to lose weight. In other words they’re eating too many calories for the amount that their body needs on a daily basis. Our body does not need that many more calories to put on muscle. And once we get our body has maxed out its capacity to put on muscle the rest of the energy goes to store fat. Our bodies are a lot smarter than we are and they are going to build muscle in the way that our body needs to build muscle. So this is why we lift weights or do resistance training or train in any way that we’re training. We’re trying to teach our body to get stronger in that area. So if we left 50 pounds today our bodies are going to super compensate and be able to lift 60 pounds the next time we come and train. Right. That’s the simplest way that you can explain it. Boise Gyms And so if you go and run and you progressively increase your running length or speed then again you’re training your body to super compensate and get stronger and faster running. And this is an important piece to remember when you’re trying to put on lean mass and gain muscle. Our body is designed to get better and stronger as we challenge it.  Boise Gyms So you go into the gym you challenge your body by lifting weights or doing whatever

kind of resistance training program you want to do.  And then you eat the proper amount of food to ensure that your body has the building blocks to put on a little bit more lean mass. Now building muscle is a difficult thing especially if you’ve been training for quite some time. Building muscle is much slower than putting on fat general goal is about one pound of muscle per month. And that is nice. Good solid lean muscle can do more than that. Sure. Boise Gyms Can it do less than that. Sure. But that’s a pretty good goal to shoot for. So if all of a sudden you shoot up 30 pounds there is a very good likelihood that a lot of that is going to be fat and some muscle. So if you’re like many bodybuilders out there you are going to put on a lot of fat with your lean mass and then you’re going to lean out when it comes to Showtime. This is not something that’s recommended nor is it a healthy way to go about putting on weight. So just make sure that you’re working on dialing in the proper calories dependent on your needs and how fast your body is able to put on muscle. Another goal that people talk about is wanting to get tone. Now when you talk about wanting to get tone or more tone you’re talking about seeing your muscles. Boise Gyms And so in other words you basically want to have a leaner more physical looking physique. And really what this goal comes down to is two things. Number one you need to lose some fat so that your muscles underneath can show. And number two you need to increase the Taunus of your muscles so that they are in a more flexed or a rigid state when you’re not actually flexing them. You know the difference just as well as anybody else when you flex a muscle it shows up more. Well the goal with being more tone is to have a little bit more of that firmness when you’re not actually lifting weights or flexing the muscle. And this comes from lifting weights and being in a better physical condition. So first and foremost we need to lose weight with proper nutrition and proper exercise. And second we need to make sure that our muscle or our musculature is in a firmer state. Most of the time and you do this by simply being in better shape by lifting weights and doing resistance training. So those are the main three goals that you have most people coming in and talking about when they come to any of our boys he jumps. However you still have the people who are talking about simply wanting to be more healthy. And this is an absolutely fantastic goal. These are people who just simply want to live a better quality of life be able to do the things of daily living at a lower effort level. And this is awesome. And all of the same things apply. Right. They need to make sure that their nutrition is proper and need to make sure that they’re doing things that is making their body more capable of movement. And so things like resistance training mobility training flexibility training cardiovascular training all of the same things that apply to the other goals also apply to these people.  These people are more dedicated to how they feel and how long they’re going to live and the quality of their life than necessarily how they look than there’s nothing wrong with that in fact that’s awesome. The a.  Side effect of them doing these things as they actually will look better right there and to start feeling better and have more energy going to be able to do things easier but they’re also going to start looking better as well. So this is a fantastic goal to have. And so those are the main goals that people come into us for. And so if you have any one of those goals really it comes down to all of the same things. Eat the proper amount of food eat unprocessed healthy foods work out in the way that’s going to make your goal a reality. And for most people this is some form of resistance training to build lean mass building lean mass is going to increase your metabolism when you’re resting increasing your metabolism when you’re resting is simply going to help you burn more energy even when you’re not working out. This helps to keep you lean. This is why you’ll see a lot of big bodybuilders stay lean most of the year because they have so much muscle mass that they’re consistently burning calories. And then you want to make sure that you are getting enough recovery and rest and not stressed. If you don’t get enough sleep your hormones are not going to reset

properly they’re not going to release properly and they’re not going to be optimized. Hormones run the body. And if your hormones aren’t functioning properly then guess what you’re not going to function properly.  And one of the best ways that you can ensure your hormones are functioning properly is quite simply by getting enough sleep and properly handling the stress in your life and you can handle the stress in a bunch of different ways. Just depends on you and your personality. Some people handle the stress by meditation meditation is a very good way and has been proven by science now to actually rewire the brain and how we handle things. Another way that you can handle stresses by recreation right. Do you do things for fun. You do things to recreate yourself. Do you do woodworking do you play sports. Do you go on vacations. What do you do to recreate yourself and de-stress from stressful situations like work. So you want to start looking at how you handle stress and start improving how you handle stress. And sleep is a good way to do that bond and get about seven to nine hours of sleep per night. So those are the solutions to nearly every health and fitness goal. If you have something outside of that realm then I can almost guarantee that these principles apply because these principles apply to just about anybody who comes into any of our Boise gyms because this is what it takes to be a healthy individual. These are the things that we as human beings need to ensure that our body is strong fit and vital. And when we don’t have these things we get sick we get fat we get unhealthy. We get heart disease diabetes all of these things that people are getting because they have neglected these simple principles for far too long. This is something that you have to understand very similar to like a bank account. So when you go to invest and you’re looking out at retirement let’s say you’re 30 years old and you start putting money into your retirement account. Well every time you make a deposit into your retirement account the interest goes to work over those years. And the more you put in the sooner the more you’re going to have later on in life. And this is same when it comes to your health and well-being. The more you put in earlier in life the better your health is going to be long term. And so every time you eat healthy food and every time you exercise it every time you do something for your mental health and every time you do something for your emotional health you’re putting deposits into your health and wellbeing bank account. And earlier in life you do that. And the more often you that the more the exponential growth is going to be as you get older and start to get to the point where you need to start withdrawing from that health and emotional and physical bank account. And so today is the day to start eating better moving more exercising more sleeping better de-stressing all of these things that you need to start putting into your health and wellbeing bank account. All right guys that’s it for today. If you’re in Boise stop at one of our boys gyms and talk to us. We’d love to have Ian to help you work out. Help me get in shape. Help answer all of your questions. We’d love to help you achieve your goals whether you live in Boise or whether you live in an article. It doesn’t matter to us. We can help you out.  We get help you start eating correctly we can help get you on the right exercise program we can help you even help you with your mental mindset and attitude when it comes to health fitness and nutrition. This is right in with Gravelle signing off. Let’s get out there and Coville.