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Boise Gyms | Amazing Workout Program

Boise Gyms | Amazing Workout Program

This is Bre with the Boise Gyms Kvell fitness and nutrition. We also have a meridian gym location and we are expanding into other Idaho gyms. So what we’re going to talk about is the different ways to measure physical fitness and there are plenty of metrics to do it and there’s a lot more of them we’re going to cover today. But to damn and to cover some big ones so that you understand that there’s more ways to determine your physical fitness than maybe you think you know you have a lot of people marathon runners or long distance runners who think they’re physically fit because they can run a long distance. But this isn’t always the case. You also have your bodybuilders who think they’re physically fit because they look good. You know you have your power lifters who think that they’re in shape and fit because they can lift heavy weights and reality. Boise Gyms The real metrics for physical health and well-being are much more than just one specific purpose. Right now those people are very fit for the sport that they participate in but that doesn’t mean that their overall health is where it should be for longevity. And so today we’re going to talk about what you want to as a person who wants to live a long time want to be paying attention to when it comes to your physical fitness metrics. The first one and I’m not sure if that’s the most important but is up there towards the top. Boise Gyms Is your body composition so if you have excess fat on your body then that leads to all types of issues. And this definitely impacts your performance not only in sport but in life in general. Right. The more excess body weight or body fat in particular in this situation that we carry around the harder it is to live life in general. All right. Everything that you do is harder simply because you’re carrying around excess fat you know weight. It’s not doing anything for you. Boise Gyms It’s not metabolically active it’s not helping you move loads. It’s not helping you move your body. It’s simply weighing you down. A prime example of this is if you put on weight vest right you put on a ten pound weight vest that weight isn’t doing anything for you other than adding weight to the body. And that’s what you’re doing all day long with extra fat. Not only that but the fat is helping your body or I shouldn’t say helping because that’s not a word it’s hampering your body’s ability to be healthy through hormonal responses and other means. And so when we look at health related physical fitness metrics we really want to talk about body composition and make sure that we’re getting that into that ideal range for your age and height. All right so again body composition a very important health metric. It makes everything easier. The less body fat you’re holding onto. And that’s all relative of course. And that’s what you don’t talk about a strength. So if the only two that she focused on were strength and body fat you’d be healthier than the majority of the population. When you talk about strength you’re talking about building your ability to move your body to move external Loates and simply to lift heavy things or do activities that involve resistance. And so this is things like pushing pulling squatting lunging bending over and even getting up off the ground. The better you get at these things in other words the stronger you are the more everything in your life is easier. Right. Boise Gyms Everyday things like carrying your groceries in from the car right. Things like moving furniture things like picking up your kids. They all become easier if you are stronger even endurance sports become easier when you’re stronger because it takes less effort for you to propel your body forward or do whatever the movement is an endurance sport if you’re strong. And so we want to look at strength as a very reliable indicator of overall health when it comes to your physical fitness metrics. Boise Gyms Another one is our cardiovascular fitness. It’s important to have healthy long and hard work. If you don’t have a healthy lung and heart then life becomes more difficult because we’re not delivering blood and oxygen to the rest of our body in an efficient way. Boise Gyms The health of your heart is the stronger your heart is again to appoint the healthier you’re going to be. You’re going to get blood to the parts of the body in a rapid and efficient way and you’re going to get oxygen to those muscles through the blood in a efficient way. And this is

important to understand and realize and this is especially true if you’re going to be doing a type of endurance of its endurance offense. You have to have a very strong heart very strong lungs to be able to continue to generate energy to the muscles that are working. So again cardiovascular fitness is port. Now let’s talk about flexibility and mobility because this is one that gets forgotten often. And so when you’re talking about flexibility and mobility you’re talking about your ability to move your joints and move them through the full range of the motion while having strength through that entire range. And so if you have strength through that entire range and you’re mobile you’re going to be able to use your body more effectively. Boise Gyms You’re going to be able to generate power in a more efficient and effective way because quite simply you’re going to have a larger range of motion to be able to generate that power you’re going to have less injuries and less issues like back issues. You’re going to be able to go faster harder for longer periods of time because you’re not in a fight with your body the entire time. And so you really want to focus on your flexible flexibility and mobility and you specifically want to make sure that you’re getting good ranges of motion with strength associated with it. One thing that people run into a lot is they will get a range of motion but they won’t build the strength through that full range of motion. And this does the opposite of what you want. So now you have a joint that is flexible and mobile but you don’t have strength there. And so soon as you get into those and ranges of motion and you add an external load you’re going to have run into the chance of injury. Boise Gyms And so at our boys the gyms we want to make sure that we’re stretching and building full range of motion strength so we’re strong in every range of motion to prevent that injury issue. Now as we age flexibility and mobility is probably one of the most important things for a high quality of life because if you can move well if you can move well through all four inches of motion in your joints you’re going have less pain and you’re going to be able to do the things that you want to do for a longer period of time. And it’s never too early to start on your flexibility and mobility muscular endurance is a big one. And it’s the next one on our list. So when you’re talking about muscular endurance you’re talking about your ability to do a movement for a long period of time. And this is something that you’ll see in distance runners as an example right. Their legs have a lot of muscular endurance. They’re able to run long distances without fatigue. And this is going to help you with the mundane chores of your life. You know you can go out there and you can rake leaves and if you don’t have a lot of muscular dirts you’re not going to be able to rake leaves or a very long period of time before you have to take a break rake things like mowing the lawn things like moving your furniture. All these things require muscular endurance so as you build up your muscular endurance it’s going to make your everyday life easier. And of course it’s going to help her performance in any dirt sports that you do as well. Boise Gyms Some other ones that want to talk about that can help in life but they also help in any sport or things like balance. Now when you’re talking about balance you’re talking about the ability to prevent yourself from having falls especially as you ate right. And so the better balance we have the less likely were to fall and break something be it a wrist an arm a hip because we have the balance to stay on our feet in wobbly situations or in less than optimal situations. And so balance is an important one to continue to work on for the rest of your life. Another one that goes along with balance is what we call agility agility is quite simply the ability to change direction or catch yourself in a short period of time. So let’s say you got off balance and you have the agility or the quickness to be able to catch yourself and plant your feet in the right direction or you have the agility to be able to change direction before something runs into you. Right. Again this is good for all overall quality of life as we age and the more that we train these things the better we’re going to be and therefore the less likely are to get injured or hurt. Boise Gyms Coordination is another big one. And as we age we tend to lose it along with you know your mobility your flexibility your balance and your agility.

So again if we continue to work on it and we continue to build the reserves and build our skills and our coordination stability mobility and flexibility a better quality of life are going to have. And the younger we’re going to keep our bodies and so we’re going to feel better for a longer period of time. Another one of these that goes along with sports specific type of skills that also help you in your life in general is power. So the ability to generate power in a short amount of time. Right. Or sorry age ability to generate force in a short amount of time. So the better you can generate force in a short amount of time the more power that you have. Right. Boise Gyms And so this is things like moving fast. So if you had to get up out of a chair fast that would be power right. If you had to burst out and run after something that would be power and so you want to have that power that fast twitch type of strength so that you can make these fast movements without getting hurt. And to help whatever the issue is as fast as you possibly can. So these are some of the main types of sports related and general physical fitness metrics that are going to help you stay healthy for a long period of time. And so if you really focus on these then you and you work to improve these every single day then you’re really going to be able to increase the quality of her life significantly. Now if you ever happen to be in Boise Idaho and you want to visit one of our Boise gyms go on and stop on by. You can visit us at Elfant dot com. You can also come out to one of our Meridian gym locations. And again same website there just pop on in. And we’d love to answer any questions you have. Now we’d love to take you through a workout so that you can see where you fit on a lot of these different physical fitness metrics. Until then guys that get out there exercise have some fun eat well and Cavell.