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Boise Gyms | Best Gym in the World

Boise Gyms | Best Gym in the World

Just Don’t Stop. “Just don’t stop.” “Keep going.” This is the advice given by a long time Kvellian to every new Kvellian he talks with. Mike has been training at Kvell for six years. This is impressive by itself as 73% of people quit when pursuing health goals. Mike is twice the age of most people reading this, started training with us after a long stint of not working out, and has gone through many life challenges over the past six years. I’m extremely proud of Mike. He’s a model of what can happen by consistently showing up. This past year he kayaked over 100 days with a group of guys half his age. He has reshaped his body and life by not stopping. Mike’s success is a testament to what can happen if you “just don’t stop” and “keep going.” Look, starting most things worthwhile is hard. Starting a new fitness regime ranks at the top of the “most difficult things” list. Changing your lifestyle may be the most difficult thing a person can do. Boise Gyms I think it should be that way as it can be the most beneficial thing a person can do. Boise Gyms The reward is typically only as good as the effort to achieve it. Inertia is an SOB so once you get into motion DO NOT STOP.You can shift direction, change methods, go slower, go faster, or go sideways JUST DO NOT STOP GOING. Mike, thank you, for your dedication, inspiration, and perspiration. Brett “Keep Going” Denton Love Is In the Air I love finding out where things originated. I feel it gives more flavor to the thing. (I also have a bad habit of wanting to know more than everybody else.) Valentine’s Day, Boise Gyms like most things, has morphed over the years. As a pagan festival, part of the ceremony would involve sacrificing a goat and a dog to use their hides covered in blood to slap women and crop fields for fertility. Who wants to join me for this celebration of Valentine’s Day?

No? Good, I’ll pass as well. This type of thing used to jade me to the point of unenjoyment. As I age I have become better at caring less about what something is supposed to mean, what it was, or what I’m supposed to do. I’m starting to understand that I can focus on want I want things to mean and what I want to do.My younger self was too busy “knowing” instead of enjoying and doing. Boise Gyms I was too busy focusing on the past and somebody else’s meanings instead of the now and what this thing could be. (Hint: Whatever you want it to be.) So, on Valentine’s Day no matter how commercialized it is or how many billions of cards get sent out or how corny or cheesy it is. it is still an opportunity. An opportunity to give and receive love. I don’t know if there’s anything more worth giving and receiving. Brett “Sending the Love” Denton Strength From the Google: streNG(k)TH/ noun 1. the quality or state of being strong, in particular. 2. a good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing. Boise Gyms I’m not sure you could convince me there’s anything more important than strength. The strength of your body largely determines the things you can do in life and thus your quality of life. The strength of your relationships plays an enormous role in your quality and length of life. The strength of your mental and emotional qualities will be what determines your accomplishments.

The stronger you are the better quality of life you will enjoy. Today, a Kvellian who volunteers at Bogus Basin Recreation Area told me she helped pull a gal out of the river who had flown off the sledding hill without becoming tired and feeling strong while doing it. Your strength can help people in trouble and even save lives, including yours. At Kvell we train people specifically to increase strength so that our clients can live strong lives. If you’re not training to be strong than you’re allowing yourself to become weak. The weaker we allow ourselves to become in our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual realms the lower our quality of life. I have a strong belief that the base of strength in all areas starts with the strength and physicality of our body. Boise Gyms Brett “Get Strong” Denton Systems and Goals. Generally, when I find myself spinning my wheels it’s because I’m too focused on a goal instead of focused on the systems to achieve the goal. A goal is an arbitrary point. A system is a road that leads to an outcome (hopefully our goal). It’s generally more productive to have a systems-based way of thinking than a goals-based way of thinking if accomplishment and improvement are your objectives. I have what many would say are “pie in the sky” goals and this makes this principle even more important for me. I find myself thinking too far ahead of where I currently stand. This causes frustration, impatience, and defeatism. As soon as I stop focusing on my end goal and turn my focus towards the next step in the process with a systems-based mindset things start moving again and I feel better about life in general. Example: Goal: Lose 50 lbs System: 1. Exercise every day at least 30 minutes 2. Eat lean protein and veggies every meal 3. Sleep at least 7 hours every 24 hour period. Boise Gyms The goal is set so that you can create a system.

The system is where you focus. Brett “Systems-Based” Denton What To Do When You Don’t Want To Do There are many times in my day that I find myself not wanting to do something. – Get out of bed – Go to work instead of hanging out with my kids – Cook food instead of buying pre-made – Workout – Go to bed instead of spending time with my wife – Read instead of vegetating Etcetra to infinity and beyond. Boise Gyms (I’m sure you never run into these issues, but I do.) I would argue that the large majority of my life is doing things I would rather not do or would rather do something else. Here are some of the tools I use to make the most out of things I don’t want to do. 1. Consequences What are the consequences of doing and not doing the thing you don’t want to do? 2. Mental Orientation Orient your brain to find more fulfillment in the doing of the things you don’t want to do than in not doing them. Example – Get more joy out of saving money than spending it. 3. Take a Step Forward Promise yourself to take the first step no matter what. It’s usually the thought of doing something, not the actual doing that is stalling you. Once you start doing you’re likely to continue doing. Getting to Kvell is a prime example of this. Once a Kvellian is at Kvell or even on their way to Kvell there’s a very small likelihood that they will not continue down the path of working out. Boise Gyms See 20 seconds of courage from “I Bought a Zoo.” 4. Do Nothing or Do Something Else Sometimes this is the best option. When you’re not able to bring yourself to get something done and it has been haunting your to-do list and psyche for too long BLOW IT UP or adjust it to be less daunting and more doable. 5. Adjust Your Language. Say the exact opposite of what you’re thinking. When you’re mad – “I’m happy!”When something seems hard – “It’s fun!” Now get out there and do something that you don’t want to do that will benefit you 🙂 Brett “I Don’t Want To” Denton